23 Redhead Hairstyles Ideas For Women

Sexy, sassy, splendid- redhead hairstyles for women cannot be described any better. Even though some might find it difficult to deck up such a high-impact hair color, with the right ideas and inspirations, nothing is impossible! You too can adorn your dazzling red manes with some chic and pretty hairdos and awe the world like never before.

From braids and ponytails to tresses cascading over the shoulders and framing your face, the options are endless when it comes to styling your redhead. Just gather the right ideas and you are good to go!

How Can I Spice Up My Red Hair?

Red hair is already fierce and sparkling. It is believed to be one of the most charming hair color one can have. However, if you feel that the red in your head is fading or losing its dazzling self, there are quite a few things that you can do to spice it up.

Here are a number of things you can try to successfully spice up your red hair.

  • Add high or low lights to instantly enhance your red manes.
  • Try to wash your tresses with cold water. This practice will keep your manes sparkling always.
  • If you have a natural ginger shade in your manes, try to apply henna to boost up the sparkle in no time.
  • Don’t forget to condition your manes after every wash. It will keep the cuticles healthy and won’t let the color fade away.
  • Remember to protect your hair when under the sun. The Sun’s ray fades away your red tresses sooner than you might anticipate.

What Should You Not Do With Red Hair?

To keep the redhead intact and stunning, you must avoid a few things. We have discussed them below for your convenience.

  • Don’t wash your red tresses with hot water. The heat from the water fades the color and makes it look unappealing.
  • Remember to not wash the tresses too often. Frequent shampooing can fade the hue quicker than ever.
  • Ditch heat styling too often. The high temperature affects the color pigments and makes your red tresses look unappealing.


21 Redhead Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Here are the most alluring redhead hairstyles just for you. Go through them and find the ones you want to try on your manes.

1. Redhead Hairstyles With Highlights

redhead hairstyles with highlights


Red hair looks incredibly appealing when you adorn them with some gorgeous highlights. The highlights give the fierce color a softer, more feminine finish and add the right depth to the tresses. Consult with your hairstylist to find just the right hue for your shade of red.


2. Short Redhead Hairstyles

short redhead hairstyles


Cut your chic red tresses into a feisty bob to provide more edge and dimension to your outlook. The perfect combination of hair color with a cool haircut makes sure that you have a unique hairstyle and look as flattering as ever.


3. Wavy Redhead Hairstyles

natural redhead hairstyles


For some amazing texture in your luscious manes, create a whole lot of beach waves in them. With a 1-inch curling iron, make the waves of your dreams and set them off with a setting spray. Regardless of where you go or what you do, the style would remain intact in place. We can promise you that!


4. Curly Redhead



If you feel that the curls are weighing down your tresses and making you uncomfortable, chop them off into a curly layer haircut. The layers will definitely take off the extra weight while enhancing the curls. With such a beautiful “do”, your red curly mane will definitely stand out.


5. Long Hair

long hair


Show off your luscious color and amazing length by keeping the long tresses open and cascading over your shoulders. The smooth, long manes take your overall look to another level while being sophisticated.

You can also add a few waves here and there in the strands if you are not a fan of pin-straight locks.


6. Short Bob

short bob


It doesn’t matter if you are red-headed or not, the classic bob will always flatter your face as well as your personality! This timeless hairstyle goes seamlessly with any face shape and hair color and accentuates your facial features like none other.

For an edgy yet comfortable look, definitely try it out.


7. Medium Redhead Hairstyle

medium redhead hairstyle


For medium redheads, nothing could be more appealing than loose hair with big waves. To get this look, take your trusty curling iron and wave the strands away. After that, spritz on your favorite holding spray so that your style remains intact for the day.

If you want, you can partially pin the strands to create versatility in your look.


8. Wedding Hairstyles

wedding hairstyles


Between the braid, loose strands at the front, and soft bun at the back, this hairdo is the perfect pick for your wedding. Besides keeping your tresses in place and tied up, this hairstyle also complements your beautiful hair color perfectly.

Even when you are not a bride, this elegant “do” would look mesmerizing on you.


9. Redhead Prom Hairstyles

redhead prom hairstyles


There’s something dreamy and beautiful about red hair. And to accentuate its beauty, even more, adorn your tresses with a loose, vintage braid. The braid will not only keep the strands all tied in place but it will also make for a charming outlook.

Try adding some flowers, beads, or clips to make it even more alluring.


10. Redhead With Layered Haircut

Redhead with layered haircut


Give your tresses the necessary movement and bounce with your trusty layered haircut. Regardless of your hair type and texture and your face shape, this haircut looks good on anyone and everyone and gives a very charming appearance.

Consult your hairdresser to decide on the length and type of layers that would suit your vibe completely.


