30 Effortless Baseball Haircuts for Easygoing Men

Men’s baseball haircuts are classic! Be it on the field, in the gallery, or anywhere else, such posh and elegant “dos” would never fail to give you a fashion moment, EVER! The charm and style these haircuts bring to the whole outlook are unmatchable to none.

Also, because there are wide varieties and forms of these cuts, you can adapt the one that you think would suit you more, regardless of your hair type and length. Their high adaptability is yet another factor that made the baseball hairstyles popular among men of all ages and ethnicity equally!


What is the Baseball Haircut?

As the name suggests, baseball haircuts are the special type of cuts that baseball players mostly do. However, as these hairdos offer incredible versatility and functionality, men, other than the players, also love to sport them in their manes too.


30 Must Try Baseball Haircuts For Men

It doesn’t matter if you are a baseball player or a baseball fan; the right baseball haircut can make you the star of the crowd. There is no doubt about that. And to find the perfect “do” for you, we have all the inspiration you need. Go through our top 30 sporty hairstyles collection for men to find just the “ONE” for you.

1. Baseball Butch Cut

baseball haircuts

There’s no rule that baseball haircuts have to be long and flowy. You can also adopt a short, straightforward “do,” like the butch cut, to accentuate your facial features and still be in tune.

This haircut features medium-length strands on the top with quarter-inch manes at the back and sides to create an interesting symmetry. If you want maximum appeal with a simple style, this is the cut you should try Right Now!


2. Bryce Harper Hair

baseball haircuts

If you are a die-hard baseball fan, you can always try out the famous Bryce Harper haircut in your manes. The versatility and the signature features of this “do” will accentuate your face and make you as handsome as ever.

Style this cut with a beard and enjoy the extra attention you get proudly!


3. Fade On Natural Hair

baseball haircuts

Natural hair can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when you are an athlete. Trim these thick manes into a short buzz cut with a high fade to reduce hair weight while maintaining some texture.


4. Baseball Dreads

baseball haircuts

For a fashion-forward look in your manes, dye your dreads blonde! The fantastic combination of dreadlocks with the bright, eye-catchy color can be incredibly stylish and expressive. You can also combine it with an undercut to not only make the style more prominent but also to remove some of the weight from your manes.


5. Messy And Masculine

baseball haircuts

This messy hair is spectacular. The strands fall here and there, giving it a very undone, laid-back vibe. Try putting some bright colors on the strands to make them stand out even more.


6. Classic Mohawk

Classic mohawk

The classic mohawk is sexy, clean, and perfect. Cut your tresses shorty short with tapered sides to create a seamless blend. The contrast and symmetry in the manes will make you look as smart and polished as ever.


7. Fade Haircut For Baseball

Fade Haircut for baseball

Featuring long hair on the top, starting from the hairline to the nape of the neck, this stylish haircut is manly and chic. Combine it with high faded sides to highlight the hair texture while ensuring additional comfort.


8. Baseball Mullet Haircut

baseball mullet haircut

This textured mullet can transform your look in no time. Its layers and length draw attention to your facial features and give you a very youthful appearance. You can keep the tresses messy for a laid-back vibe or comb them for a polished look. Either way, this layered mullet would always create a sight to behold.


9. Curly Mohawk Fade

Curly Mohawk fade

When a head full of curls seems a burden to you, a classic mohawk can come to your aid instantly. As you shave the sides for the unique pattern of the cut, you shed off a lot of hair weight without sacrificing the curly texture. A mohawk in your curly manes not only shows off the curls but also ensures comfort like none other.


10. Faux Hawk

faux hawk

If you don’t want a severe mohawk in your manes, try the faux hawk. This haircut is a more subtle adaptation with less intensity and shock factor. Moreover, even though it is less dramatic, it is as appealing and stylish as a baseball haircut needs to be.


11. Short Baseball Haircut

Short Baseball Haircut

This short baseball haircut is as cool and comfy as you can imagine. The micro-mini strands all over the head with nearly-shaved sides give an edge to your look and make you effortlessly masculine. You can play with the length of the hair on top depending on your preference for a look that suits you.


12. Short Platinum Blonde

Short Platinum Blonde

A bright platinum blonde dye will always draw attention to your hair. If you are not hesitant to extra attention and attraction, try this hair color in your baseball manes. The lighter, sparkly shade will brighten your appearance.


13. Mullet Combover

Mullet Combover

The combover mullet is a sober, sophisticated hairstyle to flaunt for any baseball player. The slight body on the top, along with the shorter sides, make for an exciting contrast and makes you “ONE” in the crowd. Also, as it is highly adaptable “do,” men of all ages with all hair types can sport it on their manes for a super versatile and chic outlook.


14. Baseball Haircuts With Brushed Back + Partial Fade

Baseball Haircuts with Brushed Back + Partial Fade

If you have medium-length hair and you don’t want to let go of the length, you can always take the brushed-back approach. Put some gel on your manes and comb them back gently. This will create the much-needed volume while keeping the overall look classy and polished.


15. Buzz Cut With Fade

Buzz Cut with fade

The excellent buzz cut is super stylish yet incredibly comfortable. This “do” requires faded sides with micro-mini strands on the top, which are barely visible. You can also adopt some hair designs to make it more personalized and prominent.


16. Metro Mullet + Faux Hawk

Metro Mullet + Faux Hawk

Even though the mullet is a risque hairdo with hair length in the back and short top and side, it certainly pays off if you can do it right.

Combine your mullet hair with a faux hawk keeping the sides slightly shorter than the top. It will draw attention [but not too much] to your hair and help you to make a style statement in no time.


