25 Bouffant Hairstyles That Are Worth Stealing

The hairstyle we’re talking about today is one of the most popular hairstyles from the past, the Bouffant Hairstyle. Well, women have always wanted the perfect look with their hairdo, no matter what period it was.

In the 60’s, women got obsessed with Bouffant Hairstyle deeply. From then, different types of this hairstyle were created. And even today, it still stands out as one of the most demanding hairstyle categories.

To quench your thirst for the perfect bouffant hairdo, here we’ve made a list of the best 25 bouffant hairstyles. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.


How To Do A Bouffant Hairstyle Step By Step

The main characteristic of a bouffant hairstyle is the puffy teased hairstyle at the top of the head. No matter which kind of bouffant you make, the main concept of it remains the same.

However, the hairstyle has evolved and gotten newer looks from era to era.

Now, you’ll learn how to do a basic bouffant hairstyle for your everyday look. Here is the step-by-step guide to it.

Step 1:

First of all, you’ll need a hairbrush suitable enough for backcombing, Hair spray and some Hairpins and Bobby Pins.

To do an everyday look bouffant hairstyle, first, understand where your hair part is for the day. Your hair is not the same every day so you must check its mood for the day.

Run your fingers through your hair and then shake your head back and forth a little. By this, you’ll get your hair parted rightly. If it’s in the middle, go for it, or if it’s on the side, go for a side part.

Step 2:

Next, go about ¾ the way to the back of your head. Take your both thumbs and make a line. And there, you grab the small thin portion of your hair.

Step 3:

Grabbing the thin layer of hair, spray it a little with the hair spray. Then take the comb and lightly backcomb the section.

Step 4:

Again apply a small amount of hair spray. You could leave it like that. But you could also use a small trick here for the best result.

That is, after backcombing and spraying, the cold can underneath the hair and press the hair to set the volume. It’ll give you better results.

Step 5:

Now, do the same thing on both sides of your hair. After you’re done, check if you need more hair teased for volume. If so, do it.

Step 6:

After you’re done creating the whole volume, it is time to smoothen it up.

Retake your thumbs and go about an inch and a half or two inches into the part. Then, go down an inch or a half above your ears and stop there.

Grab the newer hair section you just created and set it over the volume hair to make it look smoother. You can do it just by using your hands.

Step 7:

The last thing remaining is pinning your hair.

Once you’re all done teasing, puffing and smoothing your hair, secure the style using regular hair pins and bobby pins.

While pinning, be careful about securing the hair perfectly.

Firstly, grab your hair from the back with one hand and take a pin with the other hand. Push the pin upwards from one side on the grabbed section. Then, hold the hair with the other hand and repeat the process for the other side.

Then, you can follow the same thing thrice using three pairs of hair/bobby pins. Now your regular bouffant hairstyle is done perfectly.


Trendy And Chic Bouffant Hairstyle Ideas

If you ladies are looking for the perfect bouffant hairstyle for all kinds of hair, we got your back. Here explore the 25 best bouffant hairstyles you can try on.


1. Short Bouffant Hairstyle

Short bouffant hairstyle

In the past, bouffant hairstyles specialized for long and thick hair, but the scenario is different at present. This hairstyle will indeed make you look stunning with the wavy volume at the top of your head.

And you already got the classy short hair to get the best approachable look by adding a hair band in the front.


2. Long Bouffant Hairstyle

Long bouffant hairstyle

Long bouffant hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle to create a cosplay gothic look. You can apply this hairstyle in two ways: teasing the front side hair and using a band.

The other is creating volume at the top of your head.


3. Modern Bouffant

Modern bouffant hairstyles

Modern bouffant is more about creating volume and letting it be free. You don’t pin it so tight with many pins like other typical bouffant hairstyles.

The teased part of this hairstyle is smoothened with a layer of hair and remains free.


4. 50s Classic with Flower

50s bouffant hairstyle

Waves and patterns are the main attributes of the 50’s bouffant hairstyle. Here, the patterns are created by twisting the hair after teasing or backcombing to puff it up.

Then it is all set and your remaining medium-length hair is there. This style is ornamented with giant designer clips or hair bands.


5. 1960s Hairstyle

1960's hairstyle

The 60’s bouffant is why bouffant hairstyles became so popular overall. It gives you a classic look with a large volume at the top of your head with a ponytail.

This look has a unique appearance because of the bangs in the front.


6. Vintage Bouffant

Vintage bouffant hairstyle

Any kind of vintage hairstyle has something to do with curls. Vintage bouffant is exact as well. You get the teased puffed hair with a vintage curly pattern in the front in this hairdo.

You can use real little flowers to give a look a boost.


7. 70’s Bouffant Hairstyle

70's bouffant hairstyle

In the 70s bouffant became a part of something that had less volume. And the partition was moved to the sides from the front. This bouffant hairstyle goes best with wavy/curly hair.

People with straight hair can also try this out with a bit of curling the ends.


8. Flip hairstyle

Flip hairstyle

If you’ve short hair with bangs and couldn’t find many options to get your hair set, you must try a flip bouffant. This hairstyle will get you a large volume of hair at the top of your head.

You can cover the bangs part with a classic white hair band.


