27 Best Balayage with Bangs to Effortlessly Rock

Some fashion trend never goes out of style, and this seems to be the case for the Balayage with bangs. Besides ombre, balayage is a technique that brings out the best-highlighted color. The natural yet subtle appearance it gives to the hair makes it a unique way of changing your appearance.

While you can try balayage on any hairstyle, it is undeniable that bangs give this trend a new dimension. Balayage is low maintenance because it doesn’t involve dyeing your whole hair. Check out some of the best balayage with bangs that you can effortlessly rock this season!


27 Balayage with Bangs to Try out This Season

Balayage is perfect for non-intrusive transformation because they don’t usually involve dyeing the whole hair. Bangs, on the other hand, are universal, meaning they effortlessly bring out any face shape. Below are some incredible balayage hairstyles that you can try out!

1. Balayage with Curtain Bangs

balayage with curtain bangs

If you are unwilling to try balayage, this blonde balayage will change your mind. The blonde highlights are natural, blend well with the brown roots, and inject warmth into the whole appearance. The layered style, together with the bangs, gives a princess mood.


2. Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage

One thing you are sure to notice is the retro 60s vibe this balayage hair with bangs is giving off. The layered cut draws attention to the volume, while the subtle deep brown and blonde create a natural balayage effect that makes the whole appearance endearing.


3. Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

Layered curls are everything you need to perfect this appearance. The best part of this balayage with bangs is that it looks so natural on middle-aged women. The varying shades of brown give a polished look. It would be best on hair with large volume and curls.


4. Caramel Balayage with Bangs

caramel balayage with Bangs

Caramel is one of the beautiful brown shades that are often underrated. The blend of brown to caramel resembles an ombre, with the bangs completing the look. The fringe is neither too thick nor scanty but frames the forehead perfectly. The sleek straight gives it a Hollywood appearance.


5. Blonde Balayage with Curtain Bangs

blonde balayage with curtain bangs

Blonde balayage highlights with a bang are one of the most versatile hairstyles. The playful shoulder-length slight curls are elegant, but this style’s defining feature is the curtain bangs. Even though it is subtle, it brings out your facial features, making them the star of the whole appearance.


6. Medium Length Balayage

medium length balayage

The varying shades of brown are truly magnificent, especially when it is done with the balayage technique. Most times, the swirl of colors is subtle; however, the boldness of the different shades only adds to the attraction. The bangs add a sultry, fun feel to the atmosphere.


7. Dark Brown Balayage

dark brown balayage

This balayage hair with bangs is truly inspirational. For short-length hair, the layered feathered style is perfectly executed. The contrasting brown shades give a hot and cold appeal. The see-through bangs make everything you need to complete a sophisticated appearance.


8. Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs

Messy hair has always been appealing regardless of how you style them. This balayage with a bang in a chin-length bob is a good decision because the volume in other lengths may be too shaggy and messy. The center part bangs blend with the appearance.


9. Side Bangs

side bangs

Side bangs are one of the most popular styles that often grace Hollywood’s red carpet. The reason is simple; they are always glamorous. Add a balayage blond highlight coupled with a large volume, and you have a style that is as natural as possible.


10. Caramel Balayage With Curtain Bangs

caramel balayage with curtain bangs

The caramel is another balayage highlight with bangs that looks promising. The color compliments your cool skin tone, while the curtain bangs elevate your whole facial features. This style can be considered a perfect combination, especially for people with a round face shape.


11. Balayage on Short Hair with Bangs

balayage on short hair with bangs

This blonde balayage hair with bangs creates a seamless flow that elevates the slight wave of this short thick hair. Although the hair is slightly shaggy, it is not an unattractive, messy mane. The simple bang is the final piece that makes the whole appearance look glamorous.


12. Balayage Ombre with Bangs

balayage ombre with bangs

The color blend in this balayage hair with bangs is everything you need to make a fashion statement. This style is like watching a color evolution with a gradient that graduates from black to blonde. Let’s not forget the bangs that frame the face to perfection.


