23 Must-try Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath Ideas

Are you thinking of making your blonde fascinating? The blonde hair with brown underneath is a whole new world waiting to be explored!

The best thing about this style is that it can go from mild to wild in a heartbeat. This color blend is dynamic and suits both reserved and outgoing personalities, depending on how you want it.

Naturally, being blonde is exciting, but it can get boring as time goes on, especially if you are stuck to one style. Introducing a contrasting color like brown creates a striking appeal. The result is a light and shadow effect that showcase your gorgeous mane.

If you are interested in taking the adventurous leap, here is a list of 23 gorgeous blonde hair with brown underneath to aid your journey.


Gorgeous Types Of Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

Adding brown highlights to just the tips of your blonde hair might be all you need to take your hair game to a new level. Checkout some fantastic ideas below:

1. Platinum Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

platinum blonde hair with brown underneath

The first thing you notice about this style is the gorgeous mane characteristic of blonde. However, the subtle brown underneath is like a silent accessory that is noticeable on a closer look. Overall, it makes the appearance interesting.


2. Blonde Hair With Dark Brown Underneath

blonde hair with dark brown underneath

The blonde and brown fusion of this hairstyle is perfectly executed. The blending of the two colors is so dynamic because the brown shade underneath is closer to the blond. The flow is intertwined such that you don’t know where the blonde stops and the brown begins.


3. Brown Lowlights Underneath

brown lowlights underneath

This dishwater blonde hair on top a brown underneath is wildly attractive—the blonde roots graduates to sleek and lush blonde hair that ends in a wavy brown tip. The brown highlight creates a natural color contrast that is fashionable and easy to style.


4. Blonde Hair With Dark Brown Underneath

blonde hair with light brown underneath

One of the best ways to perfectly capture the effect of blonde hair with brown underneath is to know the right shade of brown to combine. The light blonde and dark brown is perfect, creating a light and shadow effect that flows well.


5. Ash Blonde Hair

ash blonde hair

Ash blonde is an attractive blonde shade that works well with a certain brown shade, like rich brown.

Although the brown looks darker at the root creating a noticeable contrast, it becomes lighter at the tip blending underneath the ash blonde, creating a cool undertone.


6. Bleach Blonde

bleach blonde

The best way to showcase a color dynamic with bleach blonde is to introduce a contrasting brown color.

This dark brown creates a striking appearance that is visible even though it is only a smaller portion of the underneath hair. Styling it as a wavy texture makes it pronounced.


7. Brown Highlights And Brown Underneath

blonde hair with brown highlights and brown underneath

This variation of blonde hair with brown underneath is worth trying, especially if you want to create a relaxed and warm effect. Blondes are flashy and noticeable, but the brown highlights’ introduction balances the flashy effect, creating a serious but playful vibe.


8. Blonde Hair With Chocolate Brown Underneath

blonde hair with chocolate brown underneath

This simple and appealing style is easy to create and manage. Furthermore, the gentle and wavy texture of the hair makes it adorable. The blonde shade is more pronounced than halfway down, while the brown underneath is subtle but serious.


9. Light Blonde Hair

light blonde hair with brown underneath

This hairstyle is unique, especially with the shades. The hairstyle is not necessarily blonde hair on top a brown underneath but a subtle blend of both, with the reddish brown having a playful role normally associated with the blonde shade.


10. Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde

The caramel is a sweet blonde shade but looks appealing when paired with the coffee brown. Also, both colors create a unique shade of light and a warmer top with a rich and darker underneath. Overall, the look is gorgeous and perfect for long or wavy hair.


11. Two Tone Blonde With Brown Underneath

Two tone blonde with brown undern

Straight hair is often the best for creating a chic appearance, but it also offers many options for color experimentation. The color blend is unique in that they both generate attention. The brown underneath looks subtle but becomes bolder at the tips.


12. Half Blonde Half Brown

Half blonde half brown

If you want to make a dramatic entrance or generally stand out, try making a half-blonde half brown hairstyle. It is a great way to create an alternative look for brown eyes, especially when you are aiming for the hot and cold effect.


13. Icy Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

icy blonde hair with brown underneath

From its name, you can guess already that this blonde shade is perfect for creating a cold and disconnected appearance, but the brown underneath help toned down this effect and gives it a warmer vibe.


Unique Hairstyles For Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

There are many hairstyles that can perfectly showcase blonde hair with brown underneath. However, any style you are selecting must be enhanced by this color pattern. But not to worry, you can also pull this off with some popular everyday styles.

1. Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle

Although a ponytail is a classic and simple style, it is one of the best for displaying the elegance of blonde hair with brown underneath transition. The top blonde part and the underneath brown layer are carefully intertwined and brighten the appearance.


2. Classic Bob

Classic Bob

Nothing screams chic better than this classic bob, but the transition from blonde to brown gives the style a new dynamic while giving the wearer exciting personalities. But the only downside is that you may need regular salon visits for maintenance.


3. Blonde Layered Hair With Brown Underneath

blonde layered hair with brown underneath

Layered hair is another impressive way of displaying the blonde on top with a brown underneath style. There are several ways to achieve this effect, but the key is selecting strategic places where the transition will be to create a natural feel.


4. Blonde Bangs With Brown Underneath

Blonde bangs with brown underneath

Women commonly prefer bangs because it looks youthful and pretty. But this short bang is giving us a retro vibe. The upper blonde layer looks fun and daring, while the underneath brown layer gives a laid-back and reserved appearance.


5. Blondy Curly With Brown Underneath

Blondy curly with brown underneath

This blonde on top with brown underneath is not limited to straight or wavy hair. Those with tight curls also have an opportunity to jump on this trend. Moreover, the transition from blonde to brown always looks beautiful on these magnificent curls.


6. Pixie Cut With Brown Underneath

Pixie cut with brown underneath

Generally, pixie represents fun and sassiness but creating a color transition with it is like increasing the bar!

The light and shadow effect of this style is super cool. While the platinum top is easily noticeable, the brown underneath is like an element of surprise.


7. Chignon Bun

Chignon bun

Chignon is a style known used to portray maturity and elegance. It draws attention to your facial features, including the cheekbone. Chignon is perfect for long and tough textured hair. It will also help bring out the beauty of this brown to blonde transition.


3 Different Length Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

If you are worried that your length may prevent you from making this style, you don’t need to be! There is no specified length for rocking the blonde hair with brown underneath. However, the techniques, shades, and where you introduce the transition matter greatly! Checkout some amazing styles below

1. Short Blonde

Short blonde

This is another variation of the classic bob but with a bang which elevates the appearance. The contrast between the blonde on top and the brown underneath looks undeniably striking. It is guaranteed to get a second look.


2. Long Blonde With Brown Underneath

Long blonde with brown underneath

You may not notice the subtle brown underneath because both shades appear similar. Also, you will notice the brown shade at the root. The straight length makes this transition striking, which is a smart choice when opting for styles like this.


3. Shoulder Length Blonde

Shoulder length blonde

Shoulder-length wavy hair is classic and elegant. The blonde with brown underneath style is distinct because they are two highly contrasting shades. While it creates alternate personalities, the style appears professional.



The blond hair with brown underneath is indeed an interesting style. It is perfect for showcasing alternate personalities. The best part is that you can introduce distinct or mild variations of the brown underneath, depending on how noticeable you want the style to be.

If some of the above hairstyles look appealing, you can always try them. Remember to personalize it by adding your own special touch!

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