37 Stylish Shape Up Haircuts For Men To Try in 2024

A shape up haircut for men is a great way to update your look and give yourself an edge. One trick technique for creating a clean, defined hairline with this style is trimming right along the hairline.

Also called line up or edge up, this style keeps you looking fresh all day long. Whether you like short, medium-length, or long hair, you’re in for a threat.


What is a Shape Up Haircut?

A shape up haircut is exactly what it sounds like – an edge up or line up style around the temple and sideburns. This style usually defines your natural hairline. The way your shape up turns out is more about your hairline than your preferred style.

Although the desire to experiment naturally comes with a new hairstyle, the best shape haircut is as close to the natural hair as possible. That said, there is a difference between maintaining the hairline and exposing your receding hairline.


Why Is Shape Up Haircuts For Men Popular?

The shape up haircut used to be peculiar to black people. But now, everyone rocks it. In the 1980s, it grew in popularity and began its rise to fame in the hip-hop scene. Today, rappers, singers, and many industry giants rocked and continue to rock the style. But the high-top shape-up style will go down as the best men’s hairstyle of the 1980s.

The precision always makes the difference regardless of how you like the top. This is the sure thing; taking the shape up is a stylish option. Check out these shape up cuts and how they may match your style.

1. Shape Up Haircut For Short Hair

shape up haircut for short hair

This is probably the most accessible type of shape up haircut for men. The style keeps the top hair as low as possible with clean, flawless sideburns. A flawless zero fade almost always accompanies it.


2. Shape Up For Long Hair

shape up for long hair

You don’t have to miss out because your hair is long. The hairline is all that matters. In addition to being versatile enough to accommodate longer hair, you can combine it with a sleek undercut fade. Cool, yeah?


3. Afro Shape Up Cut

afro shape up cut

The fro never went out of style. People just found better ways to rock it. The Afro shape up haircut is funky and fresh. It is an old style with a modern vibe. It was the talk of an era and still on top of the trends in 2023; your hair in all of its glory.


4. Shape Up Haircut With Dreads

shape up haircut with dreads

Whether it’s baby dreads or the longer ones, shaping up gives your hair a different outlook. A layered cascade is achievable, making you stand out effortlessly. The contrast is simply hard to ignore. This style keeps your dreads looking new always.


5. White Guy With Fade

white guy with fade

We told you so; this haircut is for everybody. It is a classic choice, especially when you want to line up your edges. Fade transitions that expose the skin are everything. Also, you decide what stays on top. Your options are numerous.


6. Black Men’s Haircut With Shape Up

black men haircut with shape up

Black men rock this style differently. It’s almost like a trademark. From curly tops to rounded corners and fade-up back burns, it is as sleek as it gets. A finely trimmed beard is all you need to complete this look- whole, medium, or low, it is your call.


7. Fade Shape Up

fade shape up

The fade up in a shape up haircut is the perfect combination. It is for those who appreciate the fine texture. A fade transitions into your shape up until there is a meeting point. But the meeting up is also the starting point of your shape up.


8. Box Shape Up Haircut

Box shape up haircut

Box shape up has all the right angles to it. It is an appealing style for a themed occasion or for people who live the retro vibes. Also, you decide the height of the box, and the lineup is usually the best part. It is throwing it back to the good old days.


9. Double Shape Up Haircut

double shape up haircut

That’s twice the sleek line and twice as tall. Your edges stay clean and ready to go any day. The double shape up haircut keeps a balanced look between geometry and texture, especially at the back of your head.


10. Front Cut + Shape Up

Front cut + shape up

Now, this is taking your shape up a notch higher. The front cut can take your hairline a bit higher, adding to it a blended part. Regardless of your decision, the idea is to keep it reasonable. This style looks good on growing hair because it gives it a fresher look.


11. High Top

High Top

The high top shape up haircut for men continues the fade. It is essentially a high fade that keeps the top of your hair as high as you like. You get what you desire, whether you’re into curly or longer hair. But the best part is, the top looks exactly as you want.


12. Undercut With Shape Up

Undercut with Shape Up

In our books, this is a perfect line up. There’s no need to doubt the outcome because it is dope. If you plan to explore an undercut, ensure the line up fits the edges. This is an excellent way to keep your hair game A+.


13. Frohawk


Frohawk shape up is a combination of styles, the Afro, hawk, shape up, and fade (optional). It simply presents a better way to rock your Afro hawk. Besides, the shape up keeps your hawk tidier and fresher.


14. Shape Up Haircut For Curly Hair

Shape Up Haircut For Curly Hair

There’s nothing sweeter than breaking the rules. That’s precisely what this style does. Because you keep your hair curly doesn’t mean restriction to curly hair. You can add a touch of your imagination. Trust us; the effect will be mind-blowing.


15. Blowout + Shape Up

Blowout + shape up

Here’s another fresh look. The blowout shape up haircut takes your hair to its fullest potential so that the front line stands tall in a wavy-like orientation. Then it is slightly nestled against the rest of your hair until the entire cut fades into the back of your head.

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16. Side Shape Up Haircut

Side shape up haircut

This is a sweet medium between shape up and blowout. One side of the hair is oriented downwards, towards the fading line. The other side stays pointing upwards in a blowout manner. A side part makes it better.


17. Line-Cut

Line cut

A-line cut is a dynamic touch to your shape up haircut. Depending on how the shape sits on your head, you can create an illusion that lowers or adjusts your hairline. You can compliment it with a beard or beardless look.


