37 Stylish Curly Fade Haircut To Inspire Your Next Look

Fade haircut with curly hair is a classic hairstyle that has been around for years. Of course, it remains trendy because it is stylish and looks great on men regardless of color or race. Men who love curls will have a great time wearing these looks.

Besides, the addition of a low fade on curly hair makes it easier for men to maintain their hair. Low fade also adds an edgy touch to the whole appearance. So, if you wish to try this classic and low-maintenance style for men, below are 37 inspiring curly fade haircuts to try!


What is Curly Fade?

The curly fade is an all-time classic haircut closely similar to an undercut. However, this haircut’s main features are the curls’ volume and texture. While the fade cut is a contrast to the thick curly mane at the top of your head, it complements it perfectly.


37 Trendy Curly Fade Haircut for Men to Rock

Curly fade is an excellent way of controlling volume and taming those wide curls. Moreover, it gives a classic and sexy appearance. This style never goes out of trend and is a must-try for people with curly hair.

1. Taper Fade Curly Hair

taper fade curly hair

This curly hair fade is an all-time favorite that you want to try out. The fade is more pronounced towards the neckline, but as you move towards the top of the head, you will notice the low-cut transition into thick curls towards the top.

Suitable for: Men with extremely thick and curly manes can rock this style as the fade makes the curls noticeable.


2. Low-Fade Curly Hair

low fade curly hair

One particular feature of this fade for curly hair is that the fade is not too low compared to others. The neat and clean fade makes the thick curls at the top more noticeable. The style looks fashionable, especially with the curly bang spilling on the forehead.

Suitable for: Regardless of your skin tone, you can rock this haircut, which goes well with different beard styles.


3. Mid-Fade Curly Hair

mid fade curly hair

As opposed to your whole ear and temple area being bare, this fade starts from the middle of the head before transitioning into your curly hair. The neatness of this style is one of its most attractive features. While the curls are short, it is easy to maintain.

Suitable for: This fade will look good on anyone with short curly hair, although it would be perfect if you have a long face shape.


4. Drop Fade for Curly Hair

drop fade for curly hair

If you are not blessed with long hair like others, you can still rock the curly hair fade haircut. Your short curly hair will take all the attention as the fade only focuses on areas around your ear and neckline.

Suitable for: while men with any face shape can rock this style, it is more suited for men with thick and voluminous curly hair.


5. Undercut Curly

undercut + curly hair fade

The undercut never seems to go out of style for both men and women. But combining the classic fade and glamorous undercut is all you need to achieve a nice curly fade. Since the undercut is easy to maintain, you can easily focus on styling the curly parts.

Suitable for: Men with long and short curly hair. However, the undercut is more noticeable when you have thick curly hair.


6. Burst Fade

burst fade

The burst fade with curly hair is masculine and elegant. Besides, it has that edgy touch that many people crave. While this style will look good on short curly hair, it will be limiting, especially for the fade. Moreover, it goes well with stubbles!

Suitable for: It is suitable for every face type; you only need to create a shape that suits your face. Also, you need thick curly hair to pull this off.


7. Mixed Curly Hair with Fade

mixed curly hair with fade

The first thing you will notice is the bangs which add an innocent touch to the overall appearance. Although, it doesn’t diminish the masculine effect of the look. The clean-shaven neckline slowly transitions to a fade giving it an overall clean appearance.

Suitable for: Men with thick long curly hair and long face shape. However, it would look good on any face shape.


8. High Taper Fade

high taper fade

This curly hair fade is an excellent choice for teenagers. It is low maintenance, easy, and fashionable. The fade looks clean and smooth as it transitions to the curls at the top of the head. The taper fade also adds a nice contrast to the whole appearance.

Suitable for: The style is simple and easy to manage, so it’s suitable for teenagers. Also, people with long curls and low volume can try this style.


9. Temp Fade for Men with Curly Hair

temp fade for men with curly hair

This fade with curly hair is a signature haircut, especially for black men. At first glance, it looks like an afro, but you can’t help but notice the fade that occupies the temple area. You may also make designs in the fade area to style up the whole appearance.

Suitable for: Regardless of your face type or skin color, you can pull off this style. However, your hair needs volume to make this style stand out.


10. Curly Fade for White Guy

curly fade for white guy

The clean cut and neatness of this curly hair fade make it a go-to style for people with curly hair. The clean shave draws attention to the curls ahead. Although the curly part is not much for other styles, this takes about two-thirds of your head.

