27 Most Flattering Pixie Cut Ideas For Round Faces

Round faces are cute, but not every hairstyle sits well on them. So if you have a round face, your goal should be to make your appearance edgier. Pixie cut on a round face will do the job, accentuating your face with vertical lines.

Pixie cuts are a toast of the hairstyling industry because they can pass as the short version of the bob hairstyle. In addition to this, they are easy to style and almost always work for round faces.

Practically, pixie cuts elongate round faces, adding a flattering finish you cannot resist. Luckily, you can cover your ears or leave them visible. The bottom line is a round-face pixie cut creates a bubbly and lively visual appearance.


Do Round Faces Look Better with a Pixie Cut?

Yes, a round face looks so much better with a pixie cut. That’s because a pixie brings your round face closer to an oval. But, in reality, pixie adds texture to your hair, defining the edges and your face.

Again, pixies are suitable for thin, feathery hair because it creates an illusion of volume. Therefore, it is bound to enhance your natural charm.


Different Pixie Ideas For Round Faces

A short pixie cut can add some height to your round face. Therefore, you may consider playing around with bangs and symmetry. Here are some styles that can inspire your next pixie cut.

1. Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie

Curly pixie cuts create an illusion of a narrower shape. It adds good lines to the temple, nape, and face altogether. To create the cut, use an iron curl for straight hair.

But if you have natural curls, cut a slight side part. The right section creates a long bang, not distracting, just the appropriate length.


2. Short Pixie For Round Face

Short Pixie for Round Face

Short blonde pixie is one of the low-maintenance haircuts for women. You can create two or more styles with this round-face pixie cut. The easiest method is creating spiky feathers lying flat or pointing forward.


3. Short Messy Pixie Cut

short messy pixie cut

This short messy, and wavy pixie cut is adorable. Its styling reveals the wearer’s personality and playful side. Ask for a fun medium-length style with blonde color for the best results. When experimenting with this style, consider bold lips and red precisely.


4. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Side Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Consider an asymmetric pixie cut if your face is round and you’re looking for an edgy style. It adds face-framing layers to the right and left because one side is longer. As a result, the asymmetrical pixie cut can go shorter and remain beautiful.


5. Spiky Pixie

Spiky Pixie

Try something different with this spiky pixie cut for round faces. In addition to adding height to your face, this cut is an excellent option for professional women. With a little bit of product, you’re ready to go anytime. Also, you can decide the direction of the spike, and that’s freedom.


6. Longer Pixie

Longer Pixie

We have seen several pixie cuts, but this stands out. Since the details are wavy, it is achievable with the expertise of a stylist. With careful consideration, this style helps you coordinate the volume of your hair.


7. Shaved Pixie For A Round Face

Shaved Pixie for a Round Face

Shaved pixie cuts on round faces offer a pragmatic and versatile approach to defining your style. It is perfect for special occasions, especially when you want to stand out. So for a touch of practicality and uniqueness, try this style.


8. Edgy Pixie Cuts

edgy pixie cuts

A soft and edgy pixie cut is very versatile for middle-aged women. It gives them a touch of youthfulness and several styling options. For example, this style can be combined with shaved sides, spiky tops, and asymmetry. The cut is everything in between.


9. Double Chin Chubby Face Pixie Cut

double chin chubby face pixie cut

Women with round faces and a double chin can use several layers of pixie cut to create a fuller look. Aside from adding the illusion of height to the hairstyle, the side-swept layers are unique. Here’s the perfect way to spice up your face and look your best.


10. Round Face Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

round face pixie cut for thick hair

Pixie cut for round faces with thick hair smoothens the face. You could rock this easy style every day without a single care. Because the style removes unnecessary thickness from your face, it focuses on the upper side of your face.


11. Pixie Cuts For Round Faces Over 50

pixie cuts for round faces over 50

Women over 50 can draw attention to their faces with a pixie haircut. The greying hair makes the look as vivid and expressive as you’d love, giving you a fresh look. Note that it can be maintained regularly with a simple trim or cut if you switch styles.


12. Round Faces With Glasses

round faces with glasses

If you’re looking for a style that works for thin hair and a framed face, this one is for you. The hair is slightly angled to the left, giving a bang-like effect. This bang covers your forehead while defining your jaws.


