27 Glamorous Pixie Cut With Highlights

If you’re looking for a way to update your pixie cut without cutting your hair, a pixie cut with highlights will give you that transformative look. As quirky and cool as a pixie cut is, highlights (high or low) produce incredible results. Some of the things to consider before choosing a highlighting effect are your personality and style.

Pixie highlights have streaks of color and dimension, hence making the pixie stylish and more fun to wear. Usually, highlights are done in sections. Therefore, they can produce diverse patterns. So again, you can use these highlights to brighten your hair color.

Since your pixie cut takes about 4 to 6 weeks to refresh, your highlight should generally last for about six to 8 weeks. Highlights can give you a soft, bold, edgy look and everything in between.


Trendy Pixie Highlights of All Time

Pixie cuts are not for men alone. They have become increasingly popular among women, creating a chic and distinctive effect. In this article, we have rounded up 27 highlights ideas for pixie cut to making your natural hair more attractive.

1. Short Pixie Cut With Highlights

Short Pixie Cut With Highlights

A glamorous pixie cut with streaks of highlight will enhance any look. This is a great look for women of all ages and older women with greying hair. Consider using a purple shampoo and conditioner on your wash day for a lasting effect.


2. Long Pixie With Highlights

Long Pixie With Highlights

Pixie highlights work for both short and long hair. Here’s a great example of rich highlights, especially if you prefer to test the water first. A shorter section at the back keeps the highlight in view and keeps your hair healthier after each trim.


3. Edgy Dark Pixie Cut With Highlights

Edgy Dark Pixie Cut With Highlights

Consider a wavy and dimensional highlight for more contrast and depth. The brown color is an ideal way to show off your pixie. We recommend a texturized look for maximum color contrast and styling.


4. Curly Pixie With Highlights

Curly Pixie With Highlights

Curly pixie with highlights shows off a burst of colors and accents, which is a great way to customize your look. Based on how the contras work, you may consider talking to your stylist about your skin tone.

Also, consider your hair type before making a final choice.


5. Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie

Pairing an undercut with a pixie cut highlight is both stylish and distinct. The best effect is produced using the hair painting technique. Although the effects can be achieved in other ways, hair painting guides color placement and is considered easier.


6. Brown Pixie With Highlights

Brown Pixie With Highlights

Even if your hair is now significantly shorter, a pixie cut with brown highlights will make you look feminine and chic. To achieve that coordinated look, elevate the top of the hairdo. Keep your dark roots intact for more shine.


7. Layered Pixie With Highlights

Layered Pixie With Highlights

Find an image that you’re 100% sold on, and it will serve as a starting point for discussing your ideal cut with a stylist.

Then, add volume and alter the contour of your pixie cut by keeping the top and sides longer. That’s one more reason pixies will be a classic.


8. Dark Brown Pixie

Dark Brown Pixie

Speaking of range, you’ll soon see that they’re definitive for a wide range of stylish colors. To maintain that spiky-friendly approach, get a short pixie. Then, spice it up with an undercut and a side part.


9. Two Tone Dark Pixie Cut With Highlights

Two Tone Dark Pixie Cut With Highlights

Like skunk stripe hair, a pixie haircut with highlights can also be two tones. At the moment, short pixie cuts with highlights are very popular. This is because you can use highlights to make your hair any color.

So if you get tired of regular colors, try two tones, with a streak of new color and your original hue.


10. Dark Brown Pixie Cut With Blonde Highlights

Dark Brown Pixie Cut With Blonde Highlights

Here’s a popular idea for a short haircut that looks good on most face shapes and can be done with fine, medium, or coarse hair. It’s a great choice for people with round faces because the lack of curls makes the curves of a round face look more even.


11. Red Pixie Highlights

Red Pixie Highlights

Red pixie cut is a bold attempt for any bold woman, but the bold makeup is even bolder. It’s a great new twist. The tips are beautifully textured to give a tapered, pointed appearance. For medium to thick hair, try this style.


12. Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Try a pixie with bangs and some lowlights to ease into lighter cuts. A pixie’s desired form and style can be achieved by adding an undercut and side bob. In addition, it is possible to emphasize crown volume by incorporating a side part.


13. Asymmetrical Pixie With Highlights

Asymmetrical Pixie With Highlights

An asymmetrical pixie cut highlighted strategically is a terrific method to draw the eye and create harmony between the features.

