27 Sassy Short Curly Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies

For numerous reasons, short curly blonde hair is a go-to hair color and style. First, the color perfectly matches curly hair because it brings out your strands’ natural highlights and depth. The style is stunning with many shades, whether your hair is naturally curly or not.

Great curly blonde hairstyles leave some room for styling versatility. However, short curly hair tends to shrink when it dries, so if you want to keep it at a manageable length after drying and styling, you should consider a medium cut, but a short cut is best.

In this post, we have carefully selected some quick and simple hairstyles. They will likely gear you to switching styles and enjoying your time at it. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair blonde, a shade that suits your skin tone and undertone is a cheat method.


Stunning Short Curly Blonde Hairstyles for Women

Curly blonde is a creative way to express yourself. It is striking, flirty, and fun. If you want to sport short blonde curly hair like your favorite celebrity, here are 27 trendy styles for you to consider.


1. Blonde Short Curl With Pixie

Blonde Short Curl With Pixie

Two creative and much-loved styles may be paired together when you get tired of keeping your curls long. A curly pixie cut on blonde hair is truly the best of both worlds. Use your curling wand to achieve the curls, wrapping it in a favored direction.


2. Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde

Natural blonde is very much a blend of blonde color on brown hair. The effects are soft yet beautiful. Best for women who want to go blonde but prefer to stay subtle. It’s quick, carefree, and playful. To keep the curls curly all day, use a holding spray.


3. Wavy Curl

Wavy Curl

Wavy structured tresses can also join the rave. All you need is your stylist’s expertise, a versatile curling iron, and imagination. This bob is a great idea for women with pale skin. Granted that waves and curls are fused, you decide the direction of the flow.


4. Short Blonde With Bob

Short Blonde With Bob

Bob on blonde is undoubtedly an accentuating pick for modern women. It combines a bang, a vibrant color, and short compact ringlet curls. In effect, it’s giving butterscotch + blonde vibes. While the combo stays appealing to the eyes, the style protects your roots and helps you retain your color.


5. Short Blonde Curl With Highlights

Short Blonde Curl With Highlights

What is this beauty? We are convinced that the perfect way to obtain the same results as with the expertise of a professional stylist. The balance is genuinely giving all that it was designed to give. This is a top choice if you pick short blonde curly hair that enhances skin tone, eyes, and facial shape.


6. Ombre With Curly Blonde

Ombre With Curly Blonde

After highlights, an ombre is one of the best ways to rock two-toned hair. The details are undeniably gorgeous, and it only gets better with time. Once you’ve mastered your curls, this will be easy for you. Then, in a simple twist, mimic the loose curls and create a glow-boosting shade.


7. Short Blonde On Pale Skin

Short Blonde On Pale Skin

The satisfaction you get from looking at this picture alone should assure you that it is the best pick for your pale skin. With voluminous curls and a subtle touch of color, this big hair is perfect. If you are a lover of retro vibes in a modern dimension, you will not go wrong with this.


8. Mixed Short Blonde Curl

Mixed Short Blonde Curl

A mixed golden blonde color is enticing, but its wet look opens up a new fab finish that has us in thrall. For the same effect, apply a curler gel on damp hair and let it dry (or disperse for more volume) to provide a glossy finish. Then, work the gel into dry, groomed curls with fingertips to tame any frizz. It’s an excellent pick for a jolt of vibrancy.


9. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

The beauty of blonde curly hairstyles is that you can go from short hair without dealing with the “awkward” stage. The fullness of the cut is emphasized by brown streaks, which contrast strongly with the balayage highlights. You cannot fake this.


10. Blonde Curl On Tan Skin

Blonde Curl On Tan Skin

Curly, golden blonde is popular among women of all backgrounds because of its eye-catching hue. However, this color on tan skin hits differently. It is picture-perfect. As opposed to the creamy blonde shade, the natural undertone act as a neutral base, making the golden blonde tone look less bleached out and more natural.


11. Tight Curl

Tight Curl

With their megawatt shine, these frosted curls came along just when we thought curly blonde hair couldn’t get much more fashionable. Get this frosty appearance by avoiding brassy tones in your makeup and accessories. Instead, retain the brassiness with conditioner. Just lather up, leave it on for up to five minutes, rinse completely and let it dry.


12. Summer Hairstyle With Short Blonde

Summer Hairstyle With Short Blonde

Bronde (brown-blonde) hair can go from beachy to sophisticated with these pampered curls. This look is achieved by using a heat protection spray on damp hair before wrapping it around a curler and then blow-drying it smooth.


