15 Trendy & Modern German Haircuts for Men in 2023

You may be accustomed to the German Haircut if you love war movies. The German style has a reputation – as one of the popular haircuts men wore during World War II.

In addition to the fact that it is simply hard to miss, they are elegant and clean. They are also characterized by side parting. Here, we will show you some trending styles and why you may love them.


Classy German Haircut Ideas for Men

The German Haircut has a vibe to it. From sophistication to attitude, it makes a man’s appearance more stylish. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many hair enthusiasts and stylists prefer the style.

A German cut is a haircut with a silky and smooth styling accentuating the face of the wearer. Of course, the German cut has been around for so long and has been modified over time. However, usually a mid-length cut, and the look is -tapered on the sides and the nape of the head. So, it is suitable for mid-length and long hair wearers depending on how you rock it.

1. German Military Haircut

German Military Haircut

When it comes to military-style cuts for guys, the German Haircut is a great option. You can’t go wrong with this short, badass look. Overall, it is a military option where the top of your hair can blend or fade into the back and sides.


2. German Undercut

German Undercut

Traditionally, this is a hairstyle where the back or sides of your head are shaved, and the hair on top is longer. It is marked with a V-like shape at the lower part of the head. At first glance, the undercut looks like a risky cut, but they are amazing in their functionality.


3. Slicked Back German Haircut

Slicked Back German Haircut

The slick back style is long enough to be slicked back with a hair product. This style retains the classic German Haircut for men. It is long enough to go down and usually stops before the nape of your neck.


4. German Soldier Haircut

German Soldier Haircut

During World War II, German soldiers paid special attention to their hair. The idea of uniformity was from a style called the ‘Prussian Hazelnut.’ All hair from the neck to the ears is shaved while the hair on top is medium length- waxed in place.


5. German Fade

German Fade

The sides and back are extremely low- close to the skin or showing the skin entirely. The exposed skin is called ‘The Fade‘ and is kept even so that the hair above the fade is tapered neatly. This complements facial tan and arms nicely.


6. 1940s German Hairstyle

1940s German Hairstyle

It’s a shave and a trim, just like they tell you to do in the army manual, and guys are rocking it in a new way. The hair on top is sleeked back – the sides are trimmed to a precise point. Or parted on the side and combed slightly to the back on either side of the part.


7. Razor Fade

Razor Fade

The best thing about the razor fade is that they can look good on any man. It’s one of those haircuts that almost every man can pull off. The picture shows why this German Hairstyle will catch any man’s eye.


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8. Comb Over + Side Part

Comb Over + Side Part

Modeled after senior military officers. In the front, there are about two inches of hair with a part on the side. This is a wonderful option if you’re not into the German military cut. You might keep your length regardless and make it appear attractive.


9. German Haircut With Beard

German Haircut With Beard

There is something about the beard gang. It’s fresh and appealing. The German Haircut with a beard is a must-try if you’re looking for a classical touch. In addition to being the perfect combination, the beard can transform your face.


10. With Curls

With Curls

German Haircut with curls? Yes, please. Suppose the idea is to experiment with styles. The curls are easier to pull off with long hair and some accessories. However, a simple flow will also work. Keep it clean and nice.


11. German Short Haircut

German Short Haircut

This is an incredibly short version of the standard German cut, good for men who love the army style. The base of the head shows skin, while the top of the head may be spiky. It is often a blend of a smooth fade and defined top. If you prefer a minimalist style, this is your pick.


12. Flat Top German Haircut

Flat Top German Haircut

The Hairstyle appears flat at the top. It has the common clean ‘back of the neck’ finish. It gives the wearer a tough, strong, ‘dad-like’ and ‘no nonsense’ look, especially when worn with a nicely groomed beard.


13. Bald Fade With Part

Bald Fade With Part

Starting just above the ear, a bald fade gradually gets longer. It begins to grow in and eventually becomes indistinguishable from the crown of the head. It blends fashionably just before the side part.

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14. Quiff Haircut

Quiff Haircut

The quiff may be called the classic German Haircut for men. It includes trimming the top down and tapering the sides. You decide how much skin you want to show. An exciting part about this German Hairstyle is its low maintenance and suitability for any occasion.


15. Greatest German Mullet Haircut

Greatest German Mullet Haircut

Mullet has always been in style in Germany, and it means ‘hairy cut.’ Many celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus rocked it. The Hairstyle has two sides: the front looked nice for business while the back screamed party any time.


Wrapping up 

A beautiful part of the German Haircut is that you can use your imagination and create cooler styles for yourself. But in our list, you’d find something that works for you.  

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