28 Blonde Hairstyles For Tan Skin You Should Never Skip

Even though blonde hairstyles for tan skin might seem a misjudgment and a wrong fashion move, in reality, this is a gorgeous combo. The light hues of the blonde flatter the dark skin tone perfectly and highlight your facial features for a stand-out look.

Regardless of the face shape and hair type, the “sun-kissed skin with bold blonde hair” would look great on you and help you to make a fashion statement easily. And for such a broad appeal and adaptability, this combination has been the top choice for fashion-forward girls for quite some time now.


Does Blonde Hair Go With Tan Skin?

Blonde hair definitely goes well with a tan skin tone. In fact, it looks stunning. However, you have to keep in mind that not all the shades of blonde would complement the sun-kissed skin perfectly. And therefore, you need to be mindful while picking the right hue to flaunt your beautiful skin tone.


Ravishing Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin

When you have tan skin, finding the right shade of blonde that compliments your skin tone might be challenging.
Here are 28 versatile and chic tan skin blonde hairstyle ideas for you. Check them out, girls!


1. Ash Blonde Hair With Tan Skin

ash blonde hair with tan skin

This gorgeous hair color contains hues of silver and grey that look stunning on tan skin tones. It draws attention to your face and makes you more noticeable. Pair this hue of blonde with muted makeup for a subtle yet impactful outcome.


2. Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights On Tan Skin

brown hair with blonde highlights on tan skin

If you want your tan face to attract all the attention, adorn your brown hair with bold blonde highlights. The neatly-done highlights provide depth and dimension to your whole look and are highly adaptable. Nothing can beat the appeal of this dying style for an incredibly versatile look!


3. Dark Tan Skin With Blonde Hair

dark tan skin with blonde hair

Going completely blonde with tanned skin might be a risque fashion choice, but it does pay off. The lighter hue with the darker face creates an extraordinary contrast, which looks stunning on any hair length and face shape.

However, you must go to extra lengths to maintain the gorgeous hair color.


4. Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde

Even though it is one of the lightest shades of blonde, it looks ravishing on dark skin tones too. In fact, when paired with tan skin, this color creates a very sexy, bombshell look and helps to draw all the eyes towards you.

For a more edgy, modern style, you can definitely opt for this blonde tone.


5. Strawberry Blonde On J. Lo

strawberry blonde

Right beside the beach, Jennifer Lopez flaunted her sun-tanned skin with a warm shade o blonde. The reddish/brown tint of the strawberry blonde looks just like a setting sun and gives you the perfect beach vibe.

Even if you don’t live in a sunny region, you can still try this bright hair color for a vibrant vibe.


6. Blonde + Dark Tan Skin + Blue Eyes

blonde + dark tan skin + blue eyes

No color can be as eccentric and aesthetically pleasing as a blonde to make your blue eyes stand out. This striking hue combined with your dark, tanned skin enhances and emphasizes your blue eyes and makes you as dreamy as ever.


7. Blonde Hair On Tan Skin With Brown Eyes

blonde hair on tan skin with brown eyes

For a more natural yet charismatic look, pair your tan skin and brown eyes with a vibrant shade of blonde. The sparkling hair color draws more attention to your face and eyes for an even cuter look. Add some highlights and low lights to add more visual interest to this already interesting combo.


8. Lowlights Tan Skin

lowlights tan skin

Like highlights, lowlights can also add depth and drama to your hair and perfectly accentuate your skin tone. The subtle blonde hues throughout your hair create a super natural-looking contrast with your face and make a killer combination.

You can adorn such amazing hair with big curls and waves to show off the lowlights even better.


9. Green Eyes And Tan Skin

green eyes and tan skin

A gorgeous tan can bring out the beauty of your green eyes ultimately. And when you pair it with an equally magnificent shade of copper blonde, you look “oh so amazing” girl. The rich and warm hue of the hair color compliments your dark complexion while also drawing attention to your deep eyes.

With such an amazing contrast, all the eyes would be on you!


10. Beach Blonde

Beach Blonde

Get a beach blonde hair dye to match your sun-kissed skin perfectly. The warmth and richness of this hair color flourish your complexion and add just the right bit of glamour to it. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short manes; make some beachy waves for a bombshell beach babe outlook.


11. Zendaya’s Platinum Blonde Pixie

Short Blonde + Tan Skin

Zendaya made sure that all the eyes were on her with a super sexy platinum blonde pixie. The glistening hair color and the fierce haircut went well with her subtly tanned skin and made her look every bit like the star she is.

Her lightly kohled eyes made the look stand out even more.


12. Curly Blonde

Curly Blonde

With bold blonde hair color, you can draw all the attention to yourself without even trying too hard. The light hue of the blonde makes your natural curl pattern stand out and ensures that they are more noticeable than ever before.

Instead of going full blonde, you can keep the roots dark for a versatile outlook.