13. Long Hair with Bangs

long hair with bangs

Another balayage hairstyle with a bang never seems to go out of trend. This stunning hairstyle blends from dark brown to blonde, creating an ombre effect that sort of melts into each other. The loose curls and the side bangs add an incredible finish to the overall appearance.


14. Balayage Lob

balayage lob

One style you will never get tired of is the blonde balayage highlight with a bang. The lush waves never go out of season. The color dynamic is beautiful; the fringe provides endless styling possibilities. The volume is what makes this style more pronounced.


15. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash blonde is already a stunning highlight color, but the balayage method makes it more natural on you. The layered hairstyle is full of vibrant shades of blonde. The long bangs also enhance the layered effect while giving it bounce and volume.


16. Blonde with Bangs

Bronde with bangs

The first thing you will notice is the similarity of this style with an ombre. The color gradient is beautiful, and the see-through bang completes the look. However, the two contrasting colors have several color variations that you may miss upon first inspection.


17. Balayage on Straight Hair

Balayage on Straight hair

This balayage highlights with a bang is simply captivating. The stunning caramel shade is hard to miss, and the bangs add a bubbly bounciness to the style. This style is more suited for women with a thick mane, although it will look good on anyone.


18. Balayage on Dark Hair with Bangs

balayage on dark hair with bangs

The varying shade of brown is perfect for this autumnal look. While many styles graduate from a darker root to a lighter tip, this one puts the flashiest shade in the middle allowing it to take more spotlight. Moreover, the wispy bang looks adorable.


19. Face Framing Balayage with Bangs

face framing balayage with bangs

This wispy blonde balayage with bangs has so many choppy layers creating a flaming and flowing finish. The volume allows the hair to fawn all over the face creating a tousled look. The fringe highlight the whole appearance giving it an amazing finish.


20. Red Balayage with Bangs

red balayage with bangs

Flaming red is a catch color guaranteed to give you attention. Although this highlight is overpowering, you still can’t miss the natural black hair of the root—the long layered curls cascade down the shoulder like a waterfall. The two-toned appeal is definitely one to try.


21. Side Swept Bangs

side swept bangs

The thing about side-swept bangs is that they are fashionable. Whether you are rocking short or long-length hair, the side bang provides different styling possibilities that you can try. The bang offset the blonde tone giving the limelight to the color variations.


22. Pink Balayage

Pink balayage

There is nothing better than pink. This balayage hair with a bang is one of the most popular. This girly look is enhanced with the slight waves and the parted bangs. The root is a mixture of black and pink that enhances the effect of the balayage.


23. Balayage on Curly Bangs

balayage on curly bangs

Women with curly hair are not left out in rocking a balayage. Curls are adorable and impossible to miss. The dark brown shade is concentrated at the top, especially at the fringe, which lightens into blonde hues that take the limelight.


24. Wavy Bangs

Wavy bangs

The bang is concentrated with thick wavy hair, which makes it more pronounced. This style is perfect for people with thick hair. The mixture of blonde and brown hues in the curly short bob is enough not to overdo the style.


25. Asian Bangs

Asian bangs

The Asian women’s characteristic long silky hair is the best to pull this off. It adds body and volume, allowing it to give a better effect to the darker root and blonde tips. The bangs are what make the appearance complete.


26. Brunette Balayage with Bangs

brunette balayage with bangs

Brunette balayage with bangs is everything you need to achieve that warm and classic appearance. The parted long fringe enhances the layered effect while the blonde strands draw attention.


27. Balayage Hair With French Bangs

Balayage Hair with French Bangs

This is an all-time sophisticated and classic look. The shoulder-length chestnut highlight with a tinge of light brown is gorgeous. It adds a V-cut bang that balances the whole effect.



The balayage with bangs is a style for every season. The natural and seamless flow of this highlighting technique is great. The colors are more natural and blend smoothly without creating a distinguished color gradient usually seen in an ombre. We hope the above-listed styles will inspire you to try out a balayage with a bang!

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