35 Marine Haircut Ideas For Men That Are Always In Style

Modern, masculine, and rugged, there could be nothing better to describe a corporal marine haircut for men than these three words. Even though military hairstyles have been around for a long time, in recent times, they have gained immense popularity because of the chicness and style they add to the whole outlook. It doesn’t matter if you are a marine or not, these amazing “dos” will never fail to provide a very elegant, manly vibe to your appearance.


What Is A Marine Haircut Called?

Marine haircuts, also known as military haircuts, can be defined by quite a few types of “dos.” The buzz cut, crew cut, fades, and high and tight are some of the most common marine cuts that are tried and loved by the soldiers.

Even when you don’t mention them as “marine cuts,” people know that these are military styles because of their wide application and incredible popularity.


Classic And Trendy Marine Haircut Ideas

One thing about marine hairstyles is that they are always short, neat, and professional. However, even though all these hairstyles are shorty short, they are super versatile. Go through the marine haircut ideas for men below and find out what would suit you the most.


1. Marine Corps Haircut

marine corps haircut

To match your marine persona, get a corp haircut right now!

Being the modernized version of a traditional buzz cut, the military crop haircut has no more than half an inch long strands. If you want to switch up the style a bit, you can pair it with a low fade on both sides to create more edges and dimensions.


2. High And Tight

high and tight haircut

For a more masculine and rugged vibe, opt for a high and tight haircut to wear with your uniform. This neat “do” with faded sides and slightly longer back and top ensures a classic professional look that goes seamlessly with any formal outfit.

If you want a fuss-free yet impact hairstyle, don’t hesitate to try the high and tight!


3. Marine Fade Haircut

marine fade haircut

Featuring a tapered fade from the top to the sides and back, this incredible haircut is perfect for a marine because it doesn’t require as much maintenance and care as others. Moreover, you can customize the length of the fade to perfectly match your face shape and hair type.


4. Low Fade

low fade

The low fade haircut is the military take on the classic undercut. This “do” allows you to flaunt your hair stylishly without breaking the marine rules. As this haircut will enable you to keep the top slightly;y thick, you can play with the length for a more personalized look.


5. Marine Regulation Haircut

marine regulation haircut

If you have no time to maintain your manes, this low-maintenance regulation haircut is the “One” for you. Featuring a faded top with nearly-shaved sides and back, this “do” ensures that you look good even without spending time to style your hair.


6. Flat Top

Flat top

For some height and structure in your manes, get a marine haircut with a flat top. The slight elevation on the top is cut horizontally right across to make it look flat and eye-catching. Even though this “do” looks savvy on any man, if you have natural hair, make sure not to try it whatsoever.


7. Jarhead Haircut


If you are looking for a haircut that requires less grooming time, this jarhead is a perfect choice for you. This style keeps the strands only about 1/8 inch and gives a slight bald vibe to the look. Also, because it matches the shape of the head, this haircut gives you a more structured, edgier outlook.


8. Stylish Marine Haircut

Stylish marine haircut

Inspired by the classic Ivy league haircut, this super stylish “do” is very easily adaptable and looks good on anyone and everyone out there. The slightly longer and thicker tresses on the top give a volume boost, while the shorter fade helps to keep the overall look subtle and sophisticated.


9. Military Marine Cut

Military marine cut

This short marine haircut is the right choice for a masculine yet sophisticated look!

The slightly longer hair on the top combined with extremely faded sides shows off your challenging facial features precisely and makes you look like a true hero. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or natural manes; this military cut will suit you regardless of your hair type and face shape.


10. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

Also known as the induction cut, the buzz hair is one of the most popular haircuts among marines and militaries. Featuring super short strands all over the head, this “do” is the perfect combination of style and comfort for fashionable men.

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11. Crew Marine Cut

Crew marine cut

There’s a reason this is considered one of the most iconic marine haircuts of all time. The tapered sides and the slightly long manes on the top add definition and edge to your face and make you look like a true Superstar!


12. Old School Marine Haircut

Old school marine haircut

To achieve this dramatic outlook, cut the top hair flat and angled while keeping the sides incredibly faded. It will draw all the attention towards you and make you the center of attention anywhere you go.


13. Skin Fade

Skin fade

For a relaxed, comfortable style, adopt a skin fade military cut in your hair. This modern, chic “do” with significantly shorter strands can be blended with any marine haircut to make the style cool and casual. All you need to do is find out how to incorporate it for a killer outlook.


14. Marine Haircut With Beard

Marine haircut with beard

Pair up your marine haircut with a sexy beard to add a whole lot of drama and dimension to your entire outlook. While the faded hair meets the military code, the neatly trimmed beard creates a balance in your appearance. The combination of these two makes you stand out in the crowd in no time!

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15. For Black Man

For black man

Black hair? Get the high fade haircut to make you look more manly in your marine attire. Because it trims the thick, natural tresses to a fade, this hairdo takes off a lot of hair weight from your head to ensure comfort and a trendy outlook.


16. For White Guy

for white guy

With each passing day, this marine hairstyle is only getting trendier. With polished, slightly longer buzz hair on the top, this “do” promises to add panache to your straight or wavy hair. Pair it with a faded beard for an even balanced outlook.


17. Brushed Cut

Brushed Cut

As the name suggests, a brushed haircut has a shape of a brush with upward-facing longer tresses on top and relatively shorter strands on the side. Even though you have the freedom to choose the hair length, it’s always better to keep it relatively short for the sake of your uniform.


18. Comb Over Marine Cut

Comb Over marine cut

Be a true gentleman with a classic comb-over haircut for marine men. This sophisticated “do” suits men of all ages and hair types and provides a very professional vibe. You can also combine it with a low taper fade for added dimension to the look.

