27 Coolest Hockey Flow Haircuts To Wear Before Your Next Game

Timeless, trendy, and stylish- what better way to describe a hockey flow haircut for men than this three magical words!
Even though it was tried and made popular during the Victorian era [1830 to 1890], a flow haircut is still as popular and tried-out as it was centuries ago. Men with every type of hair length and hair type love this “do” because of the charm and attitude it provides to the whole look. It doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy, or curly tresses, if done right, this haircut would never fail to up your personality, ever!


What Is A Hockey Flow?

A hockey flow is a medium to long length hairstyle that is usually adapted by hockey players to show off their manes from even under the hat.

However, because this interesting hairdo is super stylish with a whole lot of attitude, it is equally among non-hockey players too.


Steps To Grow a Perfect Hockey Flow Hairstyle

If you have shorty short hair and you have been eyeing the sexy hockey flow to rock in your manes, you need to grow the length first.

Let’s discuss the easiest and most effective ways to grow a perfect hockey flow.

Grow Out Your Hair

As a hockey flow haircut needs medium to long tresses, you need to grow out your hair first if you want it in your manes too.

Make sure that you give it atleast 6 months or more for the strands to flourish. Without a good amount of hair, the flow won’t be as appealing as you want it to be.

Get A Starter Flow

Once your manes start to grow, go to your hairdresser and get a “starter flow” cut. It will help the tresses to grow out in a “form” rather than getting longer from all the sides.

Wait Patiently

Because a hockey fow takes time to grow to a full length, you must wait patiently before it’s completely grown. Aside from a “starter flow” don’t try any other cuts that might ruin your manes in any given way.

Get The FLOW

After a whole 6-8 months, you would get the flow of your dreams. Get your favorite haircut in them and get as stylish as ever.


Charming Men’s Hockey Flow Haircuts For Your Tresses

A hockey flow haircut is a highly adaptive one, and therefore, you can customize it as you like. But then again if you need inspiration, we are here for you. These amazing 27 hockey flow haircuts will help you to get idea of the type of flow haircut you want.

Go through them to find the “One” for your manes, man!

1. Short Hockey Flow Haircut

short hockey flow haircut

Even though it is a haircut for long tresses, a flow looks incredibly good on shorter ones too. This “do” shapes the fce perfectly while highlighting the natural texture of hair to draw all the attention toward you. You can also incorporate some hair design on the sides to make it stand out even more.


2. Medium Length Hockey Flow Hairstyle

medium length hockey flow hairstyle

For a sexy, sophisticated look, try men’s hockey flow in your medium-length hair. Even though these “not too short nor too long” locks don’t cascade over the shoulder, they still manage to give you that carefree vibe.

What’s more interesting about this “do” is that it goes with both formal and casual outfits seamlessly.


3. Curly Hockey Flow

curly hockey flow

Even when you have a head full of curly hair, a hockey flow haircut would still look amazing on you. The flowy curls cascading over the shoulders create a wonderful contrast in your manes and puts you in the spotlight without even trying hard.

However, make sure to keep the length of the tresses a bit on the shorter side for easy manageability.


4. Hockey Mullet Flow

hockey mullet flow

The mullet is a unique hairstyle that takes you back to the day. Featuring longer strands on the nape and slightly shorter at the front, this retro “do” would never fail to attract attention. If you want the old-world charm in your manes, this is the way to go man!


5. For Straight Hair

For straight hair

A hockey flow looks just as stylish on straight hair as it appears on sexy wavy tresses. This amazing haircut gives your sleek straight locks a very suave and sophisticated outlook while ensuring great style.

Pair it with a medium undercut at the sides to create some edge and drama to the look.


6. Choppy Layered

choppy layered

If you don’t mind taking risque with your tresses, add some choppy layers to your otherwise regular flow haircut. Featuring nape-length hair with a shorter top and shaved sides, this daring cut gives all the drama in your appearance that you have been looking for.


7. Hockey Flow For Wavy Hair

Hockey flow for wavy hair

A hockey flow in wavy hair is a match made in heaven. The slightly long hair shows off the texturized waves in your manes perfectly and makes for a unique outlook. Style it with some texturizing spray to accentuate the waves even better.


8. Hockey flow hairstyle with beard

Hockey flow hairstyle with beard

What could be more masculine and sexy than a beard and an amazingly flowy haircut?

Well, the signature features of hockey flow and well-groomed beards can transform your whole outlook in no time. If you want to impress someone with your appearance, this is the combination you should go for, boys!


9. For Thin Hair

For thin hair

The hockey flow is an extremely adaptive haircut. Not only in thick and curly manes but I also look incredibly good on fine hair too. The signature features of this “do” provide volume to the limp manes and ensure a fuller look. With the hockey flow, your lackluster manes will never look unappealing, ever again.


10. Hockey Flow For Man With Long Hair

Hockey flow for man with long hair

If you don’t want to let go of your long hair length yet want a new do, a hockey flow haircut is just the right one for you. The length combined with the shape of the cut provides a lot of style and confidence and helps you to stand out.

You can blow-dry or comb it back- either way, this amazing “do” would look splendid on you.

