21 Cute and Masculine Hairstyles For Toddler Boy With Curly Hair

Of all the hairstyles for toddler boys, curly hairstyles are one of the best and most adorable: They are easy to maintain and can be styled in several ways. Besides, you can decide to straighten them or leave them curly.

Finding a lovely hairstyle for your toddler with curly hair may be quite tiring, as some styles may not bring out the cuteness or masculinity you want in your kid. This post will suggest different boyish curly hairstyles you can try on your toddler.


21 Adorable Hairstyles For Your Toddler Boy With Curly Hair

With the right hairstyle, it’s possible to have your toddler look cute and still masculine. So if you want to switch your kid’s look for the next season, here are the 21 most recommended hairstyles for toddler boys with curly hair.

1. Trimmed Loose Layered Curly Hair

Toddler Boy Long Curly

This curly hairstyle for toddler boys is an overload of cuteness. It’s easily achievable for kids with naturally loose curls and medium-length hair. Trim your toddler’s hair so it’s layered all around with bangs falling across his face.


2. Curly Fade Haircut For Toddler boy

Toddler Boy Short Curly Hair

Like all fade cuts, this style is about cutting the hair on the sides really low with the hair on top raised a little higher. Toddlers with afro hair type look adorable with this faded cut. Maintain this hairstyle for your toddler by getting a trim when necessary.


3. Mid-Fade Haircut With A C-Part

Toddler Boy Front Line Up Curly Hair

This mid-fade cut will definitely give your toddler boy a masculine look while still retaining his cuteness. Unlike the typical fade cut, the raised hair remains on some of the sides of the hair although it begins to recede towards the lower sides.


4. Short Curly Mohawk

Mohawk Toddler Boy Curly Hair

Mohawks are for toddlers really digging into retro styles. Here, you have curly hair prominently present between the two sides while the sides are shaved or cut really low. The curls are short enough to look tidy and easily maintained.


5. Side Design Cute Mohawk On Black Toddler Boy 

Side Design Toddler Boy Curly

This stylish hairstyle will make your toddler look really dapper. Though the coily on type 4C hair gives boys a sleek look. When properly maintained, this hairstyle needs a level of sleek because of the frohawk and the edgy designs.


6. Curly Bun On Black Toddler Boy

Toddler Boy With Curly Bun

Does your kid have really healthy bouncy curls? Then this hairstyle for toddler boys with curly hair might be all he needs! You could let your toddler grow out his hair and pack it into a ponytail falling like spring-like buns. Treat these curls regularly to maintain its luster.


7. Medium Textured Curly Hair With Bangs

Toddler Boy Medium Textured Curly

This hairstyle is for boys with afro-like curls and chubby faces. Style the hair with bangs while trimming the entire hair, while maintaining the same length as the bangs. Maintain the hairstyle by trimming occasionally and getting curly perms.

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8. High Fade Toddler Boy Curly Hairstyle

High Fade Toddler Boy Curly Hairstyle

Your toddler boy with curly hair can try this high fade haircut if he has short but full hair. The style is achieved in such a way that inside of having receding hair, what you have is the lower parts entirely shaved.


9. Ginger Curly Mohawk With Fade Cut

Ginger Curly Hair For Toddler Boy

Instead of shaving the sides of your toddler’s mohawk, you can go for a fade cut. This ginger mohawk gives off a retro but really cool and trendy vibe. The curls should be preferably kept low and trimmed once it begins to fall across his face.


10. Edgy Fade Cut For Toddler Boy

Toddler Boy Curly with Edgy Hairstyle

This toddler boy’s curly hairstyle is cute but swaggy. It’s an edgy fade cut with curls sitting pretty on top and an inverted long curve-like cut right below the curls. Create a neat finish by shaping the hairline in a flawless line-up.


11. Fade Curly Bun

Fade Curly Bun for Toddler Boy

This hairstyle is for fashionable toddler boys with long curly hair and a fade cut. So, instead of cutting your kid’s hair short for a fade haircut, you could keep the curls on top long but secure that length in a bun.


12. Side Part Curly Toddler Hairstyle

Toddler Boy Curly With Glasses

Boys with short to medium-length hair can easily retain their cuteness by wearing their natural curly hair in a side-part. The hair should be long enough to show off the side style and short enough to maintain and prevent hair from falling across your kid’s face.


13. Toddler Boy With Curly Low Fade 

Toddler Boy With Low Fade Curly

Here is another way for your toddler with curly hair to wear a fade haircut. Unlike regular fade cuts, the hairline is lined up right into one side of the low fade creating two short straight lines below the front part of the curls.


14. Shoulder Length Spiral Curls

Shoulder Touch Curly Hair For Toddler Boy

Like other styles, this curly hairstyle for toddler boys is of shoulder-length and falls in a spiral pattern. You can easily style with full or half bangs depending on your kid’s face shape.


15. Summer-Inspired Curly Bun

Toddler Boy Curly For Summer Vibes

Get your kid ready for summer vacation with this curly bun. Although summer-inspired, it can be worn all year round. It’s a simple bun with loose curls falling in front and at the sides.


16. Full Spring Curls

Toddler Boy Curly With Cap

Spring curls are very attractive on toddlers and your boy will definitely pull this off with little to no effort. You can define the curls even better by getting curly perms using hair curlers.


17. Toddler Side Fade Curly Hairstyle

Toddler Boy Taper Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle for toddler boys with curly hair is excellent for those with an afro. The difference between an afro and this hairstyle is the subtle fade cut below the afro.


18. Curly Frohawk With Fadecut For Toddler Boy

Frohawk Fade Curly For Toddler Boy

You may want to try this style if you have run out of hairstyles for your toddler boy with curly hair. It’s a frohawk with receding faded cut by the two sides.


19. Toddler Boy With Curly Edgy Fauxhawk  

Fauxhawk Toddler Boy Curly

Curly edgy fauxhawk is a stylish haircut for kids with short hair. The edgy cut balances the fauxhawk giving your toddler boy a cool and swaggy look. 


20. Curly Shape Up Fade Hair Cut

Shape Up Curly For Toddler Boy

Curly fade haircut is a cool hairstyle for kids with afro hair type. With a shape-up, your toddler can have a neat and straight hairline.  


21. Twisted Curly Hair For Toddler Boy

Twisted Curly Hair For Toddler Boy

This hairstyle is for toddlers with grown-out curly hair. You can either twist the entire hair or get a faded cut for your kid while twisting just the top.


With these top picks, you can never run out of hairstyle ideas for your toddler boys with curly hair. No matter your kid’s curl pattern, you will find a suitable style from mohawks, frohawks, and faded cuts to buns. You can try out each of these hairstyles the entire year and your kids will surely love every one of them.

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