30 Delightful Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women in 2024

While other races have naturally straight, waves and curly hair, most black women have kinky, coily hair. There was a time when women used to hide their short curly hairstyles under wigs. That time is gone, and black women have several reasons to flaunt their shortcuts.

In contrast to other hair types, black women’s hair naturally requires a different technique because of its beautiful thickness and texture, which is a blessing. However, your hair might be your ally if you choose the appropriate short curly hairstyle.

From fade cuts to spiky styles and elegant bobs, the list is endless. Short curly hairstyles for black women exude attitude. Again, nothing shows you your femininity like a short hairstyle.


Which Short Haircut Is Best For Black Women With Curly Hair

Short black hairstyles with curls are best worn layered because it takes the weight off your head. Again, a layered cut adds movement to your hairstyle, making it more beautiful and enhancing the curl pattern.


Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women with Different Haircuts

When it comes to color and styles, you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror. Look out for a style that flatters your features and complements your personality. Let’s check out some short curly hairstyles for black women.

1. Natural Short Curl

Natural Short Curl

A leave-in conditioner is essential to maintaining short curly hairstyles for black women. However, you should look for one lightweight and ideally provides shine. Choose thinner products to avoid weighing your hair down.


2. Tapered Curls

Tapered Curls

Short hair and tapered curls are the ultimate signs of edgy fashion. Make this adorable faux hawk your own with some creative styling. The undercut looks great on ebony women.

New piercings for your ears are a great reward for yourself on the way home from the salon.


3. Short Curly Bob For Black Women

Short Curly Bob For Black Women

This charming flicked-out bob proves that you don’t need full-on curls to add the curly factor to the event. It’s sweet and wonderfully elegant, proving that black women can look stunning with shorter hair.


4. Side Part With Short Curls

Side Part With Short Curls

Add a touch of edge to your gorgeous appearance with that razored line. Quick hairstyles like this have a perk such that you spend less time getting ready for the day. Then, add some sheen to retain that shine.


5. Wavy Short Curl

Wavy Short Curl

Compared to hair extensions, these short curly hairstyles for black women are far more practical and chic hair. Short and sassy hairstyles like this adorable style will make you feel more put together. And we’re willing to wager that you get a lot of compliments.


6. Curly Mohawk With Short Hair

Curly Mohawk With Short Hair

Frizz is a concern if you’re considering a style for your curly hair. The only way to tame your hair’s natural frizz is to know what works best for you and stick to it. You can use tricks and shortcuts, like a curly mohawk that locks in moisture.


7. Short Curly For Teenager Black Girl

Short Curly For Teenager Black Girl

Many teenagers forego the traditional medium cut and go straight for the short styles when it comes to curly hairstyles. This is a fantastic method for styling your newly chopped hair.

Take note of the neatly drawn curls that give the hair more definition and, hence, more energy.


8. Loose Curls For Black Hair

Loose Curls For Black Hair

Like long bob styles, loose curls are trending among women who prefer shorter to medium-length hair. It doesn’t matter what your hair’s natural texture is. Loose curls will complement it. The tips can add a more refined look, ideal for formal occasions.


9. Elegant Curly Bangs

Elegant Curly Bangs

At first glance, this bang is attractive because it highlights the wearer’s relaxed hair. This short hairstyle with a side part is a beautiful way to frame the face without drawing attention away from it. A natural way to accentuate oval faces!


10. Elevated Short Curly Afro

Elevated Short Curly Afro

Let your hair take a breather sometimes. When you apply a product, don’t stress or strain the tresses. The more you play, style, and mess with your hair, the more it frizzes and looks less like you want it to.

This stunning haircut is how your natural hair can be when left alone.


11. Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie

With short curly hairstyles for black women, you can experiment with various curl textures. Curls don’t have to be loose and free. They can be tight and compact, fit for the perfect pixie cut.


12. Short Curly Braided Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Curly Braided Hairstyle for Black Women

Flat twists for the win! Similar to braids, flat twists are a protective style. When combined with curly hair, a flat twist looks like a cornrow that gradually transitions into your kinky natural hair.

If you take the twist out, you get more volume. The style requires low manipulation, and you can enjoy it every other week.


13. High Curly Pony

High Curly Pony

Afrocentric high ponytails will be a favorite because of the ease that comes with them. First, it is a DIY. Then, you can manipulate your curls differently, creating an updo or a bun. A simple braid enhances beauty and creativity. However, a bit of color makes it even better.


14. Short Curly Bob + Side Bangs

Short Curly Bob + Side Bangs

A beautiful cut can do wonders for your natural curls, so instead of hiding them, consider working them appropriately.

Speak to your stylist about this bob, and trust their expertise. Then, with the right attitude, you can wear this hair for as long as you like while exploring your styling skills.


15. Middle-Parted Curls for Black Women

Middle Parted Curls for Black Women

While there are several black hairstyles for short curly hair, you may want to create a middle part for yours. Aside from creating a distinctive path for your curls, this hairstyle falls beautifully to both sides of your face.

