5 Easy Ways To Thin Out Thick Hairs Without Layers

One of the fashionable ways to thin out thick hair is to trim it in layers. However, not everyone likes their hair in unequal length. Managing thick hair is challenging, and most times, stylists suggest cutting and layering as the best option.

But if you are the type that wants your hair in equal length, read on to learn some new techniques to tame your wild hair! Perhaps, you can suggest it to your stylist the next time you want to thin your hair!


5 Easy and Practical Non-Layering Options For Thinning Out Your Thick Hair

While layering makes it easy to control thick hair, it requires regular touch-ups and maintenance commitment to keep your appearance. But what happens when you don’t fancy having different lengths of hair?

Below are some options you can explore without cutting your hair into unequal lengths.

1. Clip The Ends

If you plan to avoid the layering method, you can simply trim the ends of your hair. With this method, the ends are cut short, allowing you to manage the volume while still giving your hair the same length.

Moreover, you can style your hair as you want while trimming. For instance, your stylist could make a side part with shorter lengths than the rest of the hair. This style is particularly nice for people with a heart, square and diamond-shaped face. It’s also suitable for both curly and straight hair.



2. Using Thinning Scissors

Another effective way to thin out your thick hair without layering it is to reduce the volume with thinning scissors. With this method, you can focus on the thicker parts of your hair and reduce the volume there. It’s possible to ensure uniformity and prevent unnecessary thickness if you trim section by section.

While this method is undoubtedly effective, you can get the wrong result if you’re not an expert. Moreover, your hair thickness and volume play a vital role in the success of this technique. It’s mostly recommended for thick hair with heavy curls. But this doesn’t mean other hair types can also not use this method.


3. Use Hair-Controlling Products

If you’re not an expert at cutting your hair or even a fan of it, then this method is for you. It is in fact the most straightforward and most easily accessible option. Every hair type has a corresponding product that works best. And if you have thick hair, applying hair products recommended for your hair type can make your hair look healthy while reducing thickness.

It would be best if you pay attention to your shampoo-conditioner set. Usually, it is recommended that you go for products recommended for thick hair. Prodcuts like this are specifically designed to help you thin out your thick hair. Also, anti-frizz products are excellent for managing thick hair.

More importantly, never skip out on hair masks and deep conditioning. They are a valuable treatment routine that helps repair damage while making your hair healthier.


4. Adopt a Styling Routine That Aids in Thinning

You may be thinking, what does styling have to do with thinning? Well, everything. The wrong styling product can make your hair shaft swell, making it appear thicker. Depending on your hair texture, use a styling finisher for straight hair and styling cream for curly types.



5. Use Hair Treatment Containing Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is generally used in hair relaxers and smoothing products. This treatment has proven effective in controlling thickness as well as moisturizing the hair. It is one of the best ways to thin out thick hair if you don’t like layering your hair.

However, using this method is tricky because some formulas will do more harm than good. If you’re not an expert at it, the wrong mixture can damage your hair or lead to hair loss. So, before you use this treatment, it’s better for you to consult a hair professional.


Wrapping Up

While layering is one of the most familiar options for thinning thick hair, it is not desired by everyone. Other options like haircuts, treatments, and styling products can effectively help you avoid layers. So, if you don’t like layers, explore one or more of the other options suggested above, depending on how thick your hair is.

Most of these methods can be done yourself. However, while DIYs are fun, they can go wrong. So, be careful experimenting with haircuts on your hair. If you’re unsure of your skills in trimming your hair yourself, use a hairstylist instead.

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