31 Trendy Shaved Hairstyles For Daring Black Women

Shaved hairstyles for black women are a Diva thing. Many people think shaved haircuts are radical because women should keep their hair long, but black women have been pulling off several looks for so long and creatively too. Nowadays, shaved hairstyles have become an obsession because of the fun, ease, and freedom that come with them.

Black women across the World have embraced their curly hair, styling it as they desire. You must be brave enough to explore your hair’s limitless possibilities. Rocking semi-shaved hair complements your personality.

For some women, shaving your hair may not be an option. Your style is based on preference, yes? Just wait until you see the styles on this list.


Best Shaved Hairstyles for black women

In this blog, we discuss 31 bold shaved hairstyles for black women. Thankfully these will look fabulous on other women. Keep reading; your next favorite might be on the list.

1. Short Hair With Afros

Short hair with afros

If you thought this style was made for men alone, think again. This is one of the best ways to define your curls and let them playfully sit on top of your head. Whether the base is clean shaved or not, you’d love the look.


2. Half Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

Half Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

This falls in the adventurous category of shaved hairstyles for black women. Your curly can play around while you experiment with an undercut. You are good to go if you prefer your undercut with stylish lines.


3. Full Shave

Full Shave

A full shave is bold, daring, and beautiful. There’s no style as liberating as this on the list. You can forget about spending hours getting your hair done. The best part is that this shave grows on you and makes a clean start if you do decide to grow your hair out soon.


4. Buzz Cut With Shaved Side

Buzz Cut with shaved side

If there is a perfect shaved hairstyle for all ages, this is it. It looks good on kids, adults, and even seniors. For an edgy finish, define your hairline and sideburns. Don’t forget the single-line part; it is sassy and classy.


5. Short Bob with Undercut

Short Bob with Undercut

Just when you thought shaved hairstyles for black women couldn’t get any better. A subtle but layered undercut with a bobbing finish proves that you don’t need to go bald to make a statement. This look is great for natural and relaxed hair.


6. Shaved Hairstyle with Side Pattern

Shaved Hairstyle with Side Pattern

This color is spicy and fierce. It is an excellent shade for black women. Instead of dying all your hair, you may consider retaining your natural color for the root. Then finish it off with a pattern of choice. People will stare; rest assured.


7. Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

A major highlight of the pixie cut is that you can keep the hair on the side however you want it. The sidelines carefully highlight your face and features. Everything is on full display. The way you line the sides makes it even better.


8. LocUpdo + Shaved Sides

LocUpdo + Shaved Sides

Black women and locs are like 5 and 6, and there’s nothing better than rocking it with shaved sides. We believe that this locUpdo is more stylish with the shave. How you decide to style the loc makes the difference. Flaunt the sides with a little updo.


9. Cornrows for Black Women

Cornrows for black women

Yass! You can rock your box braids with bald sides; it is a neat and sleek pick. We know how black women love their braids but who said you couldn’t create a shaved arc above your hairs and rock them the same?


10. Shaved Blonde Haircuts for Black Female

Shaved blonde haircuts for black female

Girl, this is what we came for; blonde shaved haircuts for black women, any day, please. Blonde has stepped up the drama and style – giving your beautiful face a new look. Finish it with a C-cut shape; you will be shocked at the gorgeous transformation.


11. Shaved Hairstyle with Ponytail

Shaved hairstyle with ponytail

If this isn’t the highlight of edgy and sassy, what then is it? This is the perfect mix and match; if you love experimenting. You may also consider a good undercut followed by a nice long ponytail. You can even style your ponytail in any way you like.


12. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk

How about styling your natural hair into a funky, curly mohawk? This style is the perfect medium of femininity and masculine. If you love balance, go for it. Get creative with the sidelines; you don’t have to go bald.


13. Curly Top+ Shaved Side

Curly Top+ Shaved Side

This is a beautiful sight for sore eyes, suitable for anyone trying to regrow their edges. Although your temples get the shave, it is still a perfect way to make your coils stand out. Add a touch of color; any color at all will do.


14. Half-Shaved Hairstyle with Kinky Twists

Half Shaved Hairstyle with Kinky Twists

A notch higher than the braids and locks. These half-shaved styles with kinky twists are a spectacular option for a personalized look. It takes you to the African root with a touch of modern. Choose your preferred length and color too.


15. Very Short Blonde

Very Short Blonde

The blonde-shaved hairstyles for black women blew up after Amber Rose rocked it. Black women have proven that the color is made for everyone who knows how to rock it creatively. You instantly redefine hairstyling with this one.


