Can You Change Your Curl Type?

If you are a curly-haired girl, we know that sometimes you might get bored with your curl pattern and want to change it to spice things up.

As much easy and fun as the idea might sound, can you actually change your curl pattern? Is it even possible to change your curl pattern?

No, you can never change your natural curl pattern in any way. It’s impossible! Even if you go through a chemical process to alter the texture of your manes, the strands that grow back will always have your natural curl pattern. There is no way that you can intentionally change the pattern of your curls.

However, even though you can’t change the pattern of your curls intentionally, there are a few things that can bring some dramatic changes to your curl texture. Let’s discuss everything about these so that you are never confused ever again!



Why Your Curl Pattern Changes? – 5 Reasons

There are quite a few reasons your natural curl pattern may change dramatically, even when you don’t want it. We have talked about all the reasons that cause a change in curl texture for better understanding.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of change in your curl pattern. When the hormone level in your body changes [due to pregnancy, puberty, or menopause], it drastically alters the hair follicles’ shape.

And as the shape of your curls is determined by the shape of the follicles, your curls start to look different in no time when there is a major hormonal overhaul.

To resolve this issue, it’s better to see a doctor than get any remedies by yourself.


Hair Growing Longer

This makes so much sense, but I’ll bet you’ve never thought about it. When your hair grows longer, it changes your curl pattern.

Here’s the deal. When your hair grows, that means there is more weight on your roots. The longer your hair grows, the heavier it becomes. This weight pulls your curls and elongates them, which can change the texture of your curls. Sometimes a good haircut can help alleviate the weight to help curls bounce back, but not always.


Excessive Heat Usage

Curly hair strands are highly delicate and sensitive. A slight here and there can damage them greatly and make them look completely different from their original shape.

If you style these tresses with a thermal styling tool and use high heat, there are chances that the strands might get dry and brittle. When the curls become extremely dry, they lose their shape and make your hair look completely different.


Using The Wrong Products

You often tend to use the wrong products on your curly hair. The wrong types of product not only damage the manes but might also build up on the strands and make them heavy. When the curls become heavier than usual, they stretch out and look less springy and bouncy than previously.


Not A Healthy Scalp

Even though many of the causes of a change in curl pattern is because of external factors, your curly tresses lose shape because of internal factors too. If you have a dry, unhealthy scalp, it distributes fewer nutrients and oils to the hair strands. Because of the lack of protein, vitamins, and natural oils, your curls start deforming and giving up their pretty shape over time.


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How To Enhance Your Natural Curl Pattern? 3 Effective Ways

If you are wondering whether there is any way to keep the curl pattern intact in your manes without them losing shape, we have the perfect solutions for you. Try out these easy and effective ways to keep your ringlets as bouncy and pretty as ever.

Use The Right Curl Enhancing Products

Curl-enhancing shampoos, conditioners, masks, and other hair care products are specially made to improve your curls pattern without weighing them down. Even when you are not losing the shape of your curls, ensure to include these items in your haircare routine to enjoy healthy, bouncy tresses!


Get A Curl-Enhancing Hair Cut

When your curly hair grows out and gets long, the curl shape stretches and loses its shape in no time. To avoid this from happening, sacrifice your length without any regret. An amazing curl-enhancing haircut will make sure your tresses look as beautiful and luscious as ever.


A Protein Pack Is Helpful

If the curls in your hair are falling flat because of damage and dryness, get a protein treatment immediately. The proteins penetrate deep into the hair shafts and nourish them from within to repair the strands quickly. And when your tresses are hydrated, they tend to hold the curl shape better than before.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hair Get Less Curly With Age?

Yes, your curl pattern may change, and your hair might become less curly. As over the years, you might experience hormonal changes, damaging environmental factors, and other issues, it’s absolutely normal for the curl shapes to change.


Does the Curl Pattern Change As It Grows?

Yes, your curl pattern indeed changes as your hair grows out. When the strands tend to grow longer, the curls are likely to stretch [because of the hair weight] and look a lot different. So, if you see that the ringlets look different in your long hair than they did on your shorter manes, don’t panic.


Does Dying Curly Hair Change Its Texture?

Unfortunately, dyeing curly hair can change the hair texture in no time. As you are treating the tresses with harsh chemicals, they can alter the curl pattern even if you don’t want to.


Final Words

By now, you know that there is no way you can change your curl pattern intentionally. However, because of several other factors [that you obviously can’t control], the shape of your curls might change over time. Take proper care of your curls to maintain their shape for a flawless look.

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