Can You Dye Greasy Hair? – Well Explained

Yes, you can dye your hair when it’s greasy. Even though it might come as a surprise to you, dyeing greasy hair is actually the right process to color your manes safely and perfectly.

The oil and sebum buildup on the scalp and strands acts as a shield and protects them from any potential damage. This protective layer keeps the harsh chemicals from penetrating the hair shaft that might cause any burns and breakage.

However, make sure that the tresses are not too oily or greasy. If there is a whole lot of oil buildup on the strands, the dye might not sit properly for a flawless outcome.

Besides this, you should also keep in mind a few things before dyeing your greasy hair so that the color result comes out as perfect as you hope.



Is It A Good Idea To Dye Greasy Hair?- The Benefits of Dyeing Greasy Hair

Yes, it is a wise idea to dye greasy hair. Although there is a popular idea that you shouldn’t dye your greasy hair, it’s completely a myth. In reality, dyeing oily, greasy hair is actually beneficial for your delicate manes. The oil buildup protects the tresses and scalp from dryness, damage, and irritation effectively so that you can flaunt gorgeous hair always!

Even when you use the most expensive of hair dyes, they still contain some harsh chemicals to change your hair color actively. These chemicals might not only make your tresses dry and brittle but also cause irritation on the scalp.

However, when you have greasy hair, these harsh chemicals can’t get into the hair shaft or skin and cause any damage and uncomfortableness in them. Because of the oil buildup, you could enjoy gorgeously dyed manes without experiencing any damage.


How Many Days Should You Go Without Washing Your Hair Before Dying It?

You should wash your hair 2-3 days before dyeing it. Within this time, your scalp and tresses will get slightly greasy and making it the perfect condition to put colors on.

However, even when the manes are greasy, make sure that they are not dirty or sweaty. Dirt and sweat won’t let the color sit properly on the strands and would result in an unappealing appearance.



How To Dye Your Greasy Hair? A Step-By-Step Guide

Now that we know you can dye your greasy hair, let’s learn how to dye such manes to make sure you can do it perfectly without any mess.

Step 1: Prep, Prep, Prep!

Before dyeing your greasy hair, it’s important that you prepare yourself rightly for a safe and precise coloring session.

Start off by putting a towel around your neck and then combing through your hair. Remove all the knots and tangles from the strands to smear the color evenly for a uniform outcome. Make sure that your manes are not dirty before moving and putting colors on them.

Also, as a part of the preparation process, apply a barrier cream [preferably Vaseline] around your hairline nicely. It will protect your skin from the dye you are going to apply.


Step 2: Apply The Dye On Your Manes

After you are done preparing, mix the dye in a plastic bowl and apply it to your manes evenly. Make sure to cover all your strands for a flawlessly beautiful result.

Once you are done with applying the color, let it set for a couple of minutes [or as instructed] so that the dye gets time to develop.


Step 3: Rinse And Condition

When the color sets in, rinse off the manes with cold water until the water runs clean. Then, with a toning conditioner, condition your freshly-dyed tresses so that they look as gorgeous as you have wanted.

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Things To Remember Before Dyeing Greasy Hair

Even though it is quite easy to dye your greasy hair, keep in mind a few things so that the process is even smooth and successful.

Do A Patch Test. Before dyeing the greasy tresses, don’t forget to perform a patch test. It will ensure that the color is safe for you to use.

Make Sure Your Tresses Don’t have Silicone Products On. If there is any silicone buildup on your strands, the color pigments won’t stick on the surface and affect the final outcome. Wash off your manes if there’s any gel, wax, or hair oil on.

Ensure There Is No Dirt In The Manes. If your manes are dirty, wash them off promptly before dyeing them. Dirt doesn’t allow the color to do its magic completely.

Use The Right Dyeing Products. Otherwise, even when there is a grease protective barrier, you might experience hair damage in no time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Dye Sweaty Hair?

No, it’s not okay to dye your sweaty hair. The sweat on the strands causes them to get dry, which, in turn, makes the hair color look faded and brassy in no time. If you have sweat in your hair, wash it before applying colors to your manes.


Is It Better to Color Your Hair When It’s Dirty or Clean?

Ideally, it’s best you dye your hair when it’s “2-3 days” dirty. The color will stick better and there will be minimal damage.
However, whether you should dye clean or dirty hair also depends on the strength of the developer you are using.

For instance, if you are using a developer lower than volume 20, you must make sure your tresses are squeaky clean for the best outcome.

On the other hand, if you are using bleach or a developer volume of 20 and above, apply it on greasy hair for safety purposes.


Wrapping Up

You can absolutely dye your greasy hair. In fact, it is recommended to let your tresses become greasy for 1-2 days before applying color to them. It not only protects the manes but also ensures better dyeing results.

Don’t believe us?

Try this technique on your manes and let us know your thoughts!

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