28 Curly Ponytail Ideas For Classy Women in 2024

The typical curly ponytail hairstyle is classy and stylish. It is a historic hair adorned with precious stones, pearls, and cloth cords amongst the rich in the medieval era. Therefore, it cuts across several cultures and occasions. These days, curly ponytail hairstyles have the same characteristics. They are sexier, sleeker, and perfect for every setup.

In light of recent styling options, ponytails require a few tools. However, you can switch things up anytime because the hair is often pulled together in an up-do, usually high or low.

A curly ponytail is a practical choice for girls and women and can be an individual statement depending on the wearer’s personality.

There’s a curly ponytail for everyone, every face and hair texture. If you’re convinced that a ponytail is the best way to wear your hair, you will find several chic and exotic styles on this list. Also, we’d show how to do the perfect ponytail.


How Do You Do a Curly Ponytail?

  • Moisturize your curly hair with leave-in conditioner/ cream to form a hydrating base.
  • Blow dry your hair.
  • Comb hair into an up-do style (high, low, or medium up-do)
  • When in place, secure with an elastic band or clip, depending on the volume of your hair.
  • Use a flexible hold spray to keep the curls together
  • Add hair serum for additional shine.


Curly Ponytail Ideas You Will Love

Now that you know that curly ponytails are versatile and beautiful, several styles will work for your facial frame and shape. In this article, we discuss 28 styles that will inspire you.

1. High Curly Ponytail

high curly ponytail

If your hair is thick and curly, the classic high curly ponytail is the best option for you. It is effortless, versatile, and beautiful. Whether you style it with accessories or not, this style does not miss a strand of your hair. To keep it at its best, consider treatments.


2. Curly Weave Ponytail

curly weave ponytail

For women who like to experiment, this is a good idea. The contrast between the natural roots and the ponytail gives this look an edge over others. If you prefer not to dye your hair, faking it with extensions works fine.


3. Curly Drawstring Ponytail

curly drawstring ponytail

The curly drawstring ponytail is a favorite among black women and women with kinky locs. It features a center or side part that keeps the natural hair flat and down. When the kinky drawstring is attached, finish the look with cute baby curls.


4. Sleek Low Curly Ponytail With Weave

sleek low curly ponytail with weave

Low ponytails for curly hair are playful and fabulous. It is usually comfortable because it allows your hair to be swept down to the nape of your neck.

This style is ideal for sports and perfect for all age groups. While the hair goes back, you can get creative in front.


5. Curly Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave

curly ponytail hairstyles with weave

Why choose one style when you can combine two? The high ponytail is gelled in front while the ponytail itself retains the weave. It is a straightforward style that suits all faces; oval, square, slim, or round when done right.


6. High Ponytail With Weave

high ponytail with weave

Wear your high ponytail in a loosely-tight up-do with a sweet balance that leaves the weave cascading down on the side. This style will become your all-time favorite when paired with light makeup and the right eye highlights.


7. Low Curly Ponytail

low curly ponytail

The best feature of the low curly ponytail for women is the waves. The base is pressed and kept in 360 waves with a holding spray and other tools. As a result, your ponytail features the same weaves going as long as the length of your hair.

If this isn’t the best way to flaunt your natural hair, we don’t know what else is.


8. Sleek Curly High Ponytail

sleek curly high ponytail

From the shine to the edgy details, this curly ponytail is a nice complement to women with warm and dark skin tones. To achieve the volume seen in the picture, you may consider attaching a curly black weave to the end of your natural hair.


9. Curly Genie Ponytail

curly genie ponytail

This style may remind you of Genie from Will Smith’s ‘Aladdin.’ The accessory keeps the style intact and fresher. It also allows you to sweep the ponytail in any direction of choice. It adds a historical touch to your overall appearance.


10. Two Ponytails For Curly Hair

two ponytails For curly hair

Keep the child in you alive with these ponytails. The two tails give you an innocent but never-to-be-underestimated look. Also, it is suitable for a pajama special, role-playing, and hanging outs with friends. If you need a relaxed yet casual style, this is it.


11. Kinky Curly

kinky curly

Some people may argue that natural hair looks better with kinky ponytails, but relaxed hair is beautiful too. Sweep your hair onto the middle of your head, tie or wrap a kinky ponytail around the tip and let it fall freely.

This is the perfect way to keep people wondering if it’s your real hair or not.


12. Long Curly Ponytail

long curly ponytail

Here’s how to sport this long hair easily. First, divide your hair into two parts. The first, in a high ponytail, lies on top of the second segment. Next, tie the second in a loose pony so that the first cascades down on it. There, your curly ponytail is longer and more voluminous.


13. Slick Back

slick back

A simple style speaks a thousand words. If you are too busy to gather up all your hair in one sweep, don’t worry. Slick it back with gel or wax until you get the desired style. Then, add a curly weave at the tip. Don’t forget the baby hair, please.


