23 Mohawk Haircut for Little Boys

The little boy’s Mohawk haircut is insanely attractive and cute. And this might be the right hairstyle to try on your kids’ hair if you are struggling to find a new one for him with lots of attitude and edge. Not only has an overly adorable outlook, but this practical haircut also ensured comfort and convenience for your baby boy. And for such benefits, a mohawk has gained immense popularity among parents as well as the kids themselves.

It doesn’t matter if the boy has long, short, curly, or straight hair, the signature features of a mohawk will always add the right bit of freshness and flair to his look.


How To Style A Little Boys Mohawk Haircut?

Styling your little boy’s mohawk haircut isn’t as tough or time-consuming as you might assume. It is a relatively easy and fun process to do. Let’s discuss how to style such a haircut so that you never feel disappointed again.

  • Start off with clean, washed hair.
  • Comb the tresses to remove any kinks and knots successfully.
  • Then, put on kid-friendly hair get on the top tresses, and back brush them. If you want you can also twist the strands for a versatile outlook.
  • Spritz on some holding spray to make sure that the style remains in place for hours to come.
  • And voila! you have created a simple yet fun hairdo in your baby’s hair.

Attractive And Adorable Mohawk Haircuts for Boys

When you decide to get your little boy a mohawk but don’t have the right idea about the styles, don’t worry! We have a list of different styles for you to get ideas.


1. Kids’ Mohawk With Design Undercut

mohawk for kids


Why not adorn your boy’s mohawk hairstyle with a designed undercut to bring some visual interest to it?

Embellish the faded sides with his favorite designs and shapes to express his inner thoughts and values. The perfect combination of the relatively longer manes with this innovative design will surely make him the hero of the lot.


2. Kids Messy Mullet-Hawk

little boys mohawk


The messy mohawk is the perfect hairdo for your kid if he has little time to maintain or style the manes. As it has an undone, don’t-care vibe, the boy doesn’t have to spend a whole lot of time keeping it tidy and in place. This haircut will look amazing as it is.


3. Kids’ Mohawk In Curly Hair

boys mohawk haircut


Curly hair can be a handful for a little kid. However, with a shorty short mohawk, you can not only ensure comfort but offer a great style too. Because you are taking off a whole lot of ringlets from his head, this hairstyle is extremely low maintenance too.


4. Kids’ Mohawk With Fade

toddler mohawk


A mohawk with a faded undercut is classic. On your little boy, try to keep the top strands a bit high and the fade low for a super fashionable yet practical outlook.


5. Kid’s Mohawk In Wavy Hair

kids mohawk haircut


When your little one doesn’t let go of this beautiful wavy hair, adorn them with an interesting mohawk haircut. A wavy hair mohawk is a relaxed and comfortable haircut that highlights the hair texture while ensuring extraordinary style.

Even though the strands are cut a bit longer, with proper styling, this “do” is “oh so fantastic”.


1. Ringlet Mohawk For Little Boy

Curly Mohawk For Little Boy


Pair your kid’s cute ringlets with tapered sides and a super short top for an adorable hairdo. While the teeny-tiny curls on the top show off his natural hair texture, the undercut adds another dimension to the look and makes it eye-catching.


2. Kids Mohawk Fade With Design

Kids Mohawk Fade With Design


Get the little boy some interesting hair designs to make him stand out in the crowd. Between the unique designs, an edgy mohawk, and the high fade, this hairdo will never let the kid down. We can assure you that.


3. Short Mohawk For Little Boy

Short Mohawk For Little Boy


If it’s the first time you are getting your kid a mohawk haircut, try the shorter version! This fantastic haircut is clean and sharp and makes for a charismatic hairdo without being too over the top. Also, as the top strands seamlessly blend with the sides and back, it doesn’t look as edgy and dramatic as the other mohawks.

For a shy boy, this is just the right haircut to flaunt.


4. Kids Long Mohawk

Kids Long Mohawk


This kid’s hairstyle is rebellious and fascinating. Featuring long and thick manes on the top with high faded sides, this mohawk haircut is anything but boring.

But it might be a bit difficult to style because of the long flowy manes. Try to use a kid-friendly hair gel to keep the tresses well-styled and in place.


5. Fohawk For Kids

Fohawk For Kids


This haircut for boys is trendy, charming, and adorable. As it features relatively longer strands on the top with seamless blended shorter sides it creates an illusion of volume and body like none other.

If your little one has fine or thin manes, try out this haircut right now.


5. Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk


Nothing can compare to the duo of thick, natural afro hair and the incredibly versatile mohawk haircut. The tapered sides with the combed back top truly ensure depth in your tresses and create an incredibly standout look.

Try applying some curl-enhancing cream to put the spotlight on your natural hair texture.


6. Mohawk With Ringlets

Mohawk With Design


If you feel that a head full of ringlets is quite a handful for your baby boy, cut them into a short, cute mohawk!

