Dark Blonde Vs. Light Brown: Which One Is Better?

Choosing a new hair color comes with a thrill. However, when you’re torn between two, the debate shouldn’t always be about which is better. Perhaps there should be no debate because both dark blonde and light brown shades are nice, and what works for you may vary depending on hair type.

The difference between both Dark Blonde and Light Brown hair colors is that one is more dominant than the other. However, in colorimetry, both colors are considered very close. While the difference may be relatively small, they are two different shades.

This article will provide detailed information on dark blonde and light brown hair, their uniqueness, and their differences.


Light Brown Hair

According to worldwide statistics, brown hair is the second most popular human hair color. However, it varies in shade. From caramel to light brown, chestnut brown, and other shades, brown hair remains the toast of many women.

The term ‘brunette’ has been used to describe brown hair, but light brown hair is not often called ‘light brunette.’ Furthermore, brunettes may often describe people with dark brown, brown hair and other shades.

The light brown hair is a neutral shade of hair. A pigment called Eumelanin gives light brown hair its color so that it appears close to blonde than black. Biochemically, Eumelanin exists in two forms; black and brown.

The brown Eumelanin is possibly the pigment in light brown hair, giving it that light brown color. When brown Eumelanin is present in the hair without other color pigments, the hair turns blonde.



Dark Blonde Hair

The dark blonde shade sits between natural blonde and light brown color. It is a medium color in the blonde spectrum. Sometimes, dark blonde hair is also called dirty blonde. That is because it is not as bright as platinum blonde or warm as a honey blonde. However, it combines the elements of both shades, giving a sun-kissed balayage vibe.

The fun part of wearing dark blonde hair is that it suits most skin colors. This versatility is seen in the base color that may often retain the essence of your natural roots (if you’re dying your hair) and gradually evolve into the dark blonde you love.

The bottom line is dark blonde hair is not blonde enough to be called ‘blonde’ independently.



Features of Light Brown Hair

  • Light Brown Hair may be selective. For example, women with lighter skin complexions may favor some shades over others.
  • It is, in appearance, a shade sitting between blonde and light brown color.
  • Highlights are achievable.


Features of Dark blonde hair

  • Dark blonde hair is what you may consider naturally dark in winter and a bit lighter in summer.
  • Suitable for all skin types but may work better for brown eyes.
  • The hair is adaptable to all seasons.
  • It is easy to achieve, especially when your natural roots are light.
  • The dark blonde hair is suitable for highlights.


Between Dark Blonde and Light Brown Hair

Light Brown Hair Dark Blonde Hair
Light Brown hair may have more shine than dark blonde hair. Dark Blonde appears duller than Light Brown Hair
It contains both Eumelanin and pheomelanin. Dark Blonde has more pheomelanin pigments.
Light Brown Hair is better camouflage than dark blonde hair. It is not.




International Hair Color Chart Description

On the international color chart, dark blonde hair is on level 7. It is also the darkest in the blonde category but is one tone above light brown. Depending on warmth, the dark blonde shade is called caramel blonde. The effect is it is very suited to dark roots.

Conversely, light brown is on level 5. Although light brown appears to be the combination of brown and another color (possibly white), brown is more predominant. Also, dark blonde is a mix of black and another yellowish color, appearing more yellowish than black.



Professional Perspectives

When choosing a new hair color, professional advice cannot be downplayed. Hair stylists believe dark blonde hair is better suited for pale skin because it can make your eyes brighter and accentuate your face.

Whether your skin tone is pale or neutral, either shade works because they complement the skin well. But, women with darker skin may consider opting for light brown hair, especially its delicate features.

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Wrapping It Up

The difference between dark blonde and light brown hair is in their appearance and position on the color chart. However, both can serve unique purposes. Older women may favor the light brown hair because it adds a bit of softness and agility to the appearance.

However, a woman looking for something that works for all skin types might favor dark blonde hair. Therefore, the choice is with the wearer. Remember that what works for the other person may not work for you. So, stay true to your preferences and do what makes you happy.

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