Why Does My Hair Curl Up Itself? – 7 Reasons

For some, curly hair brings pleasure, while for others, it is an endless source of frustration. Those belonging to the latter category always look for answers and solutions to ensure that those errant curls stay straightened. Perhaps, this is you, and you’re wondering why your hair curls up by itself.

Now curly hair is not necessarily harmful and, if done correctly, might be used to make a fashion statement. If you want to know why your curls stay that way even after spending endless hours straightening them, this article is for you!

Why Does My Hair Curl Up Itself


7 Simple Reasons Why Your Hair Curl up by Itself?

There is no straight answer to why your hair curls up by itself; somewhat, hair curling is influenced by many factors. Here are a few things that may be responsible for your predicament:

1. Genetics

Like everything else in your body, your hair color and texture are also influenced by genetics. If you have a history of curly hair in your family, chances are your own will turn out the same.

On a biological level, your genes affect the outcomes of some things in your body. They play a massive role in defining the shape of your hair follicle, affecting how your hair grows. Hair is made up of proteins and amino acids linked together by bonds.

Your air shape is greatly influenced by how these amino acids bond together. If the bonds are tightly formed, chances are your hair will curl up, while less bond means you have straight hair.


2. Hormonal imbalance

Hormones can cause changes in your body, including your hair. Puberty, menopause, Pregnancy, and birth control pills are all factors that impact the body’s hormones. Your hair curling up by itself could indicate specific hormonal alterations in the body.

Eventually, this hormonal imbalance may affect how some genes are expressed, including your hair. So if your straight hair suddenly starts turning into curls, it might be an indication that a big hormonal imbalance is going on in your body.

Also, some hormones affect the texture and volume of hair. For example, thyroid, androgens, and insulin are all hormones that affect the texture and volume of hair. Any abnormalities in the production of these hormones can cause your hair to curl.


3. Elements of Weather

A location change may be the likely culprit of your hair curling up, especially if this also comes with a change in weather. Areas with dryer climates cause hair to lose moisture which may result in split ends. Splits end is one of the reasons why your hair may curl up by itself.

Also, humid weather can curl your hair or enhance straight hair. This often occurs when the atmospheric humidity is high or when it is a particularly windy day. Poor air quality in industrialized areas may mess with your hormone, eventually affecting your hair.

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4. Maturity

Aging may cause you to shed some hair, thereby reducing the volume. As the volume reduces, the weight pulling down your hair also reduces. Due to this, the ends of your hair may start to curl up since it is less heavy and no longer being pulled down.

Why Does My Hair Curl Up Itself


5. Hair Damage

If your hair is properly hydrated and moisturized, then it will be longer and healthier. However, the reverse is when your hair is not correctly cared for. It becomes dehydrated, brittle, and sometimes curly.


6. Curly Perms

Yes! It is possible for a perm to change the structure of your hair permanently. The reason is that curly perms require chemicals and heat that invade the hair follicle, sometimes permanently disrupting the protein bonds.

Some of these chemicals break down the hair protein’s bonds and oxidize them into a curly state. Sometimes, this process can permanently alter the proteins present around your hair follicle, causing it to curl up always.

Why Your Hair Is Curling Up


7. Nutrition

This might sound surprising, but nutrition can cause a major change in your hair texture. Some minerals and vitamins have been shown to boost hair texture. Moreover, certain foods contain minerals that increase hair curliness.


Final Words

Your hair curling up is not necessarily bad, although many factors can contribute to it. However, if you are not a fan of hair curling, you can fix it. Factors like nutrition, weather, and hair damage are reversible. All you need do is eat properly and take good care of your hair; this way, you can avoid unnecessary hair curling.

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