17 Sassy Cheerleader Hairstyles For Trendy Girls

As a cheerleader you need the right hairstyle to make yourself stand out. Although your uniform and stunts already set you apart, it’s not enough to cheer up your audience. Cheerleader hairstyles are fun and pretty to rock. However, it’s not just about the fun; they should also be practical so that they don’t hinder your performance. Ranging from demure to sassy, there are so many looks you can achieve with these hairstyles.

Achieving the right hairstyle can be tricky; keep reading and in this post, trendy cheerleader hairstyles you can wear for your next game.


5 Vital Hair Rules For Cheerleaders

Of course, part of your charm as a cheerleader is to execute some dramatic moves. It would be best if you had the right hairstyle to look great with these moves or make them more noticeable. Besides, judges grade your overall appearance during the competition, including your hair. Below are some noteworthy styling rules for your cheerleading hairstyles:

  • Cheerleading is all about glamorous and practical looks; to achieve this, always go for the wavy, layered, glossy style. Ensure that your hair curling instrument is always at hand.
  • Sometimes it is better to keep things simple by leaving your naturally curly hair. This rule is particularly handy for blacks with natural hair.
  • Regardless of your hair texture, ensure that you give it volume. It will help you to flawlessly execute some of those sassy moves by giving them the right dramatic flair.
  • Keep the accessories to a minimum. It is important to achieve a professional and practical look while keeping your overall appearance glamorous.
  • If you dye your hair, always go for natural colors. Remember, the goal is to look good and stand out.
  • If you are going to change your hairstyle, it is best to consult your coach or team manager.
  • Any Hairstyle you are choosing must not cover your face.


Cute But Sassy Hairstyles for Cheerleaders

Every game is a chance for you to wow the audience with your stunts and looks. Here are some 17 cute but sassy cheerleader Hairstyles you can try out:

1. Sleek Cheerleader Ponytail With a Bow

Cheerleader hairstyles with bow

This ponytail, completed with a cute bow is enough to define your looks for any occasion. What makes this style more attractive is the simple yet outstanding look it gives. More importantly, it is practical and helps you complete a cute and innocent look.


2. High Ponytails

Cheerleader hairstyles for black girl

While it is sometimes challenging to pick the right hairstyle, this simple high ponytail will help you achieve that perfect look as a cheerleader. Sometimes, spicing it up with a bow is all you need to complete the overall perfect look as a cheerleader.


3. Side Part Wavy Long Hair

Elegant Long Hair

A rule of thumb for cheerleader hairstyle is to keep it layered, wavy, and glossy, and this elegant style is the perfect way to achieve it. Any cheerleader rocking this style as a side part is sure to stand out on any occasion.


4. Dazzling Short Hair

Dazzling short hair

Shoulder-length short hair is indeed dazzling. The glossy appearance is perfect for adding the needed dramatic flair to your moves. Besides, it is easy to maintain and turn into other attractive styles without too much effort.


5. Low Ponytail With Braids

Cheerleader hairstyles for curly hair

Contrary to popular opinion, curly hair is easy to rock. This style is rocking a half-done double dutch braid leaving the curls to tumble down behind as a low ponytail. Talk about a simple way to achieve a chic and glamorous look!


6. Cheerleader Long Ponytail

Cheerleader ponytail hairstyles

Ponytail is one of the most versatile cheerleader hairstyles and looks amazing when it is long. Regardless of your hair texture, you can achieve many potential looks with this style whether you are going for sassy, glamorous, or innocent.


7. Half-Down Bun

Top knot cheerleader haircut

Half-bun is one of the easiest hairstyles you can achieve effortlessly. With part of your hair twisted into a bun, and the rest cascading down your back like a waterfall, it is sure to give you a sophisticated look. Besides, it goes well with any outfit.


8. Front braid Ponytail for Cheerleader


Front braid + ponytail for cheerleader

If you are aiming for a princess look, try doing this front braid ponytail. It brings out the beauty of your face while drawing attention to your eyes. For an innocent appearance, try styling your ponytail with a colorful bow.


9. Braids for Black Girls

African Girl cheerleader

Braids are the perfect cheerleader hairstyle for black beauties. Although you may not see it, braids are very versatile. When properly styled, they give you a serious and professional look. Another bonus is that they don’t get in your way during stunts.


10. Bangs With Two Pigtail

Cheerleader with two ponytail+ bangs

The two pigtail bangs are a timeless cheerleading hairstyle that is always in vogue. One notable fact is that you can rock this on any hair length. Add bangs to this style to achieve a more classic look.


11. Cheerleader Dutch Braid

Cheerleader Dutch braid

It is undeniable that Dutch braids are cute, especially if your hair is blonde. It is even better if your blond is highlighted with a unique color like pink. Your cute look may never be complete without adding beautiful bows to the end of each braid.


12. Center Part Wavy Hairstyle


Wavy hairstyle for Cheerleader

This wavy hairstyle is simply elegant and more fitted for medium-length or long hair. The free-falling shiny hair ends in wavy locks adding volume and bounce to your hair. Regardless of your routine, this style will help complete your look.


13. Half-Up-Half Down Long Straight Hair

Cheerleader low puff

A variation of the versatile half-bun, this style is renowned for giving a sophisticated appearance. It is another classic style that is perfect for shoulder, medium-length, and long hair. You can easily achieve a sleek look with this style.


14. Side Braid for Cheerleader


Side braid for cheerleader

Classic and simple, you can never go wrong with this style. Additionally, it is perfect for both long and short hair, especially if your hair is almost bone straight. Moreover, it is ideal for almost any hair color and requires little effort to achieve.


15. Scanty Bangs With Ponytail

Cheerleader Haistyle with see thorugh bangs

Compared to the conventional full fringe, scanty bangs are the new trend. From funky and cool to beautiful and sexy, this style, complete with a ponytail, checks all the boxes. Moreover, it projects messy and shaggy vibes perfect for game day.


16. Asymmetrical Bangs for Cheerleader

Asymmetrical Bangs for cheerleader

This is your style if you are aiming for a feathered and shaggy look. Another versatile cheerleader hairstyle, you can combine many different types to make it speak volumes. The braided strand and half-face covering give a slightly gothic vibe.


17. Loose Curls for Cheerleader

Semi Curly for cheerleader

Whether aiming for a retro, sexy, or both, you will achieve it with these loose curls. It is even more fitting for people with different shades of auburn. You can always count on this style to make your beauty stand out.


If you are out of ideas on what cheerleader hairstyle to rock, we hope this article has provided you with some inspiring ideas. Depending on what look you are going for, these hairstyles are not hard to achieve. Although some are suited for short-length hair, others are versatile and will fit medium-length or long hair. Remember, Cheerleading is also about your appearance!

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