26 Elegant Long Hair Highlights For Your New Look in 2024

Long hair has always been fashionable. And everyone loved to see long, vibrant, healthy hair on a woman. Stylists and styling continue to evolve with new trends, thus providing several ways to wear long hair. The highlights are in this category, and it looks like they are here to stay.

A woman’s long hair highlights are one of the things that can make or mar her appearance. Don’t get us wrong. The fact is, the right highlights for long hair make your facial features more attractive. That said, your hairstyle should be expressive.

Going all-in, for starters, may be too much. So you may consider opting for a partial highlight. The partial highlight is a half-head highlight that gives a framing effect. But the full highlight has a full-blown impact on your face.


Highlights For Long Hair

If you’re growing out your hair for a change, there are several highlights you can customize to suit your taste. In this list, there are 26 of them that you should try out.

1. Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights

When blonde highlights hit the hair styling scene, it came with a bang. This hairstyle is phenomenal because whether you part your hair to the side or otherwise, the undertones are appealing. Overall, it is excellent for women with fairer complexion-  giving a contrasting effect.


2. Red Highlights

red highlights

Red highlights for long hair have several appealing features, but the most important one is that it is feminine. The rich red tones have a delicate and sensual touch that keeps all eyes on you. It is suitable for all facial frames.


3. Ash Gray Highlights For Long Hair

ash gray highlights for long hair

This trendy yet glamorous combination of ash and gray is a striking color. It shows you that you can create and own your fashion statement. Celebrities, oldies, and even teens are sporting this. It is the eternal youth color.


4. Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights

The caramel highlight on long hair is like a cascade of beauty. Because your hair is one of the first things people notice when they look at you, this style gives them a lasting impression. It is an elite style that is suitable for professional and casual appearances.


5. Dark Brown Highlights

Dark brown highlights

Many long hairstyles with highlights are beautiful, but this brown highlight is eye candy. This is the highlight every girl wants to wear because of the way it makes her eyes pop. Luckily, it adds subtle exposure to the skin tone and the facial frame, taking it a notch higher.


6. Balayage On Long Hair

Balayage on long hair

Balayage was originally a french style. What makes it captivating is the process, which involves subtle hair sweeps so that your hair roots retain the original color. After all, is done, your hair has that sun-kissed vibe that you can rock all summer.


7. Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy highlights

If you have black hair and still intend to keep your natural color, this burgundy highlight for long hair is a must try. The base color is always your root color- black; the highlights are rich, lustrous burgundy. It is a smart option that gives your complexion a brighter appearance.


8. Ombre On Long Hair


The world of long hair highlights is a world of shade, color, and tone. Therefore, there is a continuous evolution of colors. The ombre highlight is, in this class, a moderate transition that is more obvious at the tips. There are several colors picks for the ombre outcome; the choice is yours.


9. Light Brown Highlights For Long Hair

Light brown highlights for long hair

There’s never been a better time to join the light brown wagon, now is the time. This style is particularly ideal for women who like to make a statement. It is attractive. The style nicely fits your facial frame, accentuating your face and skin tone.


10. Honey Blonde On Dark Hair

Honey blonde on dark hair

Honey blonde highlights for long hair are a balance between fierce and bold. It is hard to go wrong with this highlight. The resulting elegance is trendy for all seasons. Use your curling iron to achieve show-stopping curls. Now, you’re ready to turn heads.


11. Blue Highlights On Long Black Hair

Blue highlights on Long black hair

While a complete makeover may not be necessary, a little color can work wonders for your hair. When you choose the appropriate highlights and color lines for your natural black hair, you may take it up a notch.

People with dark hair have access to various highlight color choices, including some beautiful blue tones.


12. Highlights On Layered Cut

Highlights on layered cut

When it comes to layered cuts, the trick is to come up with variants with deeper parts to emphasize the high points. This multidimensional shade is perfect for showing off throughout the warmer months. Remember to retain the edge by keeping the roots intact.


13. Purple On Long Hair

Purple on long hair

If you’re tired of your hair’s current color, switching it up is as simple as updating your color. Most individuals have dark, almost black hair; purple highlights are a killer on black.