18. All Around Shape Up Haircut

All around shape up haircut

As clean as sharp edges are, some people are not fans, and that’s okay. The all-around shape up is primarily a soft kind of box style. Then your barber can adjust the corners into a round form. You may consider parting the hair on the side.


19. Shape Up + Tape Up

Shape Up + Tape Up

Tape up alone is also called the taper fade. It typically stops behind the hair but highlights your neckline and temples. Matched with shape up, your hair gets that 360 degree cut while retaining as much hair as you’d like.


20. Burst Fade Shape Up Haircuts

Burst Fade Shape Up Haircuts

Like the traditional fade haircut, the burst fade shape up haircut has a curved section behind both ears. The final result is a semi-circular blend into the midsection of your hair. It has versatile edges on both temples.


21. Highlighted Shape Up

Highlighted shape up

You don’t need to stick to a particular hair color when there are many colors to explore. For best results, consider leaving the roots untouched; it produces a good highlight. Some colors even give you the tint and shade hue.


22. Front Slanted Line Up

Front Slanted Line Up

This is undoubtedly an eye-catching choice. The front slant creates a striking, distinct, hard-to-miss style. It gives a slick and polished finish. You get a style that has its own personality; it may just grow on you.


23. Shape Up With Beard

Shape Up with Beard

Here is one of those styles you’d see in a styling book or magazine. It is precise in every sense of a shape up haircut. The proportionality of your face may be a factor to consider when deciding on the beard.


24. Comb Over

Comb Over

There are two sides to a comb-over. The hard look on one side gives a vintage appeal. On the other side, the hair is combed to that side, giving a luxurious finish that you can rock with any outfit.


25. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

The standard Caesar cut usually includes a neat lineup or temporary fade. Regardless of how long the front is, the back should be trimmed to look uniform. The short bangs are like icing on the cake.


26. Curly Top + Shape Up

Curly top + shape up

Curl hair on top is everything and more in a shape up haircut. In addition to looking like petals within petals, this particular style looks great on any hair color. You can add a bit of fun to the front where the curls cover your temple.


27. Spiked Haircut

Spiked Haircut

The spiked haircut is not running out of trend soon because it continues to evolve. It is suitable for an excellent shape up haircut since it has that military top where the top stays flat. You may consider adding a line to the sides.


28. Short Shape Up Haircut

Short Shape Up Haircut

The short shape haircut is nothing loud. It is the simple go-to any day. While it may seem easy to achieve, it takes a good barber to master the shape of your hair and cut it accordingly. We don’t want your sideburns missing the magic.


29. Toddler Shape Up Haircut

toddler shape up haircut

Think the shape up haircut for men rocks? Wait until your kid rocks it. Because it is low maintenance and looks great, the cut-fade-line-up combination looks good on low and high cuts. It is great for all ages, and that’s on period.


30. Sharp And Curved

Sharp and Curved

How sharp is too sharp for you? Because this one can mix and match. Consider a 90-degree angle drawn down the bridge of your nose. Next, a half-circle inward from the center of the line. Together, they create a signature sharp edge cut.


31. Pompadour + Shape Up

Pompadour + Shape up

Pompadour is one of those ageless and timeless styles but what makes it stand out is the versatility of the top section. You can style it preferably, especially with your shape up cut. We think it is suitable for all except round faces.


32. Shape Up Haircut with Waves

Shape Up Haircut with Waves

The waves haircut is a trend now, especially on TikTok. It seems like the more texture, the more the waves. The type and length of your wave depend on preference, but the highlight is the shape that gives a clean finish.


33. Greaser Haircut

Greaser haircut

Greaser was the toast of the trend back in the day, but it remains in vogue. Styles like the shape up haircut takes it to the next level. Realistically, the greaser is like a quiff with the appropriate hair product that achieves that shine.


34. Disconnected Afro

Disconnected Afro

The distinction between a disconnected afro shape up and a regular afro is in the height and line. It features a slightly subtle fade along the back and sides. When you combine it with a clean shave, it accentuates your face appropriately. But a well-groomed beard never harmed anyone.


35. Temp Fade

Temp Fade

Your temp fade is exactly how it sounds- a carefully laid-out fade of your temple. It is an eye-popping style; it gives your sideburns and temple the chance to shine. Be careful with this one. You might just stay hooked.


36. Cropped Shape Up Haircut

Cropped Shape Up Haircut

For us, this cropped haircut looks like a nice mix of the undercut, caesar, and the burst fade shape, but it depends on how you decide to look at it. There’s a soft arc above your ears, and this slowly fades into the upper section of your hair.


37. Shape Up Haircut + No Fade

shape up haircut + no fade

As mentioned earlier, not all shape-ups require fades. It leaves the edges crispy. In the context of shape-ups, this looks like the typical style. We recommend defining your hairline softly so that the balance of the rook is retained.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s The Difference Between a Shape-Up and a Tape up?

A shape up cut involves edging up your hair along the natural hairline. In a tape up haircut, the hair is cut shorter in sections across the head, starting at the crown and working its way down. It is also known as the taper. Sometimes, they may appear similar because they both reduce the length of the hair but at varying gradients.


Does Shape Up Include a Fade?

Yes, a shape-up may often include a fade, especially on the sides and back of the head. However, not all shape-ups include a fade, for example, ‘the shape up haircut with no fade.’


One of the challenging aspects of changing your ‘do’ is opting for which works best for you. So, the shape up haircut can never go wrong if you’re looking for a low-maintenance and defining option. We hope you enjoy experimenting with these styles, but if you like to take it up a notch, you may add your spice. It might just be the next big deal.

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