28 Hot Rat Tail Hairstyles to Inspire New Looks

A rat tail hairstyle features a tail-like element at the back of the head or nape of your neck. It is often grown naturally but can also be achieved in a braid. The rat tail hairstyle is popular in Broome, Australia, and New Zealand. Therefore, it is a traditional hairstyle for some wearers.

Due to recent events and a wider acceptance and infusion of cultures, the rat tail haircut is enjoying mainstream popularity. The renewed invasion of the fashion scene may be due to the versatility of the style. In addition, they are low maintenance and are worn by men of all ages.

A great way to wear the rat tail hairstyle is to grow your hair. Then, trim it or keep it long- depending on your preference. If you cut it, the section where you intend to form the rat tail is kept longer and thin.


Meaning of Rat Tail Hairstyle 

A typical rat tail hair has a narrow strip or tail at the back- resembling the mullet. Usually, you can wear other sections of your hair short, and the tail follows your hairline. There are several ways to pull off the rat tail haircut; with an undercut, fade haircut, etc., as we will see below.

1. Short Rat Tail

short rat tail hairstyle

This is a simple style that is often worn by soccer stars across the World. It features a fade haircut which transitions into a mohawk-like style. The nape of the neck retains a few thin strands forming a prominent tail.


2. Long Rat Tail Hairstyle

long rat tail hairstyle

If you are patient enough to grow your hair to the right length, then this style is for you. The rat tail hairstyle is already eye-catching, but a longer tail does leave people wondering. Pairing this with a clean fade is just right.


3. African American Rat Tail

african american rat tail hairstyle

Unlike other styles on the list, the African American rat tail has completely shaved sides. The result is a curly mohawk rat tail and a medium-sized twisted tail. You may also add a bit of accessory that keeps the focus on the tail.


4. Rat Tail Comb Hairstyles

rat tail comb hairstyles

The rat tail comb hairstyle is in a league of its own. Everything about it shows professionalism. It oozes appeal from the double strips on the sides to the accessories. It is a nice compliment to the chiseled face and the cheekbone. If you fancy a model-like look, this is your pick.


5. Asian Man Rat Tail Hairstyle

asian man rat tail hairstyle

Asian men usually accompany their rat tail haircut with thin whisps of hair at the back. However, it is not uncommon to see centralized tails combined with rough beards. It suggests a masculine appearance and adds a little flair to the solid look.


6. Braid + Rat Tail

braid + rat tail

There are several ways to emphasize your haircut, but one of the highlights of this look is the beard. The color choice is elite. It provides eye-catching details that accentuate the eyes and the face. Braiding the tail is an impactful way to make the cut bold.


7. 80s Black Men Rat Tail Haircut

80s black men rat tail haircut

Did we forget to mention that the rat tail haircut was the toast of the 80s? It was common in the 90s, among punk fashion lovers and hairstylists. However, in recent times, black men have combined a high fade cut and the rat tail in one style. It is perfect.


8. Classic Boy Rat Tail Haircut

Classic boy rat tail haircut

When Shia LaBeouf is not busy acting, he graces the red carpet with statement hairstyles. In this look, he keeps his classic curls and inputs a temple fade. The best thing about the look is how the shirt curls transition into a long rat tail. The facial hair is a great addition.


9. Messy Hairstyles With Rat Tail

messy hairstyles with rat tail

You can grow a rat tail however you want. In this case, a messy appearance is a style. The hair is mid-length, and so is the tail. A closer look at the picture gives it a choppy appearance accompanied by a slight shave.


10. Faux Hawk

faux hawk

Leave the center section of your hair long for a hawk-like view. The sides are faded slightly, while a thin section at the nape of your neck forms the tail. The middle section of the hair shifts the focus to the tail and vice versa.


11. Side Rat Tail

side rat tail

If you want to try something different and make a statement while at it, try the side rat tail. It takes the attention off the center of your head to the sides, where you can leave the hair loose or style it as desired.


12. Rat Tail Fade Haircut

rat tail fade haircut

Aside from being summer appropriate, the faded rat tail hairstyle edges your hair into a Mohawk. The picture has some highlights which give the hair a better texture. A sleek fade and a neater curly tail are equal to amazing.


13. Rat Tail + Undercut

Rat tail + Undercut

It’s hard to miss the precision on this undercut; it is a very intentional cut. The hairstylist brilliantly creates room for the rat tail without disconnecting it from the hair. The color details are subtly attention arresting.