Use wet hair gel to comb over the tresses for a sleek vibe and extra hold.


19. High And Spiky Cut

High and Spiky Cut

Who said you could not have fun with a marine haircut? Create subtle spikes in your faded high hair and be extraordinary even in your standard uniform.

You can also put a bit of gel on the tresses to make the spikes even more prominent and visible.


20. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

It doesn’t matter if you have curly, wavy, straight, or natural hair; this Caesar cut suits anyone without exception. Defined by having the same length of hair all over the head with a super short fringe, this haircut allows you to play with the length for a more customized look.

You can also add a taper fade or undercut to this Cut for a modern twist.


21. Side Shaved Short Hair Marine Haircut

side shaved short hair marine haircut

To grab the attention of the onlookers, pair your short tresses with shaved sides. It doesn’t matter what haircut you are sporting, the highly shaved sides and back will give it structure and drama while also ensuring incredible comfort.

This “do” is also super low-maintenance and doesn’t take a lot of your time for styling.


22. Marine Hair With Undercut

marine haircut for men

Although it is a mohawk-inspired haircut, this style features relatively shorter hair on the top to go with your marine attire completely. For more variation in the class, you can cut the top tresses at a slight angle to create an interesting outlook.


23. Marine Butch Cut

marine haircut for men

Masculin, modern and professional- a butch cut cannot be described any better. Get this rugged hairdo if you are looking for something timeless and trendy to go well with your uniform as well as your regular wear too.


24. Marine Small Quiff

marine haircut for men

Even though a quiff isn’t an actual marine haircut, with a few changes here and there, it would be the perfect one to go with your military attire. While opting for this style, ensure that the top tresses are not extraordinarily long or voluminous. Your goal is to create a slight definition, not to break the dress code.


25. Burr Cut

marine haircut for men

The burr is the shorter version of a butch cut and is defined by shorty short tresses [less than 1/4 inch] all over the head. The barely-there manes offer an aggressive vibe and suit a marine perfectly.


26. Marine Crop Haircut

marine haircut for men

If you are looking for a fuss-free, versatile haircut, the crop is just the right one for you. Keeping everything neat and precise, this “do” features a fringe around the head to make it different from the others. And because of this round fringe, you would attract more attention than you ever did before!


27. Textured High Fade

marine haircut for men

Pair your slightly long hair with a high fade for a fantastic contrast that is acceptable in the military. As the short and sharper sides draw more attention to the longer top, you need to be more attentive while you decide on the length of the longer tresses.


28. Disconnected Pompadour

marine haircut for men

Being in uniform doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with your hair; this disconnected pompadour is the proof. The longer, puffy top paired with a disconnected undercut creates an exciting contrast and makes you look as edgy as ever.


29. Edgar Haircut

marine haircut for men

To be stylish yet maintain a rugged appearance, you can always try out this impactful Edgar haircut. While the slight fringe at the front frames you face, the fade at the sides and back gives the style more dimension and depth for a bold appearance.


30. Chiseled Marine Haircut

marine haircut for men

This military hairstyle is charming, traditional, and chic. Soldiers who love to stand tall and make a style statement should opt for this “do” without a second thought. Also, because the length of this chiseled Cut can be customized, ask your stylist for a more personalized outlook.


31. Short Bowl

marine haircut for men

The subtle fringes along with the equally short manes on the top make a unique and comfortable hairstyle for the marines. It not only takes away a lot of hair weight from your head but also adds the right vibe to your face for a more rigid, more masculine appearance.


32. Flat Top For Marines

marine haircut for men

Make a style statement with this amazingly simple yet stylish haircut for men. The faded sides and back with high and voluminous top create a striking appearance and make you noticeable even from afar.

However, remember that it might require quite a care routine to maintain the volume on the top.


33. Sharp Fade With Hard Part

marine haircut for men

This “hard part” hair is dapper and super stylish. The military-style high skin fade along with the slightly longer top and super hard part makes for an interesting contrast and makes you stand out without even trying hard. Also, as the hair on the top gives a little volume, your manes never seem flat and lackluster.


34. Marine Hard Part

marine haircut for men

To switch things up, you can always try a hard part in your marine hair and bring some visual interest to it. The classic parted manes soften your rugged appearance a bit and make you look cool and classy like never before.


35. Hair Design Marine Haircut

marine haircut for men

Add a bit of drama to your manes with a subtle hair design at the sides. Even though designs and marine hair don’t go hand in hand, a sharp line or a little bolt wouldn’t hurt much.

However, make sure that the design you create isn’t too prominent. It might not go with your uniform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do marines have to cut their hair?

Marines don’t have to cut their own hair. There is no such rule in the marine “grooming rules and regulations” book.

If you are a pro, you can trim your own hair. Otherwise, you can go to your hairdresser for a more precise and professional haircut.


What is the most popular marine haircut for men?

The crew cut has to be the most popular and iconic marine haircut for men. This amazing short “do” not only adds more definition and edge to your outlook but also ensures incredible comfort.

Even if you are not a marine, you can still try this Cut for a masculine appearance.


Why are marine haircuts short?

Marine haircuts are short because they are easy to maintain. As marines don’t have time to take care or style their hair, the cuts they adopt are low-maintenance and fuss-free to style.


Wrapping Up

Marine haircuts for men are stylish and adaptable. Even when you are not in the military, you can still sport these cuts to up your masculinity and look as cool and modern as ever. Try to adopt a style that suits your personality and face shape perfectly. It will increase the appeal even more.

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