27 Trendiest Red Curly Hairstyles For Bold Women

Red curly hair is getting as much attention as blonde and brunette. If you ask why, the reason is simple, red is a coveted color, and several shades appeal to the eyes. Naturally occurring red hair is rare because about 90 % of the worldwide population is either brown or black. Therefore, red hair occurs in about 1 to 2 % of this population.

Red Hair has long been associated with the Celtic and germanic regions, but several women and even men are turning to dyes to achieve the color. When using red dye, you should understand your skin tone and undertone. This helps you to decide what shade works best for you.

Unlike regular red hair, curly red hair takes extra work to maintain because you want to retain the frizz and moisture in your hair. Luckily, a color-depositing shampoo and the appropriate conditioner will do this work for you. For now, we want to show you that there is a perfect curly red hairstyle for you.


Tips For Maintaining Red Curly Hair

  • Consider cutting back the number of washes.
  • Invest in quality products. Because your curly hair is prone to fading, using repair, renewing, and moisturizing products are best.
  • Lock the moisture in with a moisturizing treatment.


A Bold New Look With Red Curly Hair

We have carefully selected some of the best and bold red curly hair for women of all hair lengths and skin tones. You will find the perfect style for you. Depending on how you love to rock your red, these are 27 ideas to inspire you.

1. Dark Red Curly Hair

dark red curly hair

Dark red is a stunning shade for those with a dark complexion. We recommend going with big, lengthy, or big rounded curls for a deep dark red result. To draw attention to the glow of your skin, try simple makeup with a single, contrasting color like lite or beige.


2. Red Highlights on Curly Hair

red highlights curly hair

This style is the best of several worlds. It has burgundy, dark red, and a lighter shade. It will complement your skin tone and natural root color if you wear your hair in a curly red style. Since you can keep your hair’s original dark brown or black color, it has a much more lustrous appearance.


3. Short Curl

short curly

If you have pale skin and favor short hair, this curly style is for you. It is simple yet sophisticated, giving you the aura of someone who has their affairs together. The tidiness makes it suitable for a professional setup, but it is also sweet for other occasions.


4. Long Curly Hair

Long Curly

This is the definition of fiery fire. It is wildly attractive and polished. It is excellent for golden or pale skin. This hue’s depth means you may skip the highlighting process entirely. Your rich curly red mane can solve the problem with its buoyancy.


5. Shoulder Length Curly Red Hair

shoulder length curly red hair

It’s hard to find a more chic and sweeter tone than this mid-length on our list. Team it up with a subtle eye highlight, and you are ready for your day. This shade should be worn with all boldness and confidence. The perfect blend of color is gorgeous.


6. Bright Red Curly Hair

bright red curly hair

All things are bright and beautiful, but all styles are not created equal. The bright red shade is full of life and personality. It makes people see the wearer in a different word, a place where they are most comfortable. When testing out new hair colors, bright red is a great choice for cooler skin types.


7. Natural Red Curly Hair

natural red curly hair

Consider coloring your curly hair in a warm natural brick shade for a low-key, everyday appearance. It’s a more understated hue that nevertheless looks charming and fun to experiment with. This is the surest bet for a pale complexion, enchanting eyes, and an oval face!


8. Burgundy + Red

Burgundy + red

Try wearing your hair in a wavy red style to make the burgundy shade work well with your skin tone and natural root color. It manages to retain your original hair color against all odds. It also gives a retro vibe that some women look for in their hairstyles.


9. Ombre Red

Ombre red

The ombre shade for curly red hair is a daring hairstyle, and because summer is the best time for a bold move, it is so appropriate. It emphasizes the thickness of your hair, giving you the best texture and fire to match your mood.


10. Afro Curl

Afro curl

This curly afro style is all about embracing you in a different color. It is big, voluminous, and aesthetic. Because it is a brushed-out afro, it will flatter any facial shape. Remember to smile and keep your hair and skin moisturized.


11. Cherry Red Curly Hair

Cherry red curly hair

As if the red ombre hairdo alone weren’t striking enough, it’s been amplified for a special event with a big smile. Lots of ‘flaming’ waves at various heights are achieved by layering the hair. The top fades into a bright crimson ombre as the curls fall to the ear level.