16. Nape Undercut for Black Women

Nape undercut for black women

If you’re bold enough for a hair that speaks for itself, then this is it. It’s all party at the black and whatever you decide in front. The nape cut has a beautiful sync with your neck and shoulders. You’d love this if you love to show off.


17. High Bun Updo with Shaved Cut

High Bun Updo with Shaved Cut

Now, this is the conversation starter. It combines two to three style elements, a bun, an updo, and a nice under shave or undercut. Whether you leave little to the imagination on the sides or not, what you want to do is keep the featured lines clean.


18. High Ponytail with Shaved Sides

High Ponytail with Shaved Sides

We have seen shaved hairstyles for black women in a ponytail, but this is high. It reminds you of the Egyptian princess and their accessorizing. Now you’d leave people wondering if you’re royalty. All of this awesomeness, girl.


19. Multi-Coloured Braids

Multi-coloured braids

The colors are here to play; can you handle it? Colored hair is no longer a cliche. If you’re looking for a different vibe, colored braids are a perfect example. Two or three colors? How many colors can you take?


20. Zig Zag Shaved Hairstyle

Zig Zag Shaved Hairstyle

This shaved hairstyle is for you if you love lines and practicality. It’s so chic that it combines a wavy top with a smooth fade on your temples. You can allow the sides to go with your imaginations- drip drip.


21. Ombre + Shaved Side

Ombre + Shaved Side

Here’s the style that proves that hair styling can be dynamic. It’s giving all that is there to be given. The sidelines feature a faded undercut that gently creates the perfect blend between your roots and the color on top. This is shaved hairstyle for black women at its finest.


22. Shaved Pompadour

Shaved Pompadour

You might think pompadour is peculiar to men, but you’d be wrong. Black women of all ages rock this style gracefully. It is usually kinky on top, which makes it more beautiful. You may also style it as desired. You should see this style in grey hair.


23. Black Hairstyles with Shaved Sides and Back

Black hairstyles with shaved sides and back

With its rebellious personality, this shaved hairstyle shuts every wagging mouth up. In addition to bringing out the inner self, you can customize the shaved part. This style will not be complete without the midsection, leaving it messy, kinky, or curled.


24. Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women with Round Faces

Shaved hairstyles for black women with round faces

Now, this isn’t a style everyone can pull off. But Nancy Isime does it time and time again with such grace. It’s something about the shape of her face. And if you think you’re up for it, make sure your hairstylist goes all in for this one.


25. Crochet Hairstyles + Shave Side

Crochet hairstyles + shave side

If you’d love to shave your hair and retain the crochet, you’re in business. Crotchet, braids, and extensions on shaved hairstyles for black women unlock a new level. You can expose your shaved side and sweep the crotchet to the other side.


26. One Side Shaved Hairstyles

One side shaved hairstyles

This daring hairstyle can be a symbol of elegance and professionalism. With just one side shaved, this style screams, ‘I mean business.’ Depending on how you wear your crown, you get to retain your curls or relaxed wavy hair.


27. Shaved Back Hairstyles

Shaved back hairstyles

We think this style is one of the badass shaved hairstyles for black women. It may feature a nice undercut at the back that gives an illusion. If you do decide to add lines, an updo may be the best way to show it off.


28. Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids

Twisted braids are a fabulous way to stay in touch with your boyish side. We encourage you to show your most authentic self at all times. The right accessories will do justice. Embrace your geometry and enjoy the look.


29. Shaved Sides with Wavy Flow

Shaved sides with wavy flow

You don’t have to shave too much hair if you want a full wavy flow. On the other hand, you can shave as much as a side because there’s enough to cover up regardless of your skin tone. Feel free to experiment with the hair color.


30. Shaved Sides with Dreads On Top

Shaved sides with dreads on top

This has become a trending shaved hairstyle for black women in recent times, especially for the undercut design. You cannot miss this style. Since it features two styles in one, this shave is usually neat and cohesive. A bun on top is nice too.


31. Braid Top Bun + Shaved Sides

Braid top bun + shaved sides

Gather your braids up in a bun to show off the details beneath. Your braids can run free too. To make it eye candy, carefully line up the sides. Alternatively, you can do a fade trim on both sides of your head.


Before deciding on your preferred shaved hairstyle for black women, be sure it represents your taste and personality. You will find something that works best for you with the list we have compiled.

Remember that you can rock your favorite with short or long hair. You have to be imaginative enough to customize the style. With shaved hairstyles for black women, the style is never-ending.

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