17. Short Platinum Mohawk +Mid-Fade

Short Platinum Mohawk +Mid-Fade

When you are not afraid of some attention in and out of the gallery, a platinum mohawk is your “thing.” A short mohawk itself is an attractive cut, and when you deck it up with jazzy platinum dye, it will grab all the eyeballs towards you. You will always be under girls’ radar when you sport such sexy hair.


18. Classic Taper Cut

Classic Taper Cut

The taper cut is one of the most classic and adaptable baseball haircuts for men in every era. Because you have the freedom to play with the hair length, you can customize the “do” according to your preference. This will give you a more personalized outlook that you own entirely.


19. Baseball Haircut With Blonde Frohawk

Baseball Haircut with Blonde Frohawk

Make your outlook a more memorable with a dirty blonde frohawk in your hair. The color contrast on your ringlets looks absolutely amazing and helps you stand out in the crowd even without trying hard.

Also, as much eye-catching as this hairdo is, you can pair it with an undercut to make the frohawk stand out even better.


20. Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

If you want to flaunt a super masculine look in your manes, the pompadour with a hard part would definitely do justice to you. Its slightly short hair on the sides offers you the best of both worlds, a look with volume and indefinite edge. Combined with a brushed mustache and the spotlight would never cease to shine on you.


21. Messy + Taper Cut

Messy + Taper Cut

This baseball hairstyle is super dramatic yet extremely wearable. The messy mohawk on the top provides just the right amount of edge and style to the look, while the tapered sides put the spotlight on it perfectly. Apply some strong-hold gel on the mohawk to hold their shape precisely throughout the day.


22. Quiff With Fade

Quiff with Fade

This quiff with fade is a timeless, sophisticated look for any man of any age. The perfect combination of the longer hair on the top and back with the faded sides creates lustrous volume and body in the manes. Add a beard to the look, and you would be the center of attention, mark our words, man!


23. Baseball Haircuts With Thick Top And Shaved Sides

Baseball Haircuts with Thick Top and Shaved Sides

There are a few combinations as dapper and sexy as a thick top with faded sides. Not only this haircut shows off the gorgeous texture of your manes but also looks effortlessly cool and casual. If you are looking for a style that is low-maintenance with high effect, this baseball cut should be your pick.


24. Slick Back With Waves

Slick Back with Waves

When you want to keep your waves in control, what could be better than sleek, slicked-back hair?

Put on a liberal amount of your favorite gel on your manes and comb it back to not only give body to the manes but also to create a polished and classy outlook. You can also pair this “do” with a fade or shaved sides to give a whole look some structure and dimension.


25. Soft Curls With Beard

Soft Curls with Beard

Long, curly hair is sexy. And when you pair it with an equally sexy beard, the result is undoubtedly “oh so amazing.” While the long length of your tresses shows off the hair texture and volume, the soft curls create visual interest and draw all the attention towards you.

If you want the style to be more attractive, add some highlights to the manes. You will be astonished by the outcome.


26. Baseball Haircut With Side Part Pompadour

Baseball Haircut with Side Part Pompadour

Although the pompadour is a very corporate haircut, it also goes well with your baseball vibe. Featuring long hair on the top that is swept back, this “do” gives a very polished appearance with depth and edge. You can also flaunt it with your other outfits with pride and confidence.


27. Short Caesar Mullet + High Skin Fade

Short Caesar Mullet + High Skin Fade

This baseball haircut is classic and timeless! With its signature features, shaved sides, and short fringes, this “do” is anything but boring. It doesn’t matter what hair length you have, the caesar mullet would never fail to add that sense o style to your manes, dude!


28. Spiky Baseball Haircut With A Taper

Spiky Baseball Haircut with a Taper

90s craze, spiky hair is popular among men even today. The raised height on the top creates an amazing texture while the tapered sides give a whole look a very polished and comfortable vibe. And the most interesting thing is that this haircut is extremely adaptive and can easily be done in various lengths and types.


29. Mohawk With Twists

Mohawk with Twists

When you have naturally curly hair, show the twists with a sexy mohawk haircut. The slightly longer top with faded sides displays the ringlets perfectly while also ensuring incredible comfort. When done the right way, you can never go wrong with this low-maintenance baseball haircut for men.


30. Baseball Flow Haircut With Hat

baseball flow haircut with hat

This hairstyle is a classic. Consisting of long, layered hair adorned with a baseball cap, the baseball flow gives a true-blue “on the field” outlook. Even if you are not playing, the signature features of this cut will never fail you, ever!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Baseball Players Have Long Hair?

Baseball players can definitely have long hair. In fact, long tresses can be a distraction for others, especially pitchers, on the field. And as it has such useful benefits, there are no restrictions on having long tresses for baseball players.


Why Do Baseball Players Shave Their Heads?

One of the main reasons baseball players shave their heads is because of excessive sweating on the field. Too much sweat in the hair not only causes incredible discomfort but can also result in hair fall. And therefore, baseball players, as well as other athletes, like to keep their heads bald rather than sporting luscious, longer tresses.


Why Do Baseball Players Have Mohawks?

Baseball players are in general super stylish. Whether on the field or out of it, these men are always on the top of their style game. And to maintain such style statement and versatility, they flaunt different types of mohawks more often than not.


Wrapping Up

There you have it, people! All the baseball haircuts that we have talked about above are versatile and fashion-forward. It doesn’t matter which one you choose for your tresses, their appeal will always help you to make a style statement, regardless of the fact that you are an athlete or not!

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