28 Ways To Spice Up Your Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

With over thirty shades of blonde in the world today, you’d be right to say blonde hair is so lovely that it leaves many fascinations in its wake. But do you know what would be an even greater fascination? Blonde hair with pink highlights. As a woman with beautiful blonde hair, you can make your hair even more impressive by adding a touch of pink.

Generally, it’s not difficult to achieve this look. However, things can go wrong if you don’t know the right way to go about it. So, how can you avoid this? Keep reading to discover 28 chic ways to spice up your blonde hair and how to add pink highlights to your hair the right way.


How Do You Add Pink Highlights To Blonde Hair

Adding highlights to your hair is a simple yet delicate process. So, before you start, ensure you have all your tools ready. These include your desired color, applicator brush, gloves, hair clips, and plastic wrap. After getting your tools ready, you can add a pink highlight to your hair using these essential steps:

  1. Do a color test on a little strand at the bottom of your hair to see how the color comes out. This shows you how the color will look on your hair.
  2. Pack your hair into a high bun and start sectioning from the bottom.
  3. For each hair section, pick out two to three weave chunks, depending on the hair volume in that area. Then, use a clip to pin the rest out of the way.
  4. Use your applicator brush to add some color to each of those weave chunks. While doing this, start from the middle of the hair down to the tip.
  5. Place a plastic wrap below that hair section and lay the weave chunks on it separately. 
  6. Continue this process for the rest of the hair and leave it to sit for the amount of time stated in the color’s manual.
  7. Wash the hair with cool water and style as desired.


Flattering Ideas of Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

Having to carry your natural blonde hair the same way every day can get really boring. Pink highlights leave you open to various styling possibilities and innovations. Here are 28 chic ways to use pink highlights to give your blonde hair that added glow you desire:

1. Short Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

short blonde hair with pink highl

Short blonde hair with pink highlights will sculpt your face the best way possible. But the downside is that it doesn’t leave you open to many styling options. Regardless, you can still achieve a magnificent look by ensuring that the pink highlights blend well with your hair.


2. Shoulder Length Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

shoulder length blonde hair with pink highlights

Nothing speaks spectacular and versatile as shoulder-length blonde hair with pink highlights. While short hair may not bring out the best features of women with oval face shapes, this shoulder-length hair will do a fantastic job. Besides, you can take things up a notch by styling as you wish.


3. Summer Blonde

Summer blonde

This summer-inspired look is a game changer you should try out if you are conservative but willing to experiment with new colors. It’s a simple ombre mix of blonde and pink that’s easily achieved by adding the pink highlights from the mid-length of your hair to the tips.


4. Curly Blonde Sprinkled In Pink

Curly blonde With Pink

Curls have a natural way of giving you that dramatic, magnificent effect. But curly blonde hair with dark pink highlights is an entire ball game. This color-play works better when you allow the pink shade to dominate the blonde strands.


5. Rose Gold With A Touch Of Pink

Rose gold

Rose gold blonde is close to pale pink blended with slightly light blonde. When you add a much brighter pink to it, it appears as a layout of pink shades perfect on loose curls. This mix is a must-try if you have dark eyes and a yellow or pink-based skin tone.


6. Ombre Pink On Blonde

Ombre pink on blonde

Adding pink ombre highlights to the tips of your blonde hair is a playful yet subtle way of spicing up your hair game. But if you want to be bold, you can add the highlights right from the roots, just in between some of the hair strands.


7. Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights Underneath

blonde hair with pink highlights

These pink highlights underneath your wavy blonde hair are a cute but subtle way to wow others with some color. The color play has a way of returning women to their youth. It’s perfect for medium-length hair and can be styled as a center or side parting.


8. Pink And Purple Highlights

pink and purple highlights

Pink and purple highlights are perfect for women who love going bold or home. When added evenly to your hair strands, this color combination will make the statement you want. Preferably, style this look as a shoulder-length blunt cut.


9. Dark Blonde Hair With Light Pink

blonde hair with light pink

Even slightly dark blonde hair looks great with light pink highlights. Since the blonde is a bit dark, the light pink shines through several parts of the hair giving women with curly and wavy hair an awe-inspiring blonde-pink combination.


10. Long Blonde Hair With Pink and Blue Highlights

pink and blue

Adding a few pink and blue streaks can make a huge difference, especially on long silver blonde hair. It’s a perfect balance when the highlights are soft such that they are hardly noticed with the immense flow of white hair.


11. Blonde Hair With Pink Blue And Purple

blonde hair with pink blue and purple

Pink, blue and purple have one thing in common: they blend effortlessly with blonde hair individually. It’s no wonder that they all look so great together. So, when you don’t want to stop at blonde hair with pink highlights, you can throw in some blue and purple.


