21 Elegant Short Haircuts For Men With Grey Hair

Men’s grey hairstyle is one of the fun ways to age gracefully. And if you’re a grey hair lover, you don’t have to wait till you grow old. Contrary to popular opinion, greying hair is not necessarily a product of old age. Many young men are intentionally dyeing their hair grey these days.

Although there is less information on why some people go grey in their youth, genes may play a role. Grey hair has been associated with wisdom and tenacity. Regardless of how you see it, you can’t deny the appeal that follows a neatly trimmed grey head.

Whether you’re naturally grey or not, experimenting with a silver dye is an excellent decision. Several models and celebrities have played around with style, showing us how timeless it is for all ages.


Fabulous Ways to Show Off Your Grey Hair

If you consider playing around with silver dye, these short haircuts for men with grey hair will come in handy. There’s no need for guesswork, as we have put together some modern hairstyles that will fit your style. Here are 21 epic styles for young men and silver foxes.

1. Edgy Undercut

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

The perfect styling can make even grey hair seem badass. Although a few cuts will do this, an undercut is superior. This trendy style shortens the back and sides while leaving the top of the head longer than usual.

The Undercut may be styled in various ways, from spiky to pompadour, to create a terrific new look for men.


2. Side Swept Quiff

short Haircuts For men with grey hair

The simple yet stylish Men’s grey hairstyle is great for weight. In addition to the fact that quiff is a classic cut, it makes a confident statement that knocks a few years off this senior’s age. The texture at the front delivers a side-swept look. So get ready for the stares.


3. Caesar Cut + Undercut

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

If you are a fan of suaveness, consider this look. The cut is ideal for showcasing your silver fox with dark undertones. With this Undercut, you get a sense of sophistication that brings out the man in you anyday, anytime. When you style this appropriately, it becomes a subtle pompadour.


4. Messy Grey Haircut with Undercut

Messy Grey Haircut with Undercut

Interested in showing off your thick hair? This is an excellent way to show off and keep it classy. The Undercut tames the wildness giving way to the front section.

Although messy, this style is neatly done, accentuating the beautiful contrast on the roots. His clean shave keeps the attention on his head.


5. Stylish Mohawk

Stylish Mohawk with grey hair

Another cool example of Men’s grey hairstyle is this mohawk. Obtaining this color balance might be tricky. However, it will be easy for a professional. The style is a modern version of the 90s trend. With some hair wax, you can keep the mohawk as high as you want.


6. Side Swept Haircut with Hard Part

Side Swept Haircut with Hard Part

The cut accentuates the light skin tone while the beard highlights his nose. It is a very masculine look that provides a beautiful showcase. You’ll be happy with how your barber defines the style with an undercut. This is a contemporary style.


7. The Classic Ceasar Cut

The Classic Ceasar Cut

George Clooney is known for his classic caesar cut. The actor proves that simplicity can be ideal for showcasing grey hair.

If you are considering this style, keep it longer in front. Next, have the sides and back trimmed similarly. Finally, complete the look with a little part.


8. Military-Inspired Pompadour

Military-Inspired Pompadour with grey hair

The typical military cut is prim and proper; not a single wisp of hair is out of place. It is a stylistic choice for men of all ages. The facial hair takes the attention back to you. For a perfect pompadour, apply hair wax.

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9. Spiky Thin Hair

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

We have seen several short haircuts for men with grey hair, but this is different. It gives men with thin hair the confidence to wear their hair differently.

The short fringe adds a subtle ‘bad boy’ edge to the cut. While the spike compensates for volume, the fringe is a cover-up for a receding hairline.


10. Wavy Comb Over

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

Here is the perfect example of what volume and texture can do to grey hair. The waves are perfectly layered to embody a sexy appearance. If your hair is wavy, this is a great choice. For maximum texture and effects, apply your hair product on damp hair.


11. Fade + Undercut

Fade + Undercut

Blending the fade (in which the hair on the sides and back is shaved close to the scalp and a full top) with the Undercut is a popular men’s haircut. Men of all ages, models, and influencers have been spotted wearing it. It’s a home run as far as men’s grey hairstyle goes.


12. Platinum Grey

Short Haircuts For men with Platinum Grey

Platinum is more flattering on short hair. While this style may not appeal to many guys, it is perfect for bold guys. If you already have grey hair, all you need to do is refresh it with a platinum undertone. That way, you get a subtle accent and an elegant cut.


13. Masculine Messy Fringe

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

This messy fringe that also doubles as a bang lets your hair fall over his forehead, either flat like bangs or with added volume. Before cutting the bangs into this shape, ensure your hair has the right texture.

Also, invest in trimming scissors if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, consult a professional.


14. Traditional Mohawk

Traditional Mohawk For men with grey hair

It’s easy to experiment with different looks when you have a mohawk and medium-length hair. To get this exact look, do a skin-deep shave around the sides. The shave gradually fades into the middle section.

This trendy cut is a terrific option for guys of any age because it requires little maintenance and always looks sharp.


15. Compact Blowout

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

Not everyone will enjoy this men’s grey hairstyle, but those who like a distinct appearance will love it. The top is substantially longer than the bottom, creating a tapered silhouette.

Even with long hair on top, this style maintains a neat appearance by progressively shortening the hair on the back and sides. Up top is when things start to get exciting.


16. Casual Textured Bangs

Casual Textured Bangs

Textured bangs will draw attention to your face and highlight your unique features. This cut is longer in the back and front but shorter on the sides. If you have a strong jawline, this cut is for you. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks or how short it is.


17. Tousled Quiff

quiff Haircuts For men with grey hair

Silver hair that is short and naturally straight can be worn in several ways. But those who like classy styles will find that this is particularly flattering.

To prevent the hair from slipping forward over the forehead, use a blow dryer and some mousse to give the side part a little more hold.


18. Short Fringe

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

A short fringe leaves some length on top to frame the face. You may also give it an undercut for a more edgy look or taper the sides for a different aesthetic.

This hairstyle is fashionable and requires little maintenance, making it perfect for active people or those who need to keep hair out of their eyes.


19. All Back Pompadour

Short pompadour Haircuts For men with grey hair

Haircuts that have stood the test of time, like a pompadour, look great on men of all ages and give them an appearance of authority and refinement.

The shorter, tapered length is also brushed and combed back on the sides. In addition to keeping hair out of your eyes, this style also keeps hair out of your face.


20. Textured Waves

Short Haircuts For men with grey hair

We love this textured grey hairstyle because it creates a slimming effect. It is also ideal for people who hate monochromatic or one-dimensional cuts. The brown undertones create a beautiful spark and a shadowy effect. This is perfect for balding men.


21. Wavy Curls

Short Haircuts For men with curly grey hair

While waiting for your hair to reach its entire length, you’ll need beautiful choices like these medium-length cuts in the meanwhile. A high-volume, pushed-back style like this will highlight your silver color and make the most of your new look. The silver shade is highlighted by sweeping the hair upward and back on top.


Final Sayings

If you plan to experiment with short haircuts and grey hair, know that silver comes in different shades. Talk to your barber or stylist before making a decision. Also, consider sticking to a shade that suits your skin color.

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