Can You Dye Purple Over Orange Hair? What The Experts Say

Dyeing your hair to a sexy blonde can be extremely exciting. The bright, glistening hue of the blonde can add significantly to your personality and make you look as gorgeous as ever!

However, when the vibrant blonde turns brassy, many might suggest you dye purple over orange hair to bring back the shine and luster in no time. Even though it might seem something impossible at first, let’s give it some thought and find out whether you can dye purple over orange tresses or not. 


Does Purple Dye Work on Orange Hair?

Fortunately enough, purple dye works on brassy orange hair; hence, you can dye your manes purple when they turn orange.

As orange and purple are on the opposite end of the color wheel, they neutralize one another. This means that when you dye your orange tresses purple, they will cancel each other and bring the original blonde hue to your manes. And because purple dye removes the unwanted brassy tones in no time, it is one of the easiest and quickest fixes you can try to make your manes bright and vibrant again.

Can You Dye Purple Over Orange Hair


What To Consider When Dyeing Purple Over Orange Hair?

You must remember a few things if you want to achieve the best results and successfully remove the brassy orange tone from your hair.

Try To Find The Exact Shade of Orange In Your Hair

If your hair has turned orange while trying to dye it, it’s essential that you find its right shade to fix it effectively. This is important because not all shades of purple work great with all shades of oranges. When you know the correct shade, it would not only be easy to pick the neutralizing color, but the results would also be satisfactory.



The Brightness of the Orange Hue

Besides the tone of the orange shade in your tresses, it’s crucial that you find the brightness of the tone too. It will help you to decide the brightness of the purple dye.

If the brassy hue is too bright, you have the freedom to use any tone of purple on your manes to bring back their luster. However, when you have a darker orange in your locks, it’s better that you go for a darker purple dye for better results.



Hair Condition

Because of bleaching, your hair might suffer from extensive damage. Therefore, while choosing the type of purple dye, you need to be extra careful so that you don’t cause any further damage to your precious tresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of Purple Dye, Can I Use Purple Shampoo Over My Orange Hair?

You can use a purple shampoo over your orange hair to neutralize it effectively. Just like the purple dye, a purple shampoo would also cancel the orange from your manes and make them blonde and bright again.
However, remember that the shampoo might not provide an instant result as a dye. Shampoo might take a few weeks to show satisfactory color-changing results in your manes.


Why Did My Hair Turn Orange After I Bleached?

There are quite a few reasons your hair might turn orange after you bleach or dye it blonde. The most prominent one is when you keep the color on for less time than it is instructed.

When the dye doesn’t get enough time on your manes, it can’t break the larger melanin molecules in the strands. And when this molecule stays, your tresses turn brassy orange rather than gorgeous blonde.


What Colors Cancels Orange?

Because orange and blue/purple are on the opposite end of a color spectrum, any shade of blue or purple will cancel orange effectively.


Final Words

Purple hair dye is an excellent way to neutralize your manes that have gone orange. It not only serves as a quick fix but also makes your manes look incredibly gorgeous and attractive-just as you wanted. If you ever experience such a horrible situation, worry no more girls!

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