14. Curly Ponytail Hairstyles For Black Hair

curly ponytail hairstyles for black hair

Ponytails can work on all hair colors and textures, but this black gives romantic vibes. The curly ponytail hairstyles for black hair allow you to express your inner beauty with a black curly pony. But, here is the best part, this style is so gorgeous on black skin.


15. Curly Ponytail With Weave

curly ponytail with weave

Curly pony with a twist? Yes, please. The ombre pony is the best idea for women with lighter complexions. It gently keeps your natural roots in focus without distracting the viewer from the way it accentuates the skin.


16. Curly Side Ponytail

curly side ponytail

This style keeps the attention on your eyes, period. It is subtle yet bold, calm but vivid. To achieve the side pony with your natural hair, twist it into a tight rope weave. Then twist out when the front is gelled to perfection. You will be amazed by the results.


17. Curly Ponytail With Bangs

curly ponytail with bangs

Curly ponytail hairstyles break the limits with bangs, and we love it. The center part is all you need to ace your bangs game. When you have piled your pony on top of your head in a kinky hold, allow the bangs to go sideways. Remember to smile.


18. Slicked Back Ponytail With Curly Hair

slicked back ponytail with curly hair

What we love about the slick-back ponytail is that it is not restricted to one hair color or curl type. Every curl goes. If you’re gunning for this look, make sure your curls are not all over the place. Slick your pony back gracefully, and don’t miss any hair.


19. Curly Ponytail With Clip On

curly ponytail with clip on

Even though clips are popular among kids, they are now a thing for adults. Because styling continues to evolve, your pony should too. This is especially true for colored ponies. Use your clip to form the desired pattern in front, to add a nice contrast to the color at the back.


20. Curly Hair Half Up Half Down Ponytail

curly hair half up half down ponytail

Start by sectioning your hair into equal or unequal halves to get this look together. Then, make the first into a pony and allow the curls to rest on the second section, as the curly tips add volume to the overall look. It’s a dreamy choice that gives you that look of royalty.


21. Feed In Braids With High Curly Ponytail

feed in braids with high curly ponytail

Feed-in braids suit every woman, whether you’re a career woman, an entrepreneur, or a student. This flirty look is all about feeding curly hair extensions into your braids. The creativity of your stylists can give you this exact look or something better.


22. Swoop Ponytail With Curly Hair

swoop ponytail with curly hair

Women with straight hair can achieve this half-ponytail look with the right equipment. You may also consider making only the front section of your hair into a pony while the back goes in lose-free curls. You’re sure of the same results whether you’re attaching something or using your hair.


23. Braided Curly Ponytail

braided curly ponytail

Because braids are easy to make, women continually add their personality to them, thus making a customized style. Curly braids are fresh and laid back. They are also sure to last longer with the same glamour and flowing texture you started on the first day.


24. Straight Up With Curly Ponytail

straight up with curly ponytail

The straight-up curly ponytail has every bit of sophistication and definition you can expect from curly ponytail hairstyles. With well-defined curls, you can make a statement. Leave your ears visible and your face bare, and finish it off with curl-defining spray.


25. Balayage Curly Ponytail

Balayage Curly Ponytail

What a burst of colors. The balayage highlight is a perfect and elegant choice. It ensures that your hair is smooth. When done properly, you have loose curls that are bouncy and natural. This style is great for a formal setup like a wedding. Leave some strands free and your smile broad.


26. Brown Highlights On Curly Ponytail

Brown highlights on Curly Ponytail

It’s giving mohawk, french braids, and curly ponytails in a single style. This is, without a doubt, that urban, upbeat pony you’ve been looking for. You can achieve this look with your hair and the right dye. With so much attitude, this style focuses on you immediately after you enter the room.


27. Afro Ponytail

Afro ponytail

Easy on us afro queen! Draw inspiration from this simple yet sophisticated ponytail. In addition to its simplicity, this style looks void of gel or wax. That means all you need are a few drawstrings, hair, a moisturizer, and some beads.


28. Voluminous Curl

Voluminous curl

The beauty of any curly ponytail is in its volume. Don’t worry if your hair is naturally curly; it is it. Here, the curly hair is pulled back into a low ponytail that looks mature and elegant. The hair is held together with a black scarf, leaving the tips thicker, bigger, and more attractive.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ponytail Damage Curly Hair?

A good ponytail should not damage your hair. But overtightening your hair with elastic bands may strain hair strands, causing them to break in the long run. Also, applying the wrong products can cause your hair to dry out and break.


How Do You Make A Curly Ponytail Look Good?

The secret to a good curly ponytail is how you pull your hair together. Some people get the pressed-down effect by tying a scarf, while others use gel or wax. It is also important to have a good moisturizer that will loosen every knot in the hair. Elastic bands will secure the bulk of your hair, but bobby pins help with stray strands.


Wrapping it Up

Curly pony hairstyles are good for every setting and aspect of your life. Beginners should consider adding a creative touch to their ponytails and securing their hair in a way that elevates their appearance. Use a claw clip or a scarf if you want more volume without parting your hair into two sections. Let us know if this article has been helpful, and share your ideas. Happy Pony Day!

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