11. Braid Hairstyle



If you want an edgy yet sophisticated hairdo in your fierce read manes, try a braided ponytail. For this alluring hairstyle, make a few cornrows on the top of your head and tie them all in a high ponytail. While the braids at the front assure visual interest, the pony at the back makes sure you have a super comfortable hairdo.

Pair it with formal wear or casual dresses, this chic hairstyle will draw attention to your red manes like none other.


12. Red Wavy Hair

red wavy hair


Make some waves in your alluring red manes to give them the depth and dimension they require. The waves add texture and body to your tresses and make sure that they have a movement. It doesn’t matter what length of hair you have, the waves will always make them look even better.


13. Redhead Hairstyle For Thick Hair

redhead hairstyle for thick hair


Thick hair, don’t care!

Even though many people find it annoying to manage thick hair perfectly, it’s rather easier. Just let the strands loose and “finger comb” them for a natural, not too overdone look. This will maintain the volume and body without killing your time for styling.


14. Summer Hairstyle

Summer hairstyle


This hairstyle is chic and sexy. To get this look, keep your bangs straightened while curling the rest of your tresses. It creates an amazing balance in your look and makes you ready to face the world, ALWAYS!


15. Redhead + Copper

redhead with copper


If you are bored of your usual red hair color, try blending in the copper hue for a style spin. The perfect combination of red and copper creates a color so rich and intense that it never stops garnering attention. If you have a fair or medium complexion, try this combination NOW!


16. Redhead Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Redhead Hairstyles for women


Want to show off your punk, edgy side to the world?

Well, get a mohawk on your stunning red manes!

Featuring faded sides with relatively longer manes on the top, this hairstyle is the definition of drama and depth in your manes. If you want to shed off your “feminine” persona in no time, this is surely the “do” to adopt.


17. Redhead E-Girl Hairstyle

Redhead Hairstyles for women


The e-girl hairstyle in your red manes is fun, flirty, and beautiful. The bright and bold splash of blonde on the red makes for an interesting contrast and creates an alternative style. If you are not afraid to take risque with your hairdo, you can definitely try it, girls!


18. Short Curly Red Hair

Redhead Hairstyles for women


When comfort and convenience are important, chop off your curly manes to a shorty short “do”. This curly pixie helps you to shed off a whole lot of hair weight while ensuring great style and incredible manageability.

Moreover, even when you cut the ringlets into a super short cut, it still shows off your hair texture in a perfect manner.


19. Long Curly Red Hair

Redhead Hairstyles for women


Keep your curly manes open to highlight the hair texture proudly. Between the sparkling red hue, the sexy ringlets, and the super long tresses, there is rarely any chance that you would go unnoticed. Even with the slightest of makeup.


20. Redhead With A Half-Top Knot

Redhead Hairstyles for women


If you are not a fan of a full-fledged bun, try a half-updo instead. This amazing hairstyle not only shows off your pretty hair color but also creates a versatile, chic appearance. Moreover, as it is too easy to make, you wouldn’t have to spend hours in front of your mirror styling the tresses.


21. Redhead With A Hint of Blonde

Redhead Hairstyles for women


Bored with your all-over red hair?

Well, dye some of the strands bright blonde to give some visual interest to your manes. The combination of the hues might sound jarring, in reality, they go seamlessly with one another for an incredibly standout look.


22. Dreads On A Readhead

Redhead Hairstyles for women


Dreadlocks on red hair are “oh so amazing”. The combination of this bright hue with the chic dreads is carefree and beautiful and shows off your rebellious character instantly. Style them by keeping the locks cascading over the shoulders or tieing them up in a half-up bun, either ways your manes will always “shine”.


23. Dreamy Redhead

Redhead Hairstyles for women


Who said red tresses only represent fierceness? You can create a super dreamy outlook with your red strands for a softer, more feminine appearance. Make a whole lot of loose waves in your hair and let them loose around your face. Top the waves with a flower crown or any other alluring headpiece to make a look that is loved by all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Redheads Go Grey or White?

Redheads don’t go grey. Because of the red pigments in their strands, they most likely turn blonde or white over time. 

What Is the Rarest Redhead?

The rarest of redheads are those who have blue eyes. The combination of red hair with blue eye color is incredibly rare to find and only about 0.17% of people are born with such an incredible combination. 


Final Words

Now that you know a whole lot of ways to style your red tresses, we can hope that you wouldn’t feel out of inspiration ever again. Try these redhead hairstyle ideas for women and see how beautiful your tresses look. You can also mix and match to personalize these “dos” to match your vibe perfectly!


Meta: Redhead hairstyle ideas for women are bright, vibrant, and carefree. If you want such a vibe in your manes, try them now!

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