33 Cute Kids Fade Haircut For Your Trendy Little One

Even though kids’ fade haircut was considered a cliche a few decades back, but it is now a rage. And for all the right reasons. This hairdo is not only super comfortable, but it is also stylish, edgy, and at the same time super cute. Your little one would never have to be boring ever again.

So if you are up to giving some fresh and modern twist to your little one’s hair,  take inspiration from our unique 33 fade haircuts for kids.


How To Do a Fade Haircut on Kid?

To do a fade haircut on your kid, first, decide what type of fade you would give him and where you want to start the fade. Then, with an appropriate clipper, start trimming the tresses according to the type of style you want. You might need to change the guard while you create a gradual fade.


33 Trendy Boys Fade Haircut For Your Little One In 2022

Just like men’s haircuts, there are a whole lot of different types of fade haircuts for boys too. Keep exploring below to find inspiration to try a fade “do” on your little kid’s hair.


1. Low Fade Haircut For Kids

low fade haircut for kids

For a subtle, understated look, try a low fade in your little boy’s hair. Featuring longer hair on the top with tapered sides and back, the appeal of this particular haircut is endless. You can also tailor-cut the lover fade to match your kids’ personality and style.


2. High Fade

high fade

A high fade with a prominent side part not only looks good on men but also incredible on little kids. The versatile fade draws attention to your baby boy and makes him the center of attention in no time.

Also, as this cut is highly adaptable, it looks good on anyone with any hair type and face shape.


3. Fusion With Fade

little kid fade haircut

When your cute little one is a style icon, you can never settle for less. This fusion faded haircut has a faux hawk combined with a lineup and undercuts to make it a fashion-forward look.


4. Kids Taper Fade Haircut

Kids taper fade haircut

The taper fade is a classic. Because it has the manes trimmed from long to short on the sides and back with long hair on the top, this haircut gives structure and definition to the whole look. You can keep the long manes straight or add texture to them for versatility.


5. African American Kids Fade Haircut

african american kids fade haircut

If you want to flaunt your kid’s natural hair texture without sacrificing comfort, this has to be the one you should try. The slightly longer strands show off the attractive coils while the skin fade on the sides could never be more comfortable.

Try making a few exciting designs on the fade to make the style even more adorable.


6. Bald Fade Haircut

bald fade haircut

When you don’t get time to take care of your little boy’s hair, get him a bald fade haircut! Even though this undercut features nearly shaved strands, it still manages to make the boy polished and cute. You can keep the hair on the top a little longer so that he doesn’t feel wholly bald and bare.


7. Little Boy Braids + fade

braids + fade

Give your little boy a cute badass appearance with cornrows and a skin fade. While two cornrows are a classic, you can make as many braids as you want to create versatility in the look. Tie the braids in a ponytail on the temple to show off the adorable fade.


8. Comb Over Fade Haircut For Kids

comb over fade haircut for kids

Make your little boy look like a true gentleman with a sleek and intelligent combover haircut. Besides ensuring great style, this classic “do” with a modern fade assures comfort and convenience too. Also, as it is highly adaptable, little boys with any hair type and texture can try this hairstyle for a “grown-up” vibe.


9. Crew Cut

crew cut

For a classic military-inspired haircut in your little boy’s hair, what could be better than the classic crew cut? The all-around skin fade with the slightly longer hair on the top of this timeless “do” provides edge and definition to his face and lifts the boy’s style in no time.

You can experiment with the top hair length to create a more personalized outlook.


10. Kids Curly Fade Haircut

Kids curly fade haircut

Show off your kids’ natural hair texture with an incredible burst fade hairstyle. The fade all-around the head accentuates the curly hair on the top and creates an amazing contrast in the look. Also because this “do” gives structure and definition to the textured manes, it makes the little one look even more adorable and handsome.


11. Fade With Spike

Fade with spike

Spiked hair with fade looks amazingly well on kids. The nearly-shaved sides highlight the straight, spiked strands on the top, which draws attention to the face. This handsome hairdo also provides the much-required edge and chicness and “ups” the style quintet.


12. Hair Design With High Fade

Quiff with high fade

Add a whole lot of fun and flair to your baby boy’s hair with some expressive hair design on the fade. Because you have the freedom to experiment with the design, try a shape that your kid loves. It will surely make him a popular kid in his circle.


13. Fade For Kids With A Man Bun

Fade for kids with medium length hair

This man bun on a little boy is extremely interesting and versatile. It makes him look adorable and edgy without letting go of his hair length. Also, because he has a lot of hair length in the middle, you can experiment with different types of buns for a more appealing outlook.


14. Buzz cut + fade

Buzz cut + fade

For parents who are looking for a low-maintenance yet super stylish haircut for their kid, this buzz cut with a skin fade is just the perfect pick for them. With 1/4 inches strands on the top that gradually shortens as you go down, this military “do” redefines style and comfort like none other.

To make it suit the boy’s face shape and personality, you can customize the buzz’s length and fade according to your desire!


15. Kids Textured Haircut

Kids textured haircut

If the little boy has fine thin hair and you want to make it look thicker and fuller, a texturized one could save the day. As the strands on the top are cut in versatile lengths, they give an illusion of volume and body and create a very chic outlook.


16. Ringlets On The Top

Wavy + fade

When you don’t have the time to maintain your boy’s thick ringlets, an undercut could come to your rescue. A tapered fade would take off a lot of the hair weight and give the manes a super polished and professional appearance. Keep the top a little longer to show off the expressive ringlets proudly.


17. Slicked Back Fade Haircut For Kids

Slicked back fade haircut for kids

Who said “classic” is only for men? Boys with different hair textures and face shapes can also try this slick back hairdo in their manes for a timeless style. However, this “do” best suits kids with fine, thin tresses as it creates an illusion of fullness and body in their flat hair.