14. Mullet And Rat Tail

Mullet And Rat tail

Rat tail hair has more highlights and a better definition than a mullet. As a result, if you want to make it the center of attention, consider an undercut. Leave the hair in the back long enough to contrast with your top. Make your tail a strip for a more stark appearance.


15. Perfect Buzz Cut

Perfect Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a perfect accompaniment for a rat tail hairstyle. It is clean and neat and keeps attention on the tail. How much buzz you get depends on your preference. But the higher you go, the bolder and the more emphasis on the tail.


16. Mohawk With Rat Tail

Mohawk with rat tail

This is probably the most popular style on the list. Musicians, football stars, and other celebrities have tried their hands at this. It is a fashion-forward style because it combines about three hairstyles. Add tails to your temple if you want to take it a notch higher.


17. Rat Tail + Bowl Cut

rat tail + bowl cut

There are several ways to emphasize your rat tail haircut. The color is one, and the style is another. If you’re not reluctant to go bold and striking, try the bowl cut on two to three color mix like the picture. Then keep the tail short.


18. Disconnected Undercut With Rat Tail

Disconnected undercut With rat tail

Having the tail at the back is not necessary! You can switch it to the side with a long braid. Style a standard cut with shorter sides and a higher top for the rest of the hair. Add a side part with soft curls on the top.


19. Low Fade + Rat Tail

Low fade + rat tail hairstyle

There are different sides to this style -a disconnected mullet rat tail featuring a smooth undercut. Or a curled rat tail with a fringe. You make a choice. We believe this elaborate blonde hairstyle will be a worthy try for lovers of exquisite styles.


20. Mid Fade And Rat Tail

Mid fade and rat tail

Your rat tail hairstyle is more fun when you infuse a modern cut. The carefully tapered mid fade gives you clean sides – ensuring a shift in focus. You have a medium Mohawk with just the perfect length of rat tail.


21. Modern Rat Tail

Modern rat tail haistyle

One challenge men face when considering the rat tail hairstyle is owning the style. This involves making it more modern and to their taste. Here’s a style that gives you both—a perfect fade on both sides and an illusion of a tail from slick strands at the back.


22. 90s Rat Tail Haircut

90s rat tail haircut

The 90s rat tail haircut proves that amazing ideas can coexist. Your rat tail and preferred haircut are one. The rat tail stays with the cut, so there is no difference in their flow. Sometimes, you can braid the tail down your hair’s midsection.


23. Rat Tail On Front

rat tail on front

Contrasting your natural hair with another color is always a good idea. The effects are magnificent. If you have thick hair, this will work for you. Let a tiny section of your hair down in front—an ideal choice for younger men and fashion statement lovers.


24. Padawan Braid

padawan braid rat tail

The Padawan rat tail hairstyle is a cultural symbol of the Jedi Order. Usually, the rat tail goes to the side. This modern variant features a braided tail. You can grow your tail as long as you want and your hair the same.


25. Tapered Rat Tail Haircut

tapered rat tail haircut

If you like to keep your appearance clean and low-key, consider tapering both sides of your hair. This is a very regular haircut that goes wild at the back. The tail is quite simple and thin enough to be noticed. There’s a natural transition between both styles.


26. Curly + Braid

Curly + braid

Is your hair curly? There’s no need to panic. You can spice your cut up with a simple rat tail. Your textured curls can form simple layers with a more expressive knit at the back of your head. While these flow to the back of your head, you get a simple strip of rat tail to the side- a double bubble.


27. Rat Tail With Beads

Rat tail with beads

Another alternative for your rat tail haircut is to accessorize with beads. It creates a cool effect and ensures that the tail points outward. The beads add an extra layer of style and keep all eyes on you wherever you go.


28. Fishtail Braid With Rat Tail

Fishtail braid with rat tail

If your hair is thick and you’re not willing to experiment with a stylish cut, why not consider colors? Dye your hair to sage green with a black undertone. The metallic shade is for experienced barbers only. For the best effects, weave your tail into a fish braid.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Rat Tail? 

Growing out the hair generally takes different duration for different people. This could result from genetics, environmental factors, or hair habits. However, how long you have to grow your rat tail depends on how long you want your hair to be. Therefore, it may take a few wee some people. Others may be looking at a few months or a full year.


Is a Rat Tail a Mullet?

The rat tail is a relative of the mullet. They are similar in appearance and cut. However, the mullet has more hair strands and balance at the back of the head, while the rat tail features thin hair strands that are braided or twisted to a favored side.



We hope these 28 styles discussed above have shown you the balance between eccentric and stylish. While they may inspire you to find your desired rat tail hairstyle, you can modify them for your customized style. When you do, please share with us some pictures and tips. Enjoy!

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