9. Bouffant Bob

Bouffant bob hairstyle

You have a bob haircut, which means your hair is probably straight and short. With a bouffant bob hairstyle, you can get a thin volume yet a classy one set with a colorful headband.


10. Bouffant Bun

Bouffant bun

The bouffant bun is not like the regular bun you make. The volume of a bouffant bun is much higher than other standard bun styles.

In this hairstyle, you don’t make parts in your hair. Instead, your maximum hair is teased and you get a bun at the peak of your head to smoothen up.


11. Puff Low Ponytail

Puff low ponytail

Puff low ponytail is a super easy hairstyle you can use while going to work or just hanging out with friends.

This hairdo’s volume is low, giving you a decent look. Again, the ponytail on the back completes the look by giving it a cute texture.


12. Bouffant Hairstyle For Curly

Bouffant Hairstyle for curly

Bouffant doesn’t go with curls; the misconception gets proved wrong with this hairstyle.

The curly bouffant looks messy yet adds a classy look. Mostly it goes best with long curly hair.


13. Bouffant + Updo

Bouffant + updo

Bouffant + Updo is a kind of hairstyle similar to regular bouffant hairstyles. It is more secured with pins and looks real neat and clean.

The hairstyle is put together with colored hair bands and the rest of the hair is left untied.


14. Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle

This ponytail is a little different from the previous ponytail we talked about. It is a messy-looking ponytail that looks casual and cool at the same time.

You can wear this hairstyle at any party or get together quickly.


15. Bouffant Hairstyle + Crown

Bouffant hairstyle + crown

It is the most demanding hairstyle when you want to wear a crown. This one has way less teasing and volume than other styles with a small bun at the back.

Some of your hair remains in the front in this hairdo, enhancing the overall look.


16. Beehive Bouffant Hairstyle

Beehive bouffant hairstyle

The beehive bouffant hairstyle has been the sensation of the 1960s. The giant volume hairstyle with a bit of hair waggling in the front was the most demanding look, especially for parties.

The look is still on trend for big occasions and you can use a scarf or a cat’s eye glass to get the whole look.


17. Big Bouffant

big bouffant

In a big bouffant hairstyle, your front hair is combed tightly and secured. Then you get the big bouffant at the back that consists of the rest of your hair. The enormous volume requires a lot of teasing and looks like a flourished flower.

This hairstyle is the tidiest bouffant you can consider.


18. Half Up Half Down

half up half down

You can recognize this one from your favorite Barbie character hairstyle, right? In half up half down bouffant you get a mid range teased gentle volume that doesn’t look so bold nor too low profile. In the front, you get a side part.

The rest of the hair is open and you can get curls to get a sassy look.


19. Retro Bouffant

Retro bouffant hairstyle

In modern fashion, if you want to stand out in the crowd with a unique look, a retro bouffant is the hairstyle you need.

This bouffant gives you an essential volume but with a twist of the retro look, making you look classier than any other at a gathering.


20. Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyle with a bouffant has a classic side puff in the front and a cute moderate volume bun at the back. The look becomes more impressive with a wedding crown.

Overall. This hairstyle is the perfect one for your wedding look.


21. 1960s Women Bouffant Hairstyles With Glasses

1960s women bouffant hairstyles With glasses

In late 1960, women’s bouffant hairstyles got some modifications. The style was ornamented with glasses and the hair setting became more relaxing.

Curls added up at the bottom, which is loose hair and the volume got pinned inside with a seamless look.


22. Braided Bouffant Hairdo

Braided Bouffant hairdo

Braided bouffant isn’t seen generally, yet it is a very exceptional hairstyle you can carry. The teased part of this hairstyle looks messy, and the braided part sets the look.

It is worth giving a try if you are looking for a combination of messy and tidy hairstyles in one place.


23. Bouffant With Swooped Bang

Bouffant with Swooped Bang

If your fashion style is more prone to the cuter side, a bouffant with swooped bangs can suit you best. This hairstyle is so easy to create as there is no giant teasing you need.

Besides, it requires less of your valuable time.


24. Headband And Bouffant

Headband And Bouffant

Headband with a bouffant is the best hairstyle for your high school look. You can try this hairstyle if you have a little wavy hair and want to style it the best.

The thinner part at the front and the thin headband will make your style more precise with the face.


25. Bouffant Hairdo With Accessories

Bouffant hairdo With accessories

For the most comprehensive look in a theme party bouffant hairdo with accessories can be your lifesaver.

The puffiness from the front to the back with a classy curly look is the main attraction of this hairstyle. Besides, the ornamented sides with accessories glorify this hairstyle to a different level.



Are Bouffant Hairstyles the Next Throwback Hair Trend?

Recently, you can see that bouffant is becoming so popular among celebrities lately. Not only that, general people worldwide who are related to fashion are embracing this hairstyle a lot.

So, you can consider the bouffant hairstyle the next throwback hair trend.


Wrapping up

Now, we’ve reached the end, but don’t think the different types of bouffant hairstyle just end here. The list must go on as you get a lot of things to do with this hairstyle.

If you’re crazy about this hairstyle, try out some from the list above. Indeed, you will find the best one for you.

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