35 Classy Undercut Pixie Ideas for Women With Taste

From glamorous fashion runway to versatile social media, the undercut pixie cut continues to gain steady popularity, especially among savvy-bold women. This style is as brave and adventurous as it gets since it combines a bold pixie cut with a fearless shave.

Traditionally, this style involves shaving the side or underneath part of the head, leaving the top hair. This result is a low-maintenance cool cut that allows room for plenty of versatility. If you want to take an adventurous leap, here are 35 great undercut pixie styles to rock!


What is an Undercut Pixie Cut?

The undercut pixie cut is a low-maintenance edgy style that gives women styling freedom and versatility. It combines two versatile and savvy haircuts creating a bold, simple, and eye-catching hairstyle.

This style is a simple modification of the pixie cut involving shaving the underneath part of a short haircut. The result is a flexible style that gives savvy, cool vibes.


How do You Style a Pixie Cut with an Undercut?

The greatest advantage of a pixie cut with an undercut is styling flexibility. Maintaining this style requires little or no effort at all. Styling an undercut pixie is simple; you can achieve much with just a blow dryer and a comb. However, below are some fundamental steps to styling a pixie with an undercut:

  1. After shampooing and blow drying your hair, roughly comb through your hair using your comb.
  2. Gently massage any suitable moisturizing hair cream into your hair. This step is particularly important if you have just finished washing your hair, especially without a conditioner.
  3. Using any hair spray or mousse of choice, spray gently over your hair, taking note of the underparts. The purpose is to allow your styling to hold.
  4. You can use Argan oil or any suitable oil to add a bit of shine to your hair. Gently massage the oil into your hair.
  5. Blow dry your hair. If you don’t want spiky strands, you can flatten them using hair straighteners.
  6. After, use your hand or comb to make a swirl in any direction you want. To give your style more holding power, massage the front part with styling wax.
  7. Using your hand, swirl the hair in any direction. Finally, spray your hair with any suitable anti-freeze product and arrange the swirls to your satisfaction.

Note: You can also straighten your hair, blow dry and comb it in any direction you want if you prefer something simple.


35 Chic Undercut Pixie Cut For Stylish Women

There are many things to explore in the simplicity of the undercut pixie cut. The functionality in this style is endearing since it requires low maintenance, although it requires some guts to take this bold step. Here are some 35 chic undercut pixie ideas that you can try out.

1. Edgy Pixie with Undercut

edgy pixie with Undercut

The edgy pixie combines three glamorous and unique styles side bangs, undercut, and waves. . The bangs give a gorgeous dolly appearance, while the laid-back undercut pixie gives cool chick vibes. Moreover, styling this haircut requires no effort at all!

Suitable for: If you are inclined towards a long pixie cut with longer hair, then you should try this out.


2. Undercut Curly Pixie

undercut curly pixie

Curls are always beautiful, especially for black women, but this glamorous cut is a whole new vibe. Although the undercut does not appear to be pronounced, it doesn’t diminish the effect of this beautiful style. Try adding some catchy colors to give it a dramatic flair.

Suitable for: To better pull off this style, you need thick and high-volume hair. This style also works well with oval and long face shapes.


3. Super Cute Edgy Undercut Short Pixie Cuts

edgy undercut + short pixie cuts

If you love the bold and fun appearance, this edgy short pixie cut is right on track. While it doesn’t need any dramatic flair, the shortness and simplicity make it a captivating style. The rough shave at the temple is the right amount to spice this look.

Suitable for: This is your style if you have a small face, although it also looks good on people with round faces.


4. Feminine Pixie Cut With Undercut

feminine pixie cut with undercut

There is something attractive with this pink undercut pixie cut. It looks spontaneous at first glance, but you can’t miss the sporty-chick vibes it gives off. Although the process involves dyeing your hair, the result will surely pay off!

Suitable for: Rocking this style is easy for those with thicker hair volume in their front part.


5. Undercut Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair

undercut pixie cuts for thick hair

If you are looking for ways to thin out your thick hair, you definitely found a way out. Not only does it make it easy to manage thick hair, but the tomboyish look is also something you can rock all year long.

Suitable for: This style is more fitting for those with straight hair. It requires no styling effort as it falls into place with gentle combing.


6. Tapered Undercut Pixie Cut

tapered undercut + pixie cut

The most distinctive feature of the style is the color which speaks boldness and fun. The undercut pixie cut elongates the face while the curls are adorable, adding an innocent flair to the overall appearance. You will have a fun time styling those curls into patterns.

Suitable for: This cut looks adorable with the crop curls; anyone with thick short curls can try this style.