Suitable for: Although anyone can rock this style, it is more fitting for men with loose curls.


11. Fade Haircut for Black MaleĀ 

Fade haircut for black male with curly hair

You will easily find this curly fade among black men because it brings out the uniqueness in their overall appearance. Moreover, it makes it easier to control your curls. However, you may need styling products to keep the curls in shape.

Suitable for: This style is most convenient for black men with the long face shape. However, anyone can try this style.


12. Curly Mullet with Fade

Curly mullet with fade

If your hair is extremely curly, then you should try this style. It is fashionable and elegant, plus it has a retro vibe. The side fades add a little contrast to the whole appearance. However, please don’t make the curls too long, as they might be challenging to maintain.

Suitable for: Regardless of the volume, if you have long hair with loosed curls, you can try this haircut.


13. Curly Mohawk Fade

Curly Mohawk + fade

This style is very famous among singers and rock stars. The combination of mohawk and fade is one of the most dynamic fades for curly hair that you should try. It looks fantastic and classic and will give a significant transformation to your whole appearance.

Suitable for: A very versatile style, it will fit anyone that decides to try it out.


14. For Long Curly Hair

For long Curly hair

Those curly ringlets are already attractive; it is only proper to draw attention to them with a curly hair fade haircut. The fade is more pronounced at the neckline and temple area but reduces to a clean cut as you go near the curls.

Suitable for: The curly hair already defines the look. You should try this style if your hair has volume and an extremely curly texture!


15. For Short Curly Hair

For short Curly Hair

If you are looking for ways to control your wide curls while keeping the volume manageable, you should try this haircut. The medium fade adds the needed contrast, while the stubbles add a masculine touch that completes the whole appearance.

Suitable for: You will look good in this haircut if you have an oval shape and your hair is curly with a larger volume.


16. Fade with Curly on Top

Fade with curly On top

Fade with curly hair on top is one of the classic haircuts for black guys. The wilderness vibe of the curly hair is dimmed by the bald fade, although this doesn’t make it any less attractive. With a certain volume level, you are sure to pull this off.

Suitable for: This style is for black men with thick hair. Although, volume is not a strong feature of this style.


17. Skin Fade Curly for Men

Skin fade curly for men


18. Blowout Cut for Curly

Blowout cut For curly

This curly hair fade haircut is perfect for those who like to emphasize volume. The skin fade also helps showcase the volume while keeping the edge clean. However, you need to hydrate your curls to keep the style in shape.

Suitable for: While anyone can rock this haircut, it looks elegant on black men because their hair texture makes the blowout more noticeable.


19. Curly Fringe with Fade

Curly fringe with fade

Fringe is always an avenue to showcase different styles. However, the combination of a curly fade and fringe creates an elegant appearance with an edgy touch. Also, the combination of skin and mid-fade creates a contrast perfect for the appearance.

Suitable for: If you have curly hair with a large volume, this haircut is perfect for you. It helps to control your curls.


20. Curly Fade With Beard

Curly fade + Beard

There is nothing stopping the beards from being show stealers! The major focus is usually on the hair; however, Shape up curly fade combines your hair and beard. While the curls are captivating, the low fade of the beards adds a touch of sexiness to the appearance.

Suitable for: Long curls are always difficult to tame, but this style will help you control them. Also, people with large volumes can rock this style.


21. Curly Fade with Shaved Line

Curly fade with shaved line

The messiness of these curls is already attractive, add the shave line, and you have a winner. The messy curls give the appearance a sexy look with an innocent touch, while the shave line makes the haircut look classic and elegant.

Suitable for: messy curls can be difficult to tame, but this style offers a way out. Ideal for men with large volumes and messy curls.


22. Curly Afro With A Fade Cut

Curly afro with fade for men

Afro is a haircut that never goes out of style for black men and women, especially if your hair boasts volume. The bald fade makes the curly afro more pronounced, but it also tames the wildness of the whole appearance too. Overall, it doesn’t reduce the masculine impact of the style.

Suitable for: This style is perfect for black men that can boast of volume, although anyone with thick and voluminous hair can try this style.


23. Disconnected Undercut

Mens Disconnected Undercut

This is another classic fade that anyone can try out. The shave line draws attention to the clean undercut while separating it from the curls. However, it adds a fashionable and edgy element to the whole appearance. Try dyeing your hair to make it look more versatile.

