18 Classy Light Brown Curly Hair Looks We’re Loving Now

Whoever thinks brown is boring has not seen luscious light brown curly hair. Although brown is a universal color, it is considered one of the most versatile natural shades in the spectrum. From curly hairstyles to straight, wavy, and kinky, your options are endless.

Regardless of your skin tone or hair length, brown curly hair has several possibilities. However, light brown curly hair works better on fairer skin colors. Luckily maintaining the style does not require much time and maintenance.

We understand that choosing the right light brown color for your skin may take some time. Therefore, we have compiled a list, considering your eye color, skin, and other details.

Overall, you should select a style you’re most comfortable in. If you are looking for stylish hair color that can freshen up your everyday look, take a closer look at the list below.


Dreamy Light Brown Curly Hairstyles

Like red and black hairstyles, brown hairstyles are ubiquitous. However, recently women have found out-of-box ways to style their brown hair.

For best and lasting effects, we have rounded up 18 light brown curly hair ideas that will prove brown is a sexy and gorgeous color.

1. Caramel Light Brown Curly Hair

Caramel Light Brown Curly Hair

Natural light brown hairstyles are the easiest way to experiment with your brown hair. It falls like a drizzle of dew in the morning. The style features dark roots, lightened up with rich brown curls.

While this may also be called bronde, it is the simplest way to care for your tips.


2. Light Brown Balayage

Light Brown Balayage

Balayage remains one of the trendiest hairstyles to date. It presents your hair in a soft, warm brown color with hints of medium brown color. This technique is less intense with a natural sun-kissed effect. It may also serve as an alternative for ombre.


3. Curly Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Curly Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

There’s no question: blonde highlights are a favorite way to elevate curly hair. It is a style that works for a casual appeal or professionals. The subtle yet beautiful tone slims your face and keeps the natural frame.

In addition, the dark brows add a perfect contrast to the hair color.


4. Light Brown Curly Hair on Dark Skin

Light Brown Curly Hair on Dark Skin

We’ve seen beautiful braids in diverse colors, but these are exceptional. Braids fit all face shapes and eyes. However, this light brown curly hair incorporates several shades of brown.

Also, it maintains the shine of your natural hair and protects your edges. That eye shadow is the perfect gradient for this look.


5. Light Brown Ombre Curly

Light Brown Ombre Curly

These large noodle-like curls are perfect for a more natural appearance. The trim gives a professional and beautiful cut that suits all hair types and lengths. From the middle section downwards, they have a natural balayage highlight.

It is a smooth but high-maintenance color.


6. Light Brown Highlights on Black Curly Hair

Light Brown Highlights on Black Curly Hair

Light brown curly hair can be worn in various ways. However, this is both kinky and practical. The dark roots focus on the tightness of the curls, showing off the voluminous curls. This hair is dense and has a structured look which is excellent for natural colors like black and brown.


7. Short Light Brown Curly Hair

Short Light Brown Curly Hair

Short thick curls can make layered light brown hair appear textured and well-defined. In addition to the subtle highlights that are more prominent on the tips, the dark roots create an enviable richness. For lasting effects, use a mousse spray.


8. Black to Light Brown

Black to Light Brown

Long hair on dry curls creates a pattern of choice. This is good for you if you don’t enjoy extra hair volume. The ombre effect has a stunning impact on dry loose curls. The sunny undertones turn out better as a result of the darker roots.


9. Light Brown Curly Hair for Black Girl

Light Brown Curly Hair for Black Girl

Medium-length curly hair is perfect in tiny ringlets. Because of the length, they are usually voluminous and appealing. For black girls, this hairstyle is a beautiful compliment to the skin.

However, since curly hair is prone to shrinkage, consider moisturizing it before styling it.


10. Light Ash Brown

Light Ash Brown

If there is a style to spice up your summer, this should be it. The unique combination is browner than ash. However, the curls are warm and shimmer, creating a sublime look. Women with pale skin can consider this as the ash color fades off gradually.


11. Light Golden Brown Curly Hair

Light Golden Brown Curly Hair

Pure bliss in a curly mane. The underlying chocolatey effect is unique against golden brown and is one-of-a-kind. Defined and polished golden curls brighten a naturally dark root.

Light golden brown colors are perfect for a pop of colors, highlighting the face and the skin.


12. Light Honey Brown

Light Honey Brown

Light brown is the most flattering shade for short hair; suppose you want to try dyeing your naturally curly hair brown but are worried about the results. Don’t second-guess yourself; choose this light honey brown. If it works out, you can always go darker, but if you want a more natural, vibrant look, stick with the lighter hue for now.


13. Light Chocolate Brown

Light Chocolate Brown

Whether you’re in love with your natural brown hair color or looking to experiment with a new shade, this light brown curly hair offers many options.

An easy, low-maintenance dye job is to keep the roots dark and gradually lighten the hair near the chin and the ends.


14. Light Reddish Brown

Light Reddish Brown

If there were any way to spice your hair up, it would be this reddish tint, otherwise known as Cinnamon. It is the perfect way to explore a next-level dimension. This stunning duo works on every hair type. If it turns out well, it creates a lively look.


15. Light Auburn Brown

Light Auburn Brown

Beautiful thick curls are a great way to show off your coils. Using the correct products and a diffuser can help you achieve more defined curls, regardless of your hair type. Talk to your stylist about your choices, and let them guide your final decision.


16. Light Warm Brown

Light Warm Brown

Opt for light, warm brown curls for a reflective shine and sparkly finish. Darker bases are reflective of a bouncy volume. Curly hairstyles like this are achieved primarily on dry hair.

Therefore, the hair on each side of the part is likely to vary according to the size of your curl.


17. Asian Light Brown

Asian Ligh Brown

Confident, fearless, and a little goofy describe an Asian woman with light brown curly hair. This is the color for you if you want to give yourself a complete makeover. In addition to new hair color, consider an on-trend hairstyle. Thick and full curls sound fantastic.


18. Light Brown Bob Cut

Light Brown Bob Cut

Curly bob hairstyles are popular amongst celebrities and exploded in popularity over the past few seasons. The bob cut seems the way to go if your hair is light brown.

One look at the style shows you exactly why it’s worth it. Part it on the side and ensure the layers are balanced on both sides.


These Light brown curly hairstyles will take you from the office to an evening garden party, whether you desire massive curls or a soft, romantic look. You can enjoy warmer weather with fantastic products to help define your form and keep your hair frizz-free. There is a technique to always make every type of curl stay fresh; all you need is imagination and beautiful hands.

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