7. One-sided Undercut with Long Pixie Cut

undercut With long pixie cut

The boldness in this look is simply captivating. Although the undercut is by the side, the shaggy rough strands only stand to enhance the cool chick vibes. The mixing of blond and black creates a color dynamic that goes well with the flow.

Suitable for: This style is versatile and will work well for any face type, but it will be more suited for people with shaggy hair.


8. Spiky Undercut Pixie

undercut pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses

This clean and exciting spiky bang is great for any fashion style you are into. It is simple, bold, fun, and completely suitable for a middle-age makeover. Don’t forget the undertone, cool and serious vibe that this style is projecting.

Suitable for: women of any age bracket can completely rock this appearance, although being middle age makes it more interesting.


9. Undercut Pixie Cut with Cropped Bangs 

undercut pixie cut + bangs

If you prefer classy and simple, you should opt for this style. The greatest advantage is the versatility and flexibility of styling. It is an all-time classic cut that grace any occasion. Although glamorous, the soft bangs will make it fit into the corporate world.

Suitable For: It looks great on women with short straight hair. But if you have long, straight hair and don’t mind having a big chop, you should definitely try out this style.


10. Long Pixie Cut with Undercut

long pixie cut with undercut

The perfect style for the bold, fun, and adventurous girl with the wavy curls making the overall result a stunner! The champaign color is already a showstopper. But the long side-swept bangs add a certain edginess to the whole style.

Suitable for: Since the slight wavy curl defines this look, you can try it if your hair is wavy. It looks flattering on the oval-shaped face.


11. One-sided Mohawk Undercut Pixie Cut

short undercut pixie cut

The fun and “don’t mess with me vibes” of this one-sided mohawk undercut pixie is something you can rock anytime. Instead of having the two sides of your head shaved, you can spice up your look by having the other part left with minimal hair and complemented with a side bang to enhance the overall effect.

Suitable for: This style is versatile and is suitable for anyone.


12. Choppy Pixie Undercut

Choppy pixie + Undercut

The best part of this style is that it can be turned into other fancy pixie cut styles. The under shave is subtle but still gives room to showcase the volume. However, the addition of bangs provides endless options for styling.

Suitable for: The thickness of this style cannot be missed, so extremely thick hair will better recreate this style.


13. Asymmetrical Bob Pixie

asymmetrical pixie

There is nothing to bring out your feminine side like this asymmetrical bob pixie with an undercut. It is like the mixture of both long and short hair but the best of two. Styling this hair would be fun because combining both styles create something unique.

Suitable for: The asymmetrical bob cut is suitable for people who love a side part and bob. Also, if you’re excited about trying an undercut, but you’re not keen on cutting a lot of your hair, you should definitely try this out.


14. Undercut Pixie With Hair Extension

undercut pixie With hair extension

Are you going for a chic look? You just found your perfect style. Surprisingly, the one-sided shave adds a classic feature to the look giving an overall cool appearance. The versatility of this style makes it one to rock for every occasion.

Suitable for: The thickness of the hair adds richness to the style; anyone with thick straight hair can create this look.


15. Rose Gold Undercut Pixie

rose gold

Although it closely resembles a cropped bob, the one side shave speaks volumes. It certainly adds a dramatic and interesting flair to the whole look. Of course, you can turn the long strands into curls too. Create an adventurous look by adding pink highlights.

Suitable for: Anyone with long straight hair can try recreating this style with their hair.


16. Pixie Cut With Shaved Undercut

pixie cut with shaved undercut

You can make many creative statements with this undercut pixie cut. From funky to dazzling to smoking hot, this style is nothing but a blank canvas for your styling ideas. The under shave showcases the volume of your hair, creating a sultry look.

Suitable for: The volume is one of the chief attractions of the style, so anyone with thick, voluminous hair can recreate this style.


17. Elevated Undercut Pixie for Fine Hair

For fine hair

First, the platinum color is already a winner. Whether you have a thick or thin hair volume, rocking this style is relatively easy. While the undercut gives off a biker chick look, the bangs enhance your femininity, providing styling opportunities.

Suitable for: You can rock this style whether your hair is thick or thin.


18. Undercut Pixie Cut for Over 50

undercut pixie cut for over 50

Regardless of the age, a short pixie cut with an undercut is always eye catchy. But in middle age women, this style tends to enhance facial features giving them a tomboyish appearance. The best part is that it does not downplay your femininity.

Suitable for: Although you can pull this off with any hair volume, it produces a better effect with thick hair.