13. Asian Pixie

Asian Pixie

Asian women sport gorgeous round and small faces, which makes them gorgeous. Pixie haircuts on their faces are like icing on the cake. The style features a longer bang which adds extra volume to this look. Overall, this style is great for length and height on a round face.


14. Little Girl Pixie With Round Face

Little Girl Pixie with round face

Young girls love pixie cuts because of the ease and comfort it brings. Mothers love it even more. Pixies on girls are a good way of helping them maintain their haircuts and have them ready in no time. The short curved line in front is attractive; suited for medium or fine hair.


15. Layered Pixie

layered pixie

Starting this side-swept pixie with a part produces two angled lines that divide the rounded frame. The copper layers are a great way to give fine hair some height and volume.

Thanks to its flattering short length and natural-looking texture, this cut is a top choice for working women of all ages.


16. Round Face Pixie With Bangs

Round face pixie with bangs

With this haircut, the top of the head is the focal point. This is a great way to focus on the face, not the chin. In addition, the angle of her jaw gives a slightly oval shape.

Entrepreneurs or busy women with fine or medium hair would appreciate this style because it gives that business and relaxed vibe.


17. Wavy Pixie + Round Face

Wavy Pixie + Round Face

If you have naturally curly hair and a round face, that’s the perfect combination for a short and easy hairstyle. Curls or waves create a beautiful volume for a long bang. While this style accentuates your eye color, it draws attention away from your face to your head.


18. Straight Hair Pixie Cut

Straight Hair Pixie cut

Looking for a complete makeover with a no-nonsense aura? This is a great example. With the exact cut, this style slims your face, chin, neck, and face altogether. It is the neatest style to keep it short and spicy.


Pixie Cut For Round Face With Different Colors And Highlights

Pixie cuts for round faces can elevate your style and shape your face. Consider one of these colors if you want a style that augments your facial features. Say bye-bye to boring colors.

1. Blonde Pixie With Round Face

Blonde Pixie With Round Face

Women who love to look chic and fabulous in their pixie cut know that blonde is the color. This color complements your complexion and gives a modern touch to your style. In addition, the side sweep is long enough to cushion your forehead and boost your confidence.


2. Grey Long Pixie

Grey Long Pixie

Grey/ash color may not work for everyone, so you should consult a professional before making this decision. Nevertheless, grey, round face, and pixie cuts are a great mix. The combination gives you a mature look and brightens your eyes.


3. Platinum Blonde Pixie

platinum blonde pixie

Because pixie cut is flexible, you should also be flexible in your choices. Consider this platinum hair color with a forward sweep that makes your face glow.

In addition to adding a twist to the hairstyle, a platinum undercut pixie is ideal for women who want to keep the changes subtle.


4. Red Pixie

Red Pixie

Go red or go home! This short, trendy cut showcases vividly dyed hair and impeccable style. Pixie cuts with soft angles and corners are especially flattering on round features. This carefree short cut begins with a neatly chopped back that fuses into the front.


5. Pixie With Blonde Highlights

pixie with blonde highlights

Isn’t this a fab hair color? The view is everything. If your hair is fine, you’ve got to try this style. It is perfect for women with pale skin. The style melts into your skin, forming a short crown of a soft and smooth pixie.


6. Light Brown Pixie With Round Face

Light Brown Pixie with round face

This is a style that any contemporary woman would like to wear. Females of all ages can look fashionable with this cut. The hair is short and all-brown. The dye job gives off a sophisticated air. Bring out the natural shine and luster of your hair with this natural color.


7. Auburn Curly Pixie

Auburn Curly Pixie

A round face is not equal to a fat face, especially when you opt for the right style. A heavy auburn curl is a perfect way to make your face proportional. This breaks the sharp curve of the chin and cheek, creating a balanced dimension.


8. Round Face Pixie With Streaks

Round Face Pixie With Streaks

Add an unexpected flash of color streaks in a side-swept bang to keep the focus on your hair. This fusion of color livens up what could be a boring style. For the best highlight and contrast, use some makeup and bold lips.


9. Copper Pixie

copper Pixie

When the hot weather hits, women search for new hairstyles. It may seem difficult to keep up with the trends. Your search ends here, especially if you’re gunning for a show-stopper. Keep it icy with a copper shade.


We have shown you that pixie cuts for round faces can be a versatile option for women of all ages. It is a go-to option if you have a hectic schedule but want to slay all day. But while this style can make your tresses super stylish, it all depends on your choice.

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