Suitable for: anyone that wants to try out the curly fade can try this hairstyle. Although, it requires a volume level to pull this off.

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24. Taper fade for Messy Curly

Taper fade for messy curly

There is something attractive about messy curls, although they can sometimes be difficult to manage. Combining a tapered fade with beards is always a show stealer. Besides, the hair is full but fades as you move toward the temple and neckline.

Suitable for: Even though the length may be absent, you can rock this style if you have volume.


25. Curly Fade with Side Design

Curly fade with side design

You can never go wrong with this fade for curly hair! The design is eye-catching and will make you stand out anywhere. Moreover, you can miss the serious cool vibe that this style gives. Make the style more creative by adding color.

Suitable for: Regardless of the hair volume and length, anyone can wear this style. However, you should select a color that matches your skin tone.


26. Frohawk Fade

Frohawk Fade

The frohawk is a fusion of two versatile hairstyles – afro and mohawk. This style makes controlling your volume an easy task. Additionally, they are seriously cool, especially when paired with a neatly trimmed beard.


27. Cropped Curly

Cropped curly with fade

The flyaway appearance of the curls is the major defining factor of this fade for curly hair. The mid-fade and the shave line are not so subtle. However, they don’t diminish the whole masculine appearance.


28. Curly Fade for Wavy Hair

Curly fade for wavy hair

While the design is already eye-catching, the curls are simply adorable. Curly fade is best for taming wide curls; with this style, you will achieve that goal. Try growing your beards to make them look sexier!


29. Fade Haircut with Tight Curls

Fade Haircut With Tight Curls

Many black men are rocking this style because it accentuates their volume and texture. You will notice the skin fade around the neckline and temple area but turns to a shadow fade in the middle.


30. Skin Fade with Curly Hair

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Over the years, the skin fade has been a trendsetter. It complements your curls, adding contrast that brings the whole appearance to completion. The entire side of the head is shaved entirely, although the hairline is visible as you move toward the middle.


31. Mid Fade with Curls

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The mid fade is perfect for loose and thick curls. Generally, a mid fade complements the hair in the middle. However, it may look better on people with a round and oval face. Also, try making the curls into stylish bangs!


32. High Skin Fade

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The high skin fade is seriously cool, especially when it gives an edgy contrast to the whole appearance. It gives more attention to the fringe over your forehead. This curly hair fade haircut will set the mood anywhere you are.


33. Curly Fade + Shave Line

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

One thing you will notice about this fade for curly hair is the smoothness of the whole style. The upper part is curly and voluminous while spotting a subtle undercut, while the rest are a mid fade creating a shadow.


34. Skin Fade for Black Men

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Any black guy can rock this cool look. The curly part in the middle has an even length making it attractive. The shave line enhances the overall appearance while the shadow fade turns to a skin fade as you move nearer to the temple.


35. Temple Fade with Mohawk

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Mohawk is one most dynamic ways of wearing curly hair fade. There are many ways of doing a mohawk, so you don’t have to stick to one style. The temple fade is not pronounced, but you still get the relaxed vibe.


36. High Fade with Thick Curls

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you find it very difficult to control and maintain your curls, you will fall in love with this fade for curly hair. The appearance is creative, especially with the color contrast and design adding versatility to the whole appearance.


37. Curly Zero Fade

Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

This zero fade with curly hair is the best if you want your haircut to be fashionable and easy to manage. This style is suitable for teenagers and makes that innocent look more pronounced, although the fade adds an edgy touch to the appearance.



Does a Fade Work With Curly Hair?

Yes, a fade is an excellent choice for curly hair because it helps you maintain your curls while providing you with classic and stylish haircuts that you can rock. Another reason is that it helps you eliminate or control your hair volume while leaving a portion you can style the way you like.


What Fade Is Best For Curly Hair?

Curly fade is versatile and fits any face shape. However, some fades fit short curly hair while others are suitable for long curly hair. For instance, the low fade is best for thick curly hair with large volume, while the mid and high fade works well with short curly hair. Drop fade looks cool with long curly hair while the burst fade is the best choice for creating a contrast.



The curly hair fade is a must-try if you have unwanted curls and volume that you would like to maintain. Even if you don’t, this haircut comes highly recommended because of the stylish and classic appearance it gives. f you have thick and curly hair, you can check out some of the above-listed styles for inspiration!

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