19. Wavy Pixie Undercut

Wavy pixie + Undercut

You won’t miss the carefree vibes accompanying these soft, gentle waves. Wave styling is mostly beautiful; the pixie undercut adds a sultry vibe to it. This is your style if you want to project a sultry, sassy, and fun-loving appearance.

Suitable for: this hair is phenomenal with the thick and shaggy. People with thick shaggy hair will benefit extremely from this style.


20. Quiff Grey Pixie with Undercut

grey pixe With undercut

The undercut pixie quiff style is one to rock this season. It is perfect for aging women because it goes well with thinning hair. Besides, it makes them look cooler than their age, although you can still feel the serious vibe it projects.

Suitable for: This style is one to rock for those with thinning volume.


21. Pixie Bob Undercut

Pixie bob + Undercut

The pixie bob is already popular; You can’t help but love the delicate and classy look. It is one way to bring out your feminine side with a bit of girl power display. With this style, you can create different looks with the bangs.


22. Short Platinum Pixie Cut

Platinum pixie cut

Nothing looks better than a platinum pixie cut. If there is one way to elevate your that dazzling and sultry look, this should be it. Plus, you can look effortlessly cool by styling it with just a comb and a blow dryer.


23. Stylish Blonde Pixie with Undercut

Blonde pixie With undercut

This style is for women who like to play around with different styles. You won’t miss the glam of this tousled hair styled sideways. While anyone can rock this look, you will appreciate the chic vibe more in older women.


24. Spiky Pixie With Shaved Undercut

Spiky Pixie + Undercut

This style is for women who like to play around with different style. You won’t miss the glam of this tousled hair styled sideways. While anyone can rock this look, you will appreciate the chic vibe more in older women.


25. Undercut for Straight Hair

Undercut for straight hair

While this slick laid-back cut may look masculine at first glance, there is no denying the raw femininity it exudes. It looks more impressive with the low sides and the endless glamorous vibes.


26. Colorful Undercut Pixie with Side Design

Undercut pixie with side design

The rainbow has always been a beautiful phenomenon, but this spiky rainbow pixie cut takes it all. The simplicity of this style and undercut designs adds a deep personality to it. Also, it is what makes it unique and outstanding.


27. Soft Blue Pixie with Undercut

Soft Blue pixie With Undercut

You can always try this for a bold and outstanding look. Make it more dramatic by adding more colors. The long side fringe in this undercut pixie cut is enough to showcase your feminine and chic side.


28. Modern Comb Undercut Pixie

Modern comb + Undercut pixie

If you are not a fan of parting, the modern comb pixie with an undercut is definitely one to rock. The soft wavy top style sideways will enhance your sleek style. Let’s not forget the cool back view.


29. Layered Pixie with Color

Layered pixie with color

Layered hair has always been fashionable, but there is something alluring about the long blue fringe and the darker layers. The color contrast is already making a bold fashion statement creating a distinct appearance.


30. Braid + Undercut Pixie

Braid undercut pixie

Pixie cuts with a long fringe have always been a styling haven.  When you add the undercut and braid the fringe, you have a style that already makes you stand out. Rock this style if you have voluminous hair, but you don’t want the fringe to get messed up.


31. Medium Pixie with Undercut

medium pixie wit undercut

This style screams bold with an extremely shaven undercut. The bangs enhance your cheek and allow them to take the spotlight. You can make it more adventurous by adding some pink highlights.


32. Faux Hawk Pixie Style

Faux hawk pixie style

This mohawk variation of pixie undercut is a style that accentuates volume. While thin hair can also pull off this style, you can customize the undercut to show your individuality and make it more outstanding.


33. Undercut Pixie with Sultry Wavy Hair

Undercut pixie with wavy

The attention-grabbing wavy curls are not the only unique features of this style. The undercut further enhances the bangs showcasing the ultimate glamorous appearance while drawing attention to the eyes.


34. Cool Undercut Pixie

Cool undercut pixie

Showcase your chic and cool look with this undercut pixie style. The curls morphing into a bang defines this look, yet you can miss the serious bicker chic vibes it gives!


35. Trimmed Blonde Undercut with Spiky Pixie

Blonde shaved pixie

This style has repeatedly shown that you can have a feminine footstep against a masculine backdrop. The boldness speaks volumes while still showing a little aura of naughtiness.



Having an undercut pixie cut is refreshing, especially if you don’t have the luxury of dedicating extra time to styling. The flexibility and versatility of these styles are perfect regardless of your hair texture.

Moreover, some of these styles are a canvas for styling imagination, especially those with bangs and fringes. If you feel the need for a change, try using the ideas in this post for your styling.

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