13. Icy Blonde For Tan Skin

Icy Blonde for tan skin

The white, icy blonde goes exceptionally well with tan skin. The light and darker shades complement each other and balance out the look for more edge and dimension. Wear it with light, glossy makeup to keep the hair the center of attention.


14. Sonakshi’s Sexy Silver Blonde

Silver Blonde

Sonakshi Sinha opted for a super stylish silver blonde hair color for a cool, edgy, and modern outlook. Paired with an equally stunning dress, this hue complemented her dark complexion perfectly and created a striking outlook.


15. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

For a sun-kissed appearance in your hair, ask your hairstylist to go for a subtle blonde balayage in your manes. The amazing blend of color adds dimension and depth to the look and creates a fantastic contrast with your beautifully tanned skin.


16. Reverse Ombre On Tan Skin

blonde hair with tan skin

Take a risque move and try dying your hair in Reverse Ombre!

Pick the lighter shade of blonde that goes well with your level of tan and then work it down for darker ends. Even though it is a reverse coloring technique, it still manages to create a striking contrast and help you to make a style statement in no time.


17. Strawberry Blonde With Hair Updo

blonde hair with tan skin

For a chic and feminine outlook, you can always pair your light strawberry blonde with an updo. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or woman; such an amazing hairdo compliments your tan tone perfectly and makes for an incredible summer combo.


18. Blonde Blunt Bob For Tan Skin

blonde hair with tan skin

Show off your freshly tanned skin and beautiful face with an impactful blunt bob haircut. Featuring sharp, straight edges, this “do” emphasize your cheekbones and jaw and makes you look effortlessly chic. You can also try out different shades of blonde to adorn your bob and make it even more noticeable.


19. Blonde Lob With Middle Part

blonde hair with tan skin

The sultry blonde hair paired with a simple middle part highlights your skin tone and compliments your facial symmetry perfectly. The strands on both frame the face, balance the facial features and make it look slim and sexy. Add some twists and waves for additional depth and dimension to the look.


20. Long Blonde Balayage

blonde hair with tan skin

Try a blonde balayage hair color for a trendy, versatile outlook on your long manes. The attractive blonde would not only add depth to your precious tresses but also compliment your sexy tan skin tone perfectly.

You can also create some beach waves here and there in your manes to make them look voluminous and prominent.


21. Blonde Hair With Grey Eyes And Tan Skin

blonde hair with tan skin

A classic blonde will never fail to accentuate your grey eyes beautifully. It not only goes well with your freshly sun-kissed skin tone but also puts sparks in your gorgeous eyes.

If you are looking for befitting hair color for your grey eyes with a tanned face, this is the way to go.


22. Blonde And Braids

blonde hair with tan skin

Combining blonde hair with braids is a great way to draw attention to your gorgeous tanned face. While the intricately-made plaits are exciting and versatile on their own, pairing them with bright tresses ensures more dimension and depth.

For added versatility, you can decorate the braids with rings and beads.


23. Ariana Grande’s Blonde High Ponytail

blonde hair with tan skin

For the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Ariana showed up with her signature high ponytail but with a twist! Her hair was dyed in ombré, platinum blonde, and styled with flipped-out ends for maximum appeal. Paired with slightly dark skin and a powder blue ruffled gown, she was a sight to behold.


24. Dramatic Space Buns Jennifer Lopez’s Way

blonde hair with tan skin

Jennifer Lopez is a Diva, period!

Even with tanned skin and muted blonde hair, she still managed to look like a true Megastar. The double space buns with cascading hair cut years from her appearance and made her look as cool and cute as ever.


25. Gorgeous Blonde With Dark Roots

blonde hair with tan skin

If you think that blonde with dark roots won’t look good on your tan skin, you are wrong my girl. This color combination looks just as captivating and sultry as you have ever imagined.

The tanned forehead, dark roots, and lighter shade of your favorite hue create a seamless transition of colors and give you a very carefree vibe.


26. Blonde Bangs For Tan Skin

Blonde bangs for tan skin

The bright blonde on your tan forehead is nothing less than striking and stunning. While the vibrant hue adds fun and flair to the look, the interesting fringes are a great way to express yourself. Try this hairstyle with any shade of blonde, its appeal will remain the same.


27. Fishtail Braid On Tan Skin

Fishtail Braid on tan skin

A fishtail braid is perfect for your bright blonde tresses because it highlights the vibrant hue and makes it even more visible. It doesn’t matter if you have super long or medium tresses; such an interesting “do” would elevate your style quint while ensuring great comfort too.


28. Blonde Headband Braid

Blonde headband braid

Create a braided hairband in your shiny, shimmering blonde tresses for a versatile and convenient “do.” The braid on the temple keeps all the hair out of your face while maintaining the style statement. If you are looking for a feminine and practical do for your manes, try it, girls!


Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter if you have long, short, straight, or curly hair. With all the blonde hairstyle ideas for tan skin discussed above, you would find the one that suits your vibe and hair type the most. These hair dying and styling ideas would not only emphasize your skin tone but also up your style incredibly.

Let us know which one you have picked!

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