What Should I Do if I Don’t Like My New Hair Color?

Getting out of the salon with freshly-dyed hair feels amazing! The idea of a “new look” with uplifted confidence is something that is worth the time and money you spend on a salon color session. And hence, women always gravitated to get a salon dyeing experience rather than getting it done at home.

However, things don’t always go as expected! Not all the color appointments you get would get a happy ending. Many a time, your colorist may mess up and dye your manes to a completely new hair color, which you might not like.

So, what should you do if you don’t like your new hair color? Is there any way you can fix it?
Let’s find out.


What to Do if You Hate Your New Hair Color

Let’s discuss a few things that you can do immediately after getting a “bad hair color” done.

Speak Up

If you are not too thrilled with your new hair color, don’t hesitate to speak up immediately and tell your colorist that you are not impressed with the outcome. Try to explain what you don’t like exactly and make them understand your demands again. Try to be specific.

Make sure to speak with your stylist in a calm and composed manner while expressing your displeasure. They will surely understand.



Wait For 48 Hours

Even when you don’t love your new hair color but it comes out in a similar shade to your desired hue, wait for at least 48 hours before taking any action. Within 48 hours, wash your tresses several times with shampoo so that the color pigments start to oxidize and fade and get a newer tone.

If you are still not convinced about your hair color, talk to your colorist for a change in the hue.


Visit An Expert

When a colorist messes up with your hair color and dyes the strands to a completely newer tone, refrain from visiting them again for a fix. Try to find out a new stylist with amazing reviews and references to dye the tresses again. An expert would rarely mess up with your hair color ever.

However, when you are visiting an expert for a fix, be prepared to pay. Because the previous work isn’t theirs, they would consider it as a new appointment and charge accordingly.

Remember, even though you are paying extra, an expert would really help you to fix the wrong color and help you get a flawless outlook.

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Choose A New Color That’s Close to Your Own

When you don’t like your new hair color and you are re-doing it, make sure to choose a color that is very close to your own. If your colorist can nail the new shade to a T, you can then decide to go lighter or darker according to your choice.

However, for such a length fix, you might need to visit the salon several times over the course of the coloring sessions.



Try A Bleach Wash

If you are not willing to spend another round in the salon and spend a whole lot of money, a bleach wash could save your day!

Bleaching chemicals mixed with a clarifying shampoo help to remove the unwanted tone easily and give your tresses a newer hue. You might even end up with a color that you might actually like after an effective bleach wash.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair if I Don’t Like the Color?

Even when you don’t like your new hair color, it’s best that you wait 4-7 weeks before re-dyeing the tresses with a newer hue. This time period will heal the strands from the previous dyeing session and prepare them for a newer color. If you try to re-do it within a short span of time, there are chances that you might end up with dry and damaged manes.


Can I Go Back to Salon if Not Satisfied With the Hair Color?

You can definitely go back to the salon if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Even though it’s better to make the complaint before you even leave your hair, going back also works.


Can I Color My Hair Again After 1 Week?

No, you must not color your hair again after 1 week of coloring it once. This will expose your sensitive tresses to dryness and damage and make them look very unappealing.You must wait for at least 15 days before even getting your strands near a newer hue!


Can You Put One Hair Dye on Top of Another?

Yes, you can definitely put one hair dye on top of another efficiently. However, make sure that you wait for at least 15 days in between coloring sessions to maintain the health of your hair. Otherwise, there are chances that your strands would get damaged in no time.

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Final Words

Even though it doesn’t happen every day, getting a new hair color besides your intended shade is also not very uncommon. However, with our article as a guide, it would be very easy to solve the problem without getting too hyped. Go through it thoroughly and let us know if you have any queries.

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