30 Irresistible Middle Part Ponytails To Go With Your Style!

Versatile, adaptive, and easy to make- middle-part ponytails couldn’t be described any better. This amazing hairstyle has been at the top of every woman’s go-to style because it is not only effortless to create but also has a universal appeal. If you are struggling to style your manes with a befitting “do”, a center-part ponytail would always save your day.

Also, as it is highly adaptive, you can create a middle-part ponytail on any hair type and any hair length. Isn’t it amazing!


How To Do a Middle Part Ponytail? All You Need To Know

If you are wondering how to make a perfect middle-part ponytail in your hair, we have the right solution for you. This ponytail “do” is one of the easiest hairstyles you can try, yet has a huge effect.

To make a perfect center-parted ponytail, first, comb all your hair and remove the knots and tangles successfully. Then, using your comb, create a middle part of your choice. You can either make a prominent part or a subtle one; the freedom is yours.

After that, pull all the strands back and make a ponytail. Make sure not to mess up the part while tying the tresses.


How To Do a Sleek Middle Part Ponytail? A 3 Steps Guide

Doing a sleek middle-part ponytail in your hair is quite an easy and effortless process. Anyone with even the slightest hairstyling idea can make it for a quick yet stylish “do”. Go through the guide below to learn more.

Step 1: Prepare The Hair

Start your styling by combing all your manes to remove any knots and tangles completely. Even though it is best that you style freshly-washed manes, unwashed ones can also do the work.

After you are done getting rid of any tangles in the strands, take your trusty flat iron and straighten them for an even sleeker, straighter look.

Then, apply a shining hair gel before you move on to making the pony.

Step 2: Create A Middle Part

After applying the gel, lightly comb the manes again to smear the product evenly. Then, using a rattail comb, part the strands from the middle. Make sure that the part is neat and precise.

Comb the part from either side for a sleeker finish.

Step 3: Make The Ponytail

After creating the center part, pull all the strands back and tie them up in a ponytail. You can make a high pony or a low one; the choice is entirely yours.

Finish off your hairstyle with a holding spray to maintain the smoothness of the tresses for hours to come.


30 Trendy Middle Part Ponytail Ideas

If you want some inspiration to make a center-part pony in your manes, go through the article below. We have listed the top 30 most tried center-part ponytails so that you get all the ideas you need.


1. Middle Part Braided Ponytail

middle part braided ponytail

If you have a little bit of time in hand, make a braid in your middle-parted ponytail to make the style even more elegant and fun. Depending on your skill level and the time, you can try different types of braids to create versatility in your manes.

Also, as braids are a highly adaptive hairstyle, you can make them in any hair, regardless of the length and type of your tresses.


2. Middle Part Sleek Ponytail

middle part sleek ponytail

Keep your middle-part ponytail minimal and simple for an impactful hairstyle. Make sure that the strands are straight and sleek for a chic, trendy yet sophisticated look. If needed, apply a liberal amount of hair gel to maintain the smoothness of your manes efficiently.


3. Ponytail With Edges

middle part ponytail with edges

The edges on either side of your center part take your otherwise ordinary “pony look” to a whole new level. Creatively designed, the edges draw attention to your forehead and make your eyes pop out.

What’s interesting about this look is that it goes well with both sleek and voluminous ponytails equally.


4. Middle Part With Weave

middle part ponytail with weave

To make your center-parted pony even more voluminous and flared, add sewn-in weaves to them. These weaves make the style fuller and create a standout hairstyle in no time. With them, you don’t have to worry about a limp “do” anymore, girl!


5. Black Girl Ponytail + Middle Part

Black girl ponytail with middle part

Create the most outstanding high ponytail with a middle part in your black hair and turn the heads around. Even though you can straighten the manes or flaunt your natural texture, the glamour of long, flowing curls is unmissable. Adorn your pony with big, bouncy curls for a fresh, sporty outcome.


6. Slick Back + Middle Part

slick back with Middle part

Make your classic center-parted ponytail glamorous and elegant by styling it with sleek and straight strands. Pull all the hair back and away from your face to give the “do” a more fierce look. Remember that the more elegant and higher the pony, the more daring the appearance would be.


