Can You Dye Braiding Hair?

Braids are very versatile and easy to make. They give you a classy appearance. Braided hair is a reasonable option if you also intend to grow your hair out and protect your edges. That said, braided hair has a wide range of styles and colors. Therefore, they come in handy when refining your style.

But, can you dye braiding hair?

The answer is yes if you use synthetic extensions. Adding color to your braiding is fun if you do it yourself. If you have rubbing alcohol, acrylic ink, and synthetic hair color, you’re ready to go. Note that hair extensions with impenetrable fibers are not dyeable.


How to Prepare Your Dye for Braiding Hair

Dyeing your braiding is easy if you have the right tools. Also, it is important to note that chemical dyes can affect or destroy synthetic hair fibers. Therefore you may consider preparing your hair properly before dyeing it. Here are some tips on how to do it right:

  • If you are using the extensions before braiding your hair, consider washing them first. Rid it of dirt and knots. Then leave it to dry.
  • Prepare your dye depending on the dye of choice. Alcohol-based mix can be prepared inside a spray bottle using a water 1:1 dilution. Shake it rigorously so that the color is properly mixed. If the color is too thick, then dilute a little bit more.
  • For a sharpie marker, place your ink tube into the water and let it stay overnight. Then use it as a dye.
  • If you prefer acrylic color, put a quarter of the acrylic color in three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. Then put it inside the spray bottle and shake.
  • For chemical dyes, heat some water and ring to a boil. Allow to simmer and prepare your dye. Allow simmer again, and place your extensions.
Can You Dye Braiding Hair


How to Apply Dye On Braiding Hair

Put any of the dye prepared above inside a spray bottle, then apply it to hair strands. Allow it to saturate evenly until it has touched every layer of the hair. To ensure evenness, run a hand over the hair while working your fingers through them.

Make sure the dye covers the width and depth of the extension. Then, leave it to dry.

Alternatively, place the dye inside a plastic bag and immerse the hair extensions, depending on the length you want to dye.

If you want an intense color, soak for longer. If not, soak it for a few minutes and let it dry. This method is most effective for already braided hair.


Things to note

All the methods discussed above may be repeatedly done to achieve desired results. However, it is also important to remember that the texture of your hair extension might change over time with numerous dying.

Before you apply the dye, it is important to understand the nature of the hair extension you’re using, as some may be marked heat resistant.

The process of application can turn messy. Therefore you should consider wearing gloves. Sometimes, dye application on hair extensions may cause little damage, so be prepared to fix your extension after dyeing.

Also, it is reasonable to keep your natural hair away from the dye when you have braided your hair. Instead, dye the braided extensions only.

If you are not using your braided hair directly, use a loose tooth comb to detangle your extensions after dyeing.

Then, blow dry gently, using the cool setting. Avoid dyeing the extension or your braided hair for so long, or they become brittle and are likely to fall off.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Darken colored hair extensions?

Yes, you can make your colored extensions darker by immersing them in the dye repeatedly. The colored extensions are darkened with each immersion. When you have achieved the desired shade, rinse.


Wrapping It Up

Dyeing braiding hair is an intriguing venture. Now that you know you can dye braided hair, we hope you enjoy the process. Consider walking into a salon if you cannot do it by yourself.

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