18. Mohawk With Fade

Mohawk with Fade

A faded mohawk haircut would be the right pick for a cool and edgy look in your little boy’s hair. Featuring nearly-shaved sides with a strip of long hair down the middle of the head, this hairstyle never fails to turn heads when your kid is out and about.


19. Fade With Side Part Hairstyle

Fade with side part hairstyle

For a “good boy” image, there could be nothing better than a side-parted quiff in your little one’s hair. This hairstyle is timeless, versatile, and professional. It will never fail to highlight the kid’s innocence and “nice guy” persona.


20. Kids Fade Haircut With Messy Hair

Kids fade haircut with messy hair

The appeal of messy hair is universal. Adorned with a tapered skin fade, this hairstyle creates a relaxed and cute combination and gives the little one a super handsome appearance.

You can keep the length of the messy strands a bit shorter to make them even more manageable.


21. Multi-Toned Skin Fade

Multi toned Skin fade

Dye your kid’s hair pink to add a whole lot of fun and flair to his entire outlook. Even though pink is considered a feminine color when paired with the right style, it looks amazingly masculine on boys too. Find the right shade that perfectly fits your baby’s skin tone.


22. French Cut With Fade On Kids

French cut with fade on kids

Even though the French fade is a low-maintenance haircut, its appeal is impressive. The shorter sides and back along with the slightly longer round cut with fringes, create the perfect contrast. It also helps to make a style statement easily. If your kid has got a round face, this “do” would do complete justice to him.


23. Disconnected Fade For Kids

Disconnected Fade for Kids

If you want your boy to flaunt the best of both worlds, get him a disconnected haircut. As it has longer hair on top and an undercut at the back and sides, this “do” provides both volume and edge simultaneously. Style it with blow-dried messy strands for a killer combination.


24. Bun + Fade

Bun + Fade

Topknot with a skin fade is indeed a fashion-forward look for your baby boy. This expressive hairstyle is not only uber cool but comfortable too. As it keeps away tresses from the face and neck, this “do” make sure that the kid doesn’t feel uneasy even in the most unfavorable weather conditions.


25. High Fade Pompadour

high fade pompadour

What’s not to love about this lighting bolt pompadour on your baby boy’s hair? Its signature combed-back tresses create volume and body on the top, giving an illusion of fullness to your kid’s thin hair. Also, as it is a highly adaptive haircut, ask your barber to customize it according to the baby’s face shape and hair type.


26. Mid-Fade Undercut For Kids

Mid fade undercut for kids

This military-inspired haircut is cool and cute. With its slightly-cropped manes going around the head, this fade haircut creates an amazing contrast in the hair. This “do” makes the body look incredibly handsome in his school uniform.


27. Kids With Fades Dread Locs

Kids with fades dread locs

Dreadlocks with a fade are an amazingly contrasting combination, especially on your baby boy’s hair. While the long dreads on the crown attract attention, the fade cut ensures superior comfort. If your little one isn’t too happy with his dreads, you can always try this interesting “do” to make him love his hairstyle like never before.


28. Line Up Fade Haircut For Kids

boosie fade haircut for kids

This lineup haircut is expressive. As it visibly shapes the hairline, this “do” has a distinct appearance and makes a style statement in no time. Keep the rest of the manes short and precise to shed all the focus on the lineup shape.


29. Burst Fade Hairstyles For Kids

Burst Fade Hairstyles for kids

This incredible haircut combines comfort and convenience both for you and your kid. Because it features extremely short strands all over the head, it would take less time to style and maintain.


30. Razor Fade Haircut

razor fade haircut

This haircut is just impressive. The super sharp half-part draws all the attention to the hair on the top and highlights the style subsequently. If your kid has a round face, this cut will sharpen the features for a slimmer outlook.


31. Flat Top Fade

flat top fade

For boys with thick, natural hair, a fade haircut with a flat top would be a stylish choice. The “box-shaped” top is cut horizontally to give its unique shape and add a bit of definition to the manes.

This attractive hairdo takes away a lot of hair weight and adds an element of interest to the whole outlook. 


32. Bowl Haircut With Disconnected Fade

skin tight fade

Even though the mushroom-like shape of a bowl haircut might be challenging to pull off, it looks adorable on a baby boy. And when you part it with severely disconnected fade, the bowl-cut seems even more prominent and dramatic. However, try to keep the length of the tresses far above eye level to ensure comfort and convenience.


33. Blonde Fade Haircut For Kids

blonde fade haircut for kids

With this amazingly handsome haircut, you boy wouldn’t ever be called a “blondie” at school or anywhere else. A fade cut with a slight quiff makes the little one masculine and cute at the same time. Customize the length of the undercut and the quiff to match the little one’s personality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Fade Haircut for Kids?

The best haircut for a kid will depend on his preferences, face shape, as well as his hair type, and texture. Because every little boy has different tastes in style, it would be wrong to pick only one faded haircut and name it the best one for little boys.


How To Maintain a Fade Haircut in Kid’s Hair?

The maintenance routine of a kid’s fade haircut will depend greatly on the type of fade haircut he is sporting. For example, if the little one has a skin fade, hard part, or even a hair design, you must take care of it regularly to maintain the appearance.

However, for more subtle fades, a regular visit to the barber might not be required.


Final Words

Fade haircuts are not only for men, little boys can also adorn their tresses with this amazing “do” for a cute and versatile outlook. And all these ideas that we have shared above are the proof. Pick any hairstyling ideas you love and try it on your junior to see how it changes his look for good.

Don’t forget to share with us how the experience was.

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