12. Red And Black Curly Hair

red and black curly hair

Overall best curly red hair for caramel skin and dark hair. Every female blessed with beautiful twirling, tight curls should experiment with this red hair at least once. The end effect is hair with a mermaidish aesthetic, with the necessary edge from your thick black roots.


13. Crochet + Red Curl

crochet + red curl

Here is an example of how beautiful red hair looks on hair extensions. In this look, red crochets are added to the dyed hair to have a bright effect. The result is kinky red hair framing the face perfectly and focusing on the skin tone.


14. Burgundy Red

burgundy red

One of the most popular hairstyles on this list is the long burgundy red. Almost every A-lister can be spotted sporting this eminently wearable and versatile shoulder-length hair. The thick playful curls and multidimensional hues in this style are particularly striking.


15. Natural Curly Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

natural curly red hair with blonde highlights

Want to experiment with a sophisticated style? Go with this color. It’s hard to find a hue as striking as curly red hair with blonde highlights because it manages to appear organic and original.

This is the perfect color for a freckled face since it flatters both cool and warm undertones.


16. Brown Red Curly Hair

brown red curly hair

What more can we say about this tantalizing look? It is the perfect option for fair skin and any eye color.

As if the locs are not perfect enough, her eyes tell a story of their own, adding depth and endless shine to the hair. This is a major way to update your appearance.


17. Copper Red

copper red

Copper tones are more popular, and curly red copper hair is no exception. The copper fever has escalated among celebrities and even in movies.

They are expressive and very natural. Whether you want a permanent or an experimental transformation, this will provide the best results.


18. Red Orange Curly Hair

Red orange curly hair

This burnt orange color is flattering on a wide range of complexion tones. It is the perfect hue if you ever want to be a mermaid and wear the sunset color on your hair. In addition to fulfilling your dream, you will wear a distinct color that only bold women dare to wear.


19. Half Red Half Black Curly Hair

half red half black curly hair

Since a Disney character, Cruella debuted a half-black, half-blonde hairstyle, many women have revolutionized the art of hairstyling. A look at this half-red does show creativity and a very fashionable personality. It has a modern and edgy vibe, a perfect look for Halloween.


20. Short Red Curl On Black Girl

short red curly hair on black girl

No matter what is going on, your hairstyle should not be complicated. We can’t think of a better way to style your short afro. In addition to being a low-maintenance style, this will define your short curls to perfection and enhance your black beauty.


21. Red Curly With Bangs

Red curly with bangs

This style looks like something people with thin hair will consider in a heartbeat. Possibly because of the versatility and the bangs (who doesn’t love bangs). The best way to draw attention to your hair is this vibrant shade.


22. Red Curly Ponytail

red Curly ponytail

You can still rock your favorite ponytail in the red curly style. To make the most of the look, stick to a rich and voluminous shade of red that allows you the freedom to style your ponytail as desired. If you think a wig will get you there, go for it.


23. Rihanna With Red Curl


Rihanna has never slacked when it comes to serving us looks. She is a top-tier fashionista, from her hair to makeup, clothes, and poise. This curly red hair gently accentuates her eyes. Trust her to always compliment with the right accessories.


24. Ciara

La La Anthony

Ciara is one of those celebrities that comes through with every look, even fiery red hair. The redhead creates a new vibe that suits her personality. She also personalized it with a signature pose and her beautiful caramel skin.


25. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Christina takes us back to the 80s with a warm shade of curly red hair and an amazing finish. Her hair is held together in a tidy length, making it perfect for a portrait shot. The fiery and orangey-red color looks like a color that will make you stand out from the crowd.


26. Kelis and Red Curly Hairstyle


American Singer and Chef Kelis have us stuck on her like her song ‘midnight snacks. Her hair’s volume, texture, and tone are everything. We imagine the sun shining on her rich mane. It will be a combination of fire and gold.


27. Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson

There is never a miss with Taraji, and she has tried several hairstyles on and out on the red carpet. We believe Taraji understands what works best for her skin because this choice of red hair flatters her skin beautifully. It gives a bossy look with a touch of fierce.


Final Thoughts 

After reading through this article, we believe you have learned that curly red hair can give you a makeover. Remember that the fundamental lesson is to opt for a shade that compliments your gorgeous skin. Don’t forget to keep your curls hydrated always. You can customize a look or talk to a professional if you need more ideas. But if you love what you see, don’t be afraid to explore.

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