Hairstyles like pixie cuts with highlights provide dimension and depth while framing the face attractively. Each person’s facial features are unique, but this can provide the impression of harmony.


14. Light Brown Highlights

Light Brown Highlights

Combining subtle highlights and natural hues forms an ultra-modern. A naturally brown root has more dimension. Highlights and layers are a safe bet for natural colors. The original cut of this pixie will still be fascinating and edgy as your hair gets longer, so there’s that!


15. Brunette Pixie

Brunette Pixie

One of the most endearing new styles in the hairstyling world is pixie cuts. But, of course, you can’t go wrong with a short, wavy, playful cut and a soft hue like a brunette, which is the ideal example. Undoubtedly, the outcomes are pleasing to the eye.


16. Grey Highlights On Pixie Hair

Grey Highlights On Pixie Hair

Adding a vibrant shade is another option for incorporating highlights on a pixie cut. A pixie cut looks fantastic with subtle and soft colors like grey. Finally, add some hair wax for a spiky finish.


17. Pixie With Dark Roots And Highlights

Pixie With Dark Roots And Highlights

This is possibly one of the most popular highlight trends of 2022. Several celebrities have worn black hair plus highlights. It is a nice idea to add some makeup and beautiful jewellery. Perfect for women crazy about the doll-like look.


18. Copper Red Pixie

Copper Red Pixie

Pixie cuts look great with a copper red color, a few shades lighter than a natural brown. If your hair is very short, you can wear it spiky. It looks great with dressy outfits as well as everyday wear.


19. Pixie With Ombre Highlights

Pixie With Ombre Highlights

You should still consider curling your hair even if you opt for a pixie cut. Hair products aren’t necessary if you were born with beautiful, curly hair. However, an ombre highlight will be perfect for this curly look.


20. Pixie With Bangs And Highlights

Pixie With Bangs And Highlights

Lucky ladies with oval faces can pull off any pixie cut. So whether you choose a pixie cut with or without bangs, your face will look great with this highlight. It is similar to something from a poster magazine, a beautiful consideration for all seasons.


21. Spiky Pixie

Spiky Pixie

Spiky pixie cuts are great for fine hair. A shorter cut is a good solution for finer hair. A sharp pixie cut like this is great for thin hair that needs to be styled frequently. It’s an effortless look to put together.


22. Highlights On A Messy Pixie

Highlights On A Messy Pixie

It only takes a few minutes to achieve a stunning look like this, even while you’re growing out your pixie cut. Hairspray or mousse can be used to keep the messy top section of hair in place. The final product will blow your mind.


23. Pixie Highlights For Black Women

Pixie Highlights For Black Women

With a full head and stunning honey highlights, this pixie cut is ready to turn heads. The lovely summer haircut is perfect for the modern black woman. It is universally flattering because the roots add a subtle contrast.


24. Pixie With Copper Highlights

Pixie With Copper Highlights

The subsequent design makes much greater use of red accents. Now the hair is copper-highlighted for a stylish new look. This hairdo is fiery and powerful, thanks to the usage of multiple colors. Everyone may benefit from the style and the vibrant hues.


25. Purple Pixie Cut

Purple Pixie Cut

Like the more daring cuts? Then you may be interested in this. This short pixie cut looks great with purple highlights. The purple hue is striking, and the modern silhouette is a bonus.

Women who want to make a statement will love this hairstyle. You can either replicate this color scheme or use a different purple entirely.


26. Silver Highlights On Pixie Cut

Silver Highlights On Pixie Cut

The next haircut is extremely bold, vibrant, and lovely! In this case, the hair is short and with silver highlights. As demonstrated here, pixie cuts with highlights allow you to make a bold fashion statement.


27. Braided Pixie With Highlights

Braided Pixie With Highlights

Sometimes, a quick fix is all you need for your pixie cut. It’s much better with undercut and edgy undercut designs. Then, for best effects, do a French braid. The beauty of this style is that it puts all your facial features on full display.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Balayage be Done on Pixie Cut?

Yes, balayage can be done on a pixie cut, especially if you reduce your long hair into a pixie. However, for short hair, a balayage may be achieved using hair painting.


Hairstyles make a statement of the wearer’s personality. Pixie cuts with highlights are bold and daring. Remember to consider your face shape, hair length, hair texture, and hair color while making your final decision. Pixie cuts are fun. Enjoy!

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