As this kid’s haircut shows off the bouncy curls while letting go of the extra weight, it creates a fascinating look in your kid. Style it messily or comb it precisely, and it will never fail to look charming.


6. Little Boy Mohawk With Blonde Hair

Little Boy Mohawk With Blonde Hair


The bright, vibrant blonde paired with an equally edgy mohawk will always shed all the spotlight on your little one. However, because the dye is too vibrant and eye-catching, try to keep the rest of the hair simple and not too OTT.


7. Blue Mohawk

Blue Mohawk


Dye your baby boy’s mohawk in a bright blue hue to grab all the eyeballs from his peers in no time. Such an edgy hairstyle with such a “standout” hue would add the right bit of fun and drama to his style and never let him go unnoticed.

When your baby isn’t afraid of attention, don’t hesitate to try this “do” on his tresses.


8. Kids Faux Hawk

Kids Faux Hawk


This haircut on your little boy is incredibly intense and dramatic. Even though the contrast of the top hair with the faded sides is much more subtle than a regular mohawk, a faux hawk still manages to add the edge. Your baby would never miss drawing the right attention with this amazing boys’ mohawk haircut.


9. Colorful Mohawks For Kids

Colorful Mohawks For Kids


Want to incorporate all the fun colors in your little one’s hair? Not a problem.

Dye your boy’s mohawk with his favorite hues and make him a star in no time. Even though the mix of all the colors might seem a bit too much for a little kid, with the right combination, there is no way this style would look unsightly.


10. Summer Style Mohawk

Summer Style Mohawk


For the hot summers, adopt a short mohawk with slightly faded sides for your precious little boy. As there is incredibly less hair on the head, there is less chance that the baby will sweat or feel uncomfortable while out on a hot, sunny day.


11. Modern Mohawk For Little Boy

Modern Mohawk For Little Boy


Shave off your kid’s hair completely with a sharp razor. However, keep a thick strip of short manes on the top for an eye-catching look.


12. Buzz Cut Mohawk For Kids

Buzz Cut Mohawk For Kids


When your little one doesn’t want to go completely bald, a mohawk with buzz can be a great hairstyle to try. To create this look, shave the sides of his head completely while keeping just a strip of hair in the middle.

Between the shorty short strands on the top along with the shaved sides, your boy would never consider it completely bald!


13. Kids Mullet Mohawk

kids mohawk haircut


A lot is going on with this hairstyle. Bringing together the features of a classic mullet with the mohawk, this “do” is anything but ordinary.

With the slightly spiked hair, trimmed sides, and elongated back, the mohawk mullet will never fail to make your baby look as unique as ever.


14. Mohawk For Black Boys

Mohawk For Black Boys


Get a stylish mohawk in your kid’s natural hair to keep the maintenance routine to a minimum. Because black hair is too thick and hard to maintain, such a haircut will not only assure phenomenal style but also cut down “take care” time significantly.

For your convenience, this “do” is just the right pick for your black little boy.


15. Rainbow Mohawk For Little Boy

Rainbow Mohawk For Little Boy


If your kid isn’t afraid of a risky fashion move, dye his hair into rainbow colors to make him the center of attention.  Even though the bright and vibrant hues might attract eyeballs, they sure add a whole lot of gun and flair to the look.

However, before dyeing, make sure that the color you are using is safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.


16. Short Spiky Mohawk

Short Spiky Mohawk


For a touch of subtle boldness, adorn your baby’s mohawk with the ever-versatile spikes. Apply an adequate amount of kid’s hair gel to his manes and make sharp spikes that would remain all day. Make sure to balance the spikes so that they don’t look unappealing or unsightly at all.


17. Braided Mohawk For Little Boy

Braided Mohawk For Little Boy


Make 3-4 cornrows in your little one’s mohawk haircut for added interest and versatility in his outlook. The combination of the beautiful plaits with the neatly trimmed faded sides makes a great contrast and ensures comfortable styling.

For added visual appeal. attach beads and rings on the braids. They will attract even more attention.


18. Little Black Boy Mohawk

Little Black Boy Mohawk


A mohawk on black hair is not only stylish but comfortable too. As you are taking off a whole lot of hair weight from your little one’s tresses, he would feel less burden on the scalp and roam around comfortably.

However, make sure that the mohawk is cut precisely so that it goes seamlessly with your little one’s natural tresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Mohawk Haircut Suitable for Little Boys?

Yes, a mohawk haircut is suitable for little boys too. The signature features of this amazing haircut accentuate your kid’s outlook as it does on any man. Try out the different mohawk haircuts to add versatility and a hint of a “grown-up” vibe to your precious little one. 

Final Words

A mohawk is a fresh and fabulous haircut to try on your little boys. Regardless of his hair type and face shape, you can try this “do” to create a picture-perfect outlook. And with all the styles and ideas we have shared above, you would never lack inspiration.

Try it now and see how happy your boy becomes.


Meta: Little boy mohawk haircut is stylish, versatile yet super comfortable. Here are the top 25 mohawks for boys you can try now

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