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11. Hockey Flow For Blonde

Hockey flow for blonde

Get a fluid-flow haircut in your blonde manes for an ever-charming, royal outlook. This “do” really shows off your lustrous blonde while adding depth and dimension to your look.


12. Middle Part Hockey Flow Hairstyle

Middle part hocky flow hairtyle

Not only back comb, a hockey flow looks good with a middle-part too. It creates an amazing symmetry in your face and makes it look even slimmer and more attractive. You can also add a few layers to it for a more personalized appearance.


13. Comb Over Haircut

Comb Over haircut

A combover hockey flow haircut can never go wrong if you are aiming for an incredibly formal and polished outlook. Apply a droplet of your favorite gel to make the manes look even sleek and shiny.


14. Hockey Flow With Shaved Sides

Hockey flow with shaved sides

If you want some edge in your look, try this long haircut with sexy shaved sides. The contrast it creates in your tresses is unmissable and puts you under the spotlight easily. Pair it with formal wear or high-street fashion, this “do” would never fail to impress.


15. Bro Flow Haircut

Bro Flow Haircut

Featuring versatile layers all over the manes, a bro flow haircut gives a very carefree yet charming vibe to your appearance. These layers not only create texture but also provide movent in your tresses.

Also, because you have the freedom to play with the length, it’s easier for you to make a personalized style that goes seamlessly with your vibe.


16. Flow on Top

Flow on Top

If you are not a fan of long flow haircut, you can always try a shorter version of it to match your vibe perfectly. The flow on the top with shaved sides creates the perfect combination while also ensuring comfort. Style it with a gel or hair pomade for maximum effect.


17. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

It takes a lot of confidence to flaunt a hairdo with lots of curls in it and Shawn Mendes did just that. The messy tousled tresses created a certain appeal in his look and made an effortlessly chic style. If you too want to flaunt your luscious curls, this should be the hairstyle to try in your manes.


18. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Even though Bradley Cooper flaunts a rather shorter version of the flow haircut, it still manages to look suave on him. The teeny-tiny layers add texture and dimension to the tresses to make them look full and thick. Combined with perfectly-trimmed facial hair, the look couldn’t be any better.


19. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has been rocking the flow cut for as long as we remember, and it suits him like none other. The nape-length hair and some layers at the front shape his face and make it the focal point. Paired with a beard, this “do” would suit you too.

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20. Kit Harington

Kit Harington

Relaxed, messy, and masculine- Kit Harington’s hockey flow is a dream haircut for many men out there. The curly strands along with the perfectly trimmed layers created an interesting contrast on his manes It not only ended up looking luscious but made him too desirable!


21. Dev Patel

Dev Patel

Dev Patel grew out of his boyish image with a super stunning flow haircut and an equally masculine beard. The slightly short length along with his naturally wavy hair created the right texture and provided amazing volume. Styled mostly in tousles, this “do” makes him effortlessly cool and desirable.


22. Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet

The perfect hockey flow haircut accentuates Timothee Chalamet’s thick, wavy hair flawlessly. The “not too short, nor too long” waves blended seamlessly with his young personality and helped to make him the heartthrob he is today.


23. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Even though it has a very flirty, playful name, a hockey flow can be an amazing business hairdo too. Here Chris Hemsworth combed back his tresses neatly to keep things polished and professional. The strands fell right into place drawing all the attention to his suave face.


24. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, the global style icon, made this flow haircut famous among men of all ages. This medium-layered look garnered instant popularity because it can be dressed up or down according to your choice. Even though it has a certain edginess to it, this “do” still manages to look classic and elegant.


25. Adam Driver

Adam Driver

Adam Driver is a “head-to-toe” classic! And his sleek, side-parted flowy hair only adds to that. Featuring straight-cut nape-length hair, this “do” screams sophistication, especially with Driver’s ever-charming face. If you are looking for a low-maintenance yet effective haircut, try it on any day.


26. Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta’s timeless bro flow stood out in the crowd because of its unique appearance. Providing a touch of refinement, this “wet look” adds depth and dimension to the look and makes your face stand out.


27. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

This amazing haircut isn’t just for men in their 20s and 30s. It looks charming on older dudes too. And Matthew McConaughey is the living proof. The messy, slightly short tresses created a wonderful texture and ensured a youthful appearance. Paired with an equally sexy beard, he took his look to completely another level.


Frequently Asked Question

How Long Does It Take To Get Hockey Flow?

How long it will take to get a hockey flow entirely depends on your hair length and its growth rate. For instance, if you have super short manes, it might take a minimum of 6 months to grow them to a flow length. On longer tresses, the duration might not be as much.

But then again, it all depends on what you are starting with and how quickly it grows.


What Hair Types and Textures Can Pull Off a Hockey Flow Haircut?

Interestingly, a hockey flow haircut is extremely versatile and adaptive. This means that it can be done on any hair type and texture effectively. It doesn’t matter if you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, if you have the length, you can always try it on your manes!


Final Words

When you look for both style and convenience in one haircut, the hockey flow is the one that you should definitely try. It not only gives you a very masculine and rugged appearance but is also easy to maintain and style. Moreover, you can also customize the cut  according to your preference for a personalized style.

So if you want all these in your manes, it’s high time you get a hockey flow haircut in your hair!

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