15 Chili Bowl Haircut Ideas For Men With Good Taste

Chili bowl haircut for men, formerly known as the “Bowl Cut,” is a haircut that created a signature for an extended period. This haircut is one of the most common haircuts for men, yet you can style it with your uniqueness.

This cut suits silky and straight hair the best. But in modern times, people with different hair types are approaching and embracing this haircut very closely.

The cut indeed creates an excellent impression of the person. So, no matter which type of hair you have, you can give this haircut a try and style it uniquely.

Let’s know about 15 chili bowl haircuts for men in detail now.


What is a Chili Bowl Haircut?

A chili bowl haircut is mainly a simple cut that was previously done by putting a bowl over the top of the head. And the leftover hair seen outside the bowl was cut, aligning the bowl edge.

The haircut looked to be cut down from the bottom side, and the hair on the above side was untouched.

In the past, there were not plenty of options available for this haircut, but now you’ve got a ton of ways to style this haircut. 


Elegant And Stylist Chili Bowl Haircut

If you guys are looking for the best chili bowl hairstyle, explore these 15 unique styles. Let’s begin.


1. 90s Chili Bowl Haircut

90s chili bowl haircut

This hairstyle is named the 90’s chili bowl hairstyle. It means it’ll give you the 90’s look for sure. This hairstyle is a more precise chili bowl hairstyle among all.

The length of the hair in this style is the same all over the head. The cut is more vivid, and you can recognize it even from a reasonable distance. A middle part hairstyle goes perfectly with it.


2. Chili Bowl + Fade Haircut

chili bowl + fade haircut


When Chili bowl + fade haircut combines, it creates a new hairstyle that looks stunning. In this style, the bowl cut part remains almost the same as other chili bowl cuts.

But the lower side of the head and the hair around the neck is shaved neatly to give it a more excellent look.


3. Cool Style For Black Hair

Cool style for black hair

If you want to keep your classic black hair but still want to try a chili bowl cut, this one can be a relaxed style for black hair. 

In this style, you get a major chili bowl cut for your black hair and the lower part of your hair is shaved not too deeply. This haircut indeed gives you a charming look.


4. Asian Chili Bowl Haircut

asian chili bowl haircut


It is known to all that the chili bowl hairstyle is more famous among Asians. But the style is a little different.

In other chili bowl cuts, the hair is cut in even length. But in Asian Chili Bowl haircuts, the hair is cut with a wavy pattern to the sides of the head. Besides, the hair length of the front is longer than the back.


5. Mexican Chili Bowl

mexican chili bowl

Mexican hairstyles are always about a more precise and subtle look. They also created their own pattern for the chili bowl hairstyle.

In Mexican Chili Bowl hairstyles, the sides of the head get a little pattern. You get to see layers here. The front hair is long enough to touch your forehead. And layer looks precisely like the bowl cut. The above part of the hair is cut smaller to make a layer.


6. Thick Hair Bowl Style

Thick hair bowl style

The thick hair bowl style is very popular among men with thick hair. The cut is similar to a regular bowl cut, meaning the hair length is even everywhere.

But as the hair is thick, the lower part of the head remains dense with a minor cut. You can also color the bowl cut portion to get a vibrant look. 


7. Basic Chili Bowl Haircut

Basic chili bowl haircut

The basic chili bowl haircut is as the haircut was invented. You can try out this hairstyle if you have normal silky straight hair.

Here you get the same length haircut all over your head with the back shaved nicely.


8. Undercut Chili Bowl

Undercut chili bowl

Undercut chili bowl hairstyle looks more flawless in dyed hair. Specifically, it suits gray-colored hair as the must. Plus, if the hair is freeze free and straight, the look becomes classier.

The cut is similar to a basic chili bowl cut.


9. Short Chili Bowl Cut

Short Chili bowl cut

A short chili bowl cut is for those who want to style their hair with the best but likes to keep it short.

The short chili bowl cut looks tidier as the hair is cut shorter than other bowl cuts. Then, the sides and the back are shaved moderately in this cut.


10. Bowl Cut With Glasses

Bowl cut with glasses

Styling your own bowl cut absolutely depends on your choice. Bowl cuts are one of the oldest cuts for men. So, there are a lot of ways to style it. 

Glasses are one of those. You can wear round black glasses or classy clear square glasses to match your short length chili bowl haircut.


11. Golden Bowl Haircut

Golden bowl haircut

You would see this haircut most popular among celebrities. General people also love this one as it gives a simple yet elegant look to a person. 

The tidy-looking golden bowl cut is pretty attractive and can do the work if you want to create a perfect impression on anyone.


12. Long Chili Bowl

Long chili bowl

Remember the basic bowl cut? That was about just putting a bowl over your head straight and cutting the hair. 

There’s something different with the extended bowl cut. One, the hair length is considerably longer and the cut is set in a curved way and no hair is shaved at the back. You can see hair of the same height at the back as well.


13. Chili Bowl With Colorful

Chili bowl with colorful

Coloring is a part of styling hair. You can definitely do it with your chili bowl cut. But if you want to color your hair in this cut, get a little curved chili bowl cut. 

It looks better when the color highlights your hair.


14. Modern Spikes Bowl Style

Modern Spikes bowl style

In modern spike bowl style, you get the exact length bowl cut as the primary one. But this time the hair is cut a little shorter and you get to do spikes with it at the top of your head.


15. Chili Bowl With Line

Chili bowl with line

A Chili bowl with a hat is the hairstyle for those who always want a bold look. If you’re a solid person, this hairstyle can tell much about your personality without talking in person.



1. How Can I Choose The Most Suitable Chili Bowl Cut?

Choosing the best chili bowl cut can be overwhelming as plenty of options are available. Firstly, understand your needs and your hair type.

If you have straight hair, you can go for a basic bowl cut, but if you have curly hair look for the spikes, color or layer options. 


2. Can You Cut a Chili Bowl Cut Using a Bowl?

You can cut a chili bowl cut using a bowl. At least, this is how the haircut was first invented. 

Well, you can do a basic standard bowl cut using a bowl on your own. But if you’re looking for something to style with it is suggested to use the modern bowl cut methods or go to a specialist. 


Final Word

Hope that now you can choose your desired chili bowl haircut for men. You can try any of the above 15 styles. 

Just give a deeper look at the hairstyles and choose one according to your hair type.

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