7. High Ponytail

high ponytail

The high ponytail with a subtle middle part is sexy, edgy, and confident. It lifts up and tightens your face to give it more definition and shape. If you have a round face, try this “do” now to make it look sharper and more defined. This fantastic hairstyle will never let you down, girl!


8. Low Braided Ponytail

low braided ponytail

This tightly-done low pony with a sleek center part is sporty, comfortable, and convenient. Because you are tying up all your manes without keeping any loose or flowing, it is an excellent pick for sports events.

However, you can also try it with other outfits if this style matches them perfectly.


9. Middle Part Low Ponytail

middle part low ponytail

Even though the middle-parted low ponytail is a favorite amongst the models, it has a very cutesy, princess vibe. You can keep the manes straight or wave them a little at the ends to switch up the style creatively. Beast suited for couture; this hairstyle will never fail to add the right amount of glamour and elegance to your overall outlook.


10. Middle Part Ponytail With Curly Hair

middle part ponytail with curly hair

The small ringlets in your manes look incredibly stunning in a simple pulled-back middle-part curly ponytail. It’s classic and sophisticated, and shows off your curly tresses just the right way. Apply a handful of de-frizzing hair cream before making the pony maintain its sleekness for longer hours.


11. Straight Hair Ponytail

Straight hair ponytail

Featuring an ultra-sleek high ponytail with face-framing loose strands, this center-parted pony is everything you need for a happening night out in the city. While the straight locks are sexy and impactful, it’s the loose strands at the front that steal the spotlight. They shape your face and accentuate your features for a rather standout outlook.


12. Middle Part Ponytail For Natural Hair

middle part ponytail For natural hair

This sleek low ponytail is perfect for your formal meetings and shindigs. To rock this “do”, straighten your natural manes with a flat iron and apply some mousse to them. Pull back all your strands smoothly to make a sharp, chic pony.


13. Kendall Jenner’s Middle Part Do

kendall jenner Middle Part Ponytails

The glitz and glamour of Kendall Jenner’s center-part hairdo is simply stunning. Sported in the MTV Movie Awards, this middle part style with a bubble pony never ceased the spotlight from the supermodel.


14. Bella Hadid’s Sleek And Sexy Mid-Part

bella hadid Middle Part Ponytails

Bella Hadid looked fierce in her effortlessly pull-back middle-part style paired with equally severe winged eyeliner. This “do” added incredible edge and dimension to her appearance and made her every bit of the gorgeous diva she already was.


15. Zig Zag + Middle Part Ponytail

Zig zag with Middle part ponytail

Turn your regular pony into a spicy, sassy one with a simple yet exciting zig-zag middle part! This “no too conventional” center part gives a creative spin to your otherwise super-ordinary look. It also makes you stand out without trying too hard.


16. Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail

The bubble pony is one of the most versatile and chic hairstyles you can try on your long tresses.

This modern “do” not all draws the eyeballs but also keeps all your strands tied in one place. Pair it with your everyday wear or glam it up with some evening outfits; the appeal of this pony is ultra-cool and effortlessly chic.


17. Middle Part Frontal Ponytail

middle part frontal ponytail

Smoothed down your naturally curly hair up in the front and tie them into a pony to show off the hair texture proudly in the back. The slick middle-part highlights the ringlets at the back and makes it a very balanced look. You can let loose a few strands of hair at the front for a chic face-framing effect.


18. Middle Part Wedding Ponytail

Middle part weave ponytail

This half up half down hairstyle is so elegant and classy that it can also be the perfect pick for your Big Day. With lots of waves, volume, and texture, this amazing middle-part “do” is just as gorgeous and eye-catchy as your wedding dress is. Finish it off with a bejeweled hairpin for a touch of bling to your appearance.


19. Ponytail With Double Braid

Middle part ponytail with braid

Take your regular hairstyle to the next level with two braided ponytails in your manes. Make two braids up to the nape of your neck on either side of your center part. Then tie them up with a rubber band and let the rest of the length loose for the pony.