In addition, when done at chin length, it accentuates your neckline.


16. Twisted Short Curls

Twisted Short Curls

Black women consider flat twists juicy because they are easy to put in and out. Because they keep the hair in great shape, they are a great style for short curly hair.

However, if you love to play with your do, take out the twist for a kinky, curly look. Loving this style is a no-brainer.


17. Short Curl with Headband

Short Curl with Headband

Even messy hair can look amazing on curly hair, especially with the right accessories. Look at how this model gently wraps the base of her hair with a headband. The color choice is perfect for her skin tone. You, too, can copy the style with a splash of yellow and gold.


18. Black Girl Curly Hair with Space Buns

Black Girl Curly Hair with Space Buns

Because of the natural volume, space buns look fantastic on curly hair textures. Try this high-bun hairdo, which resembles the conventional two-bun appearance while also allowing you to show off your hair texture. Try a middle slick on both sides and then accessorize.


19. Short Crochet Curls

Short Crochet Curls

Crotchet curls are popular among black women. The Word is it protects the scalp and aids hair growth.

While wearing this on your hair is easy, you can also mimic the style with your natural hair. Create shiny, spring-like curls to recreate the look. If you get crotchet extensions, you can fix them yourself.


20. Nape Undercut for Black Women

Nape Undercut for Black Women

Nape undercuts are a fun way to experiment with your hairstyle and a defining style for your curls. Each concealed undercut is a unique experience because the shaved area is typically concealed. The fashion trend allows women and girls to express their unique styles.


Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women with Different Colors and Highlights

Sometimes your stunning curls are best worn in different colors, and there are several ways to explore this option. Here are easy colors that will make you fall in love with short curly hairstyles for black women.

21. Blonde Short Curl

Blonde Short Curl

Blondes are more fun, but short curly blondes do the most. The springy yet silky appeal of this bold blonde hairstyle gets your natural curls in their best shape. Consider keeping the natural shade of your hair for contrast. And we love the makeup, don’t you?


22. Brown Bob

Brown Bob

Even though it’s short, it still deserves to be colored. To experience the beauty of colored curly hair, consider this brown curly style. The color complements dark skin tones similarly to how reds and blondes do. Natural colors like this can be stunning.


23. Curly Bob With Subtle Highlights

Curly Bob With Subtle Highlights

Shoulder-length bobs are a great compromise for women who desire a new look but aren’t ready to give up their long hair. A haircut like that can instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller. On top of that, a medium-sized bow-dry is ideal for styling a curly bob.


24. Red Short Curl

Red Short Curl

There are many ways to style your short hair, but a textured red color is a stunning choice. This quick fix is ideal for black women since it highlights their features and makes them stand out.


25. Royal Purple Short

Royal Purple Short

The variety of purple hair shades is truly breathtaking. Since purple hair is becoming more mainstream, we feel it’s time to dive more into short curly hairstyles for black women. Create a faux Mohawk, piling the curls on a faded undercut.


26. Caramel Colored Short Curly Hair

Caramel Colored Short Curly Hair

It’s tempting to resort to chemical relaxers and straighteners to achieve sleek, naturally curly black hair. But as this cute caramel crop shows, there’s nothing more stunning than embracing your natural texture.


Black Women With Short Curly Hairstyles And Different Face Shapes

Short curly hairstyles for black women can be a hustle because of their facial shape. However, the following styles can help you achieve the desired look regardless of your shape.

27. Short Curly Hairstyle for Black Women with Round Faces

Short Curly Hairstyle for Black Women with Round Faces

A woman with a round face has full cheeks, a wide hairline, and possibly a smallish shape. Black women short curly hairstyles like this give you the confidence to take off a few inches.

In addition, you create an edgier look by tapering the side with double complex parts. 


28. Black Short Curly Hairstyle for Oval Face

Black Short Curly Hairstyle for Oval Face

This cut removes any mystery from your appearance and rounds out your features. Since no area of your face is obscured by hair, proudly display the hairstyle with some makeup. This haircut is perfect for a laid-back evening out with friends or a casual day at the office.


29. Square Face

Square Face

A style like this will draw attention if your hair is naturally curly. A full top, uniform back, and sides keep things in proportion. In addition, the softness of the curls and the rounding effect of the sides make this style ideal for black women with squarer facial features.


30. Short Curl for Heart Shape

Short curl for Heart Shape

Women with heart-shaped faces should opt for a more balanced look by expanding their bottom halves. In addition, these curly hairstyles might help you narrow your options when you’re ready to change your current hair routine. After all, having curly hair doesn’t mean you have to wear it in a specific way forever.


If you like the idea of short curly hairstyles for black women, one of the styles on our list will work for you. To make it easier, consider sticking with a style that best compliments your face shape. If you creatively create new styles, share them with us. Enjoy your curls.

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