13. Short Blonde Curly On Black Girl

Short Blonde Curly On Black Girl

You get all the gamine appeal if you boldly opt for this style. Combining a shortcut with a platinum blonde shine, this look is sure to get you noticed. Whether trying it out for the first time or styling someone else, the skin tone will help clarify each coil. It is perfect.


14. Blonde Curly Hair With Bangs

Blonde Curly Hair With Bangs

This buoyant, golden blonde hairstyle proves that curly bangs are the ultimate hairstyle. They add definition to a wavy bob and beautifully frame the face. This is a cute haircut if you want to experiment with your curls. The key to this look is definition.


15. Very Short Blonde Curl

Very Short Blonde Curl

Short curly blonde has a lot of sass because of the overall sweep. A pomade or gel is necessary for a flawless finish because the style depends on smooth, untamed hair and strong curl definition. To achieve this look, diffuse your hair until it’s dry; then, improve the form. You can augment each coil with the use of a thin wand.


16. Short Dark Blonde Curl

Short Dark Blonde Curl

It is common knowledge that black is a universal color. However, many women don’t know about its contrasting effect on colors. These dark blonde short curls are perfect for naturally black-haired women. Aside from the contrast, it creates kinker curls, perfect for all skin types.


17. Short Ash Blonde

Short Ash Blonde

These stunning curls are pleasing to the eyes, but the color combination makes them impressive. With grey/ ash highlights, you create a spectacular shine that works for thin hair. Complete the look with a low fade undercut or a simple mohawk.


18. Curly White Blonde


Curly White Blonde

White and creamy blonde create an aesthetic look that highlights the eye color. Again, they are great for cinematic effects, giving you a better view of your curls. However, the real magic is in the enchanting chic color, especially when your curls reach your chin.


19. Blonde Curls With Dark Roots

Blonde Curls With Dark Roots

If you’re blessed with naturally black wavy hair, you know how simple it is to experiment with different colors. Then, when you’re done washing and drying it, you’ll feel like a brand-new woman with a splash of blonde. The black color forms a beautiful base.


20. Curly Twisted Ponytail

Curly Twisted Ponytail

When it comes to your hair, a minor adjustment can have a significant impact. Brush your short blonde hair into a twisted ponytail. Comb your hair back and apply mousse for a more polished appearance. You may make it look taller by backcombing the curly ponytail.


21. Short Blonde Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Short Blonde Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

You can keep your short sweeping waves as one length or style them into a layered A-line for a stylish bridal look. These blonde cuts are versatile enough to be worn with a side part or combed over for a voluminous comb with loads of curls. The accessories in your hair give you a blonde bombshell vibe.


22. Dirty Blonde Curls

Dirty Blonde Curls

Dirty blonde hair has delicate golden hues in the ringlets, making it appear like you’ve spent the day in the sun. You can let them hang loose in a textured shag or pull out a face-framing bang. A gentle ripple of the patterns gives a natural, tamed look.


Actresses With Short Curly And Blonde Hairstyles

Stylish women look out to top celebrities for hair inspiration. More celebrities are flaunting short blonde curly hairstyles, stunning at every event. We have compiled a short list of names that may surprise but will stun you:

23. Julia Garner

Julia Garner

Julia Garner embodies daring, bold curly blonde hairstyles with her 90s-inspired look. The curly texture is to advantage as it allows for an updo. This neat, polished look creates a youthful appearance that will always complement the cheekbone and eye colors.


24. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most iconic celebrities of all time. Curls like Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white blonde hairstyle from the ’50s are still famous today. Celebrities including Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and Scarlett Johansson have all sported her look.


25. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a hairdo goddess. Her curly hairstyle is easy to replicate and brings out the best in Scarlett’s features. Her hair has more volume and bounces after the curls. It’s a great way to add depth and flair to the shoulder-length style.


26. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is proof that embracing your unique hair texture is the way to go. This hairstyle gives movement and delicate structure by adding gentle curls to all sides. The locks have been styled with gorgeous curls and waves across the back and sides, giving the hairstyle a lot of volume and motion.


27. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

This Charlize Theron’s stylish shoulder-length bob has layered ends and delicate curls. It is the ideal hairstyle for an oval face, but it requires blowout and is fashioned in gentle waves for added body and width, making it the perfect casual hairstyle for balancing off an edgy outfit.


Taking care of your short curly blonde hairstyle is crucial if you want to keep it looking fresh. They require your attention not high maintenance. If you want to liven up your style, dye your hair blonde and try one of these options. From the adaptable pixie to sleek pixie and bob cuts, these 27 hairstyles show you how amazingly fashionable short blonde hair can be!

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