20. Ponytail With Crochet Curls

ponytail With curly weave

Crochet curls are voluminous and bouncy. Even though they look extremely well when flowy, you can also tie them up in a pony for comfort and styling versatility. Leave a few strands free at the front to draw attention to your face too.


21. Middle Part Side Ponytail

middle part side ponytail

For a casual outing like a day at the beach or a brunch with friends, this loose, side ponytail can be the perfect choice for you. The super laid-back vibe of this hairstyle is eye-soothing and provides your overall look with a touch of elegance and subtle glamour.

Style your pony with a silk tie or scarf to bring some added charm to it.


22. Middle Part Ponytail On Black Hair

invisible ponytail

Center-parted ponytails are not only for straight tresses. You can also try it in your black manes for a very simple, soft, and appealing outlook.

However, make sure to put on a whole lot of hair-smoothing gel before you go for this extraordinary result.


23. Middle Part + Cornrow

Middle part with cornrow

This ponytail style is simple. But it is extremely striking. To adorn your tresses with such a “stand out” do, make a precise middle part and create two distinctive cornrows on either side of it. These cornrows will make the center part even more prominent and draw all attention.

Tie the rest of the hair in a regular high ponytail to keep everything else simple and fuss-free.


24. Sew In Ponytail

Sew in ponytail

Add some visual interest in your middle part by creating a thin yet prominent cornrow in it. The cornrow made just in the middle of the part is eye-catching and attractive. It gives your plain look the much-needed style lift without being “too over the top”.


25. Unique Middle Part Ponytail

Middle Part Ponytails

This center-parted double pony look is as unique as it can get. If you have a lot of hair and want to keep them managed, this is the “do” you should try. In addition to manageability, these ponytails also ensure top-notch style.


26. Flirty Middle-part

Middle Part Ponytails

Worried about a date night hairstyle? Get the flirtatious middle-part ponytail and be ready to awe the world. The loose, “not too severe” vibe of this hairstyle makes it unique and attractive.


27. Mid-Part Ponytail On Asian Hair

Middle Part Ponytails

Asian hair is usually sleek and straight. Therefore, for a flared, fuller look, you can always try out this gorgeous middle-part pony in your hair. Highly adaptive, this hairdo goes seamlessly with any face shape and hair length perfectly. So, even if you have medium manes, don’t worry, girl!


28. Duble Bubble

Middle Part Ponytails

When you are bored with your afro and don’t know what you could change to bring versatility to your look, never hesitate to try double bubble braids in your manes. The fullness and texture of your hair make the bubble more prominent and beautiful.

Add your favorite clips, beads, and pins to the bubble to attract attention better.


29. Middle Part With Double Puff

Middle Part Ponytails

If you have fine, thin hair, this puffy ponytail “do” is just the right one for you. Crimp all your tresses to create the most gorgeous body and volume in them. And then make a sleek middle part to tie them in two high ponytails on either side for maximum drama.


30. Waves In A Ponytail

Middle Part Ponytails

A middle-part pony doesn’t always have to be severe and boring. You can turn things up and make them look fun by adding waves to the manes. Make a whole lot of spiral waves at the bottom of the pony while keeping the rest of the tresses smooth for an interesting appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Low or High Ponytail Better?

Whether a low or high ponytail is better entirely depends on the type of style you are aiming for. However, ideally, a low ponytail is suitable for your hair and scalp because it doesn’t pull the strands down like a high one. And as there is less pulling, a low pony puts less strain on the roots and hence, less hair fall in the long run.


Which Middle-Part Ponytail Is Best for a Round Face?

The Middle part high ponytail is the best ponytail for a round face. Because it pulls the tresses upwards, a high pony gives your face more structure and makes it look even slimmer than before.

So, if you have a round face, try this little trick, babe!


Final Words

Middle-part ponytails can be fun, sophisticated, and classy- all at the same time. And the ones we have talked about above are the proof of it. It doesn’t matter what type or length of hair you have, with the ponytail ideas we have discussed, you will always find something to sport on your manes.

Try these pony looks and tell us how you have conquered the scene!

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