In the image, the highlight was created using purple and lavender tones, which work well together. If you like to stand out from the crowd, this hairdo may be it.


14. Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights

Chunky long hair highlights were a trend in the early 2000s. Now, they are back, better, and beautiful. The brown and golden touch on black takes the glamour to another level. The center part adds a golden streak to the entire look.


15. Brown Balayage For Long Dark Hair

Brown Balayage for Long dark Hair

Those balayage highlights on beautiful black hair are really attractive. It’s one of the most talked-about hair trends for summer. Hair falls over the shoulders and is curled after highlights to create a beautiful style. If your highlight stretches to the tip, your hair becomes irresistible.


16. Golden Highlights + Chocolate Brown Hair

Golden Highlights + Chocolate Brown Hair

It is the season of brown highlights, and we love it. The golden brown effect has a gradual transcendence. A subtle shift from one hue to another is easy on the eyes, even as it bursts with nuance and depth. This hairstyle benefits from a high-quality hair mouse to enhance its shine and luster.


17. Highlighted Golden Streak

Highlighted Golden Streak

This hairdo is attractive in its own right. You can notice the golden highlights when the hair is parted in the middle. This delicate highlighting takes the style up another notch.

The hairdo complements business attire, cocktail attire, and even day-to-day attire as effectively, regardless of skin tone.


18. Rose Gold For Long Hair

Rose Gold for long hair

First, long hair highlights look incredible in pastels, and this rose gold highlight gives us the heat. This wave of hues is one of the best ways to try unique hot styles. The entire volume is versatile, expressive, and fun. Pastel aside, this looks like a style from a fairy tale movie.


19. Pink Highlights

Pink Hair Highlights

Pink is graceful, feminine, and soft. It provides a warm touch to your hair. It’s best to wear this design with subtle makeup or other bold colors that won’t detract from the quirkiness of the style. The highlights will look cute if you wear them with some accessories.


20. Dark Green Highlights

Dark Green Highlights

There is something dramatic going on here, but it is very expressive. The green adds some quirky undertone and is perfect for the black roots. When you run out of options, think about green and how it will complement your skin.


21. Multicolored Long Hair Highlights


Getting the right highlight for your long hair may prove challenging. So, creating a sophisticated multicolor highlight is an ideal solution. With this highlight, you are looking within yourself for inspiration, determining the colors to stick with. It is bold and incredibly beautiful.


22. Chocolate And Caramel Balayage

Chocolate and Caramel Balayage

Because of the constant need for novel female hairdos, it’s safe to say that a wide variety of feminine hairstyles will always be in vogue. Chocolate and caramel balayage are essential to stand out as your glamorous star. If you go to a well-respected hairstylist, they will explain how to keep your style intact.


23. Highlights On Bangs For Long Hair

Highlights on Bangs

You now have the perfect finish you’ve wanted for your bangs. The beautiful color highlights shown from the bang to the hair may serve as the inspiration for a fantastic new motif. It looks great in both its natural black state and the highlighted section.


24. Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Honey Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Wearing long hair down may become boring, but adding highlights in a complementary shade can give your style a refreshing new appearance. This hue, which consists of varying brown tones, creates the illusion of depth and dimension, making it a perfect choice for long hair highlights.


25. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

When blonde hair is highlighted with a whiter shade of blonde, the result is platinum blonde. Try a new look through a few different shades if you have dark brown hair. With this, you will have a healthy appreciation for your hair while making the world envious of your platinum.


26. Long Hair Highlights for Women Over 50

For women over 50 with long hair

Older women with a good grasp of maintenance can enjoy highlights on long hair. The highlights look amazing and promise a younger appearance when done right. Mostly, all you need is the appropriate color and a good stylist.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Highlights Are Available for Long Hair?

There are diverse types of long hair highlights. Consider opting for the highlight that suits your eye color as a rule of thumb. Some of these are babylights, chunky, balayage, foil, ombre, sombre, frosted, ribbon, and more.



Long hair highlights are stunning and easy to achieve Fortunately; there is an option for you on our list. If you want a customized look, talk to your stylist. Before opting for a new highlight, ensure that your hair is healthy enough for the change. When you’re sure, go all the way.

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