12. Dirty Blonde Hair With Subtle Pink

dirty blonde hair with pink

Dirty blonde hair appears like it already has some traces of black mixed with blonde, which is exciting. Throwing some pink into the mix makes this combination even more exciting. But don’t overdo it! Just a few pink highlights layered evenly in tiny strands between your hair is enough.


13. Strawberry Blonde With Tiny Pink Streaks

strawberry blonde

This color mix features a combination of pink highlights with blonde and redhead producing a strawberry-like goodness. When styled as a wavy lob with the pink highlights sweeping through the waves, what you arouse is some extra strawberry cuteness.


14. Blue And Pink Highlights On Blonde

blue and pink highlights on Blonde

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to add blue and bold pink highlights to your dark-rooted blonde hair? It’s like a rainbow created with only very few colors. Take your hair to the next level with this multi-colored hair glamor.


15. Ombre Blonde And Pink Highlights

black and pink highlights

Black and pink highlights will unlock higher beauty levels if your blonde hair is not so thick. Create an ombre blonde by dying your hair black from the roots to the length right below your chin. Transform the entire look by adding some pink highlights to a few strands.


16. Platinum Blonde With a Spread of Pink and Blue Highlights

platinum blonde + pink highlights

Platinum blonde hair is one of the few blonde shades that give you an innocent and refreshing look. However, adding blue and pink highlights can animate this a little more.


17. Tapered Lob Layers With Pink Highlights

hot pink highlights

Not everyone has a massive hair volume and that’s why we have styles like tapered lob layers to help cover for that. But those layers can look even more stunning with some hot pink highlights saturated around your hair.


18. Subtle Pink

subtle pink

Sometimes, you might want to experiment with some color but not add too much of it. Going for a subtle pink look is a great step in that direction. From afar, your hair appears entirely blonde. But up close, it shows some lovely pink shades.


19. Platinum Blonde With Hot Pink Highlights

platinum blonde+ hot pink highlights

Platinum blondes are not on the warm side like strawberry blonde. So, if you want to add warmth, you can go for hot pink highlights in your blonde hair.


20. Ash Blonde With Pink Streaks

ash blonde

Ash blonde hair tends to give off an appearance similar to gray hair, which looks even more amazing with some pink highlights. Adding some loose curls at the end adds to that beauty, especially if you have a fair skin tone.


21. Bright Pink Highlights

bright pink highlights

Stylish young women with light, pure diamond or light golden blonde hair shades will have some fun with their hair by adding some bright pink highlights. For more vibrancy, style this pure goodness as waves or loose curls.


22. Pastel Pink On Blonde Feathers

Pastel Pink On Blonde

The lovely thing about pastel pink is that it’s bright, but not too bright for golden blonde. So, it helps you achieve a chic look by applying subtle highlights at the tips of your feathers.


23. Blonde Lob With Pink

Blonde Bob With Pink

Getting lob haircuts is getting more popular among women, especially those with long face shapes as it graces their jawlines more than short bobs do. You can spice up your blonde lob with pink highlights that will knock everyone off their feet.


24. Blonde Hair With Pink Streaks

Blonde with Pink Streaked

Straight blonde hair is more stunning when it has streaks of pink all over. So don’t hold back on adding pink highlights to your straight hair while leaving some blonde strands to shine through.


25. Balayage With Pink

Blayage with pink

Creating pink highlights with balayage is worth it if you’re looking for soft pink effects for your voluminous hair. Because the dye is applied section by section, the highlights are more detailed and absolutely gorgeous.


26. Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo Highlights

One of the most remarkable ways to add pink highlights is to hide them strategically on your hair. That way, people get surprised by beautiful pink strands anytime you flip your hair around.


27. Pixie Cut With Pink

Pixie cut With Pink

Having a pixie cut doesn’t give you many styling options, which can get boring. But you can turn this around by dying the lower part of your blonde hair with pink highlights.


28. Blonde With Blush Pink Highlights

Blonde with Blush Pink Highlights

Who says you can’t have medium-length straight blonde hair and still be cute? All you need is some blush pink highlights just a few inches between tiny blonde strands and you’re good to go.



Can You Put Pink on Blonde Hair?

Absolutely! Adding pink to your blonde hair gives it a lovely and dramatic effect. However, if you want a toned-down dramatic effect, you can add a few hints of pink.


How Long Do Pink Highlights Last In Blonde Hair?

Generally, pink dye can last in blonde hair between one to six weeks. But this also depends on how often you wash them. Pink dye starts fading after five to seven washes.



Regardless of your hair length, you can style your blonde hair with pink highlights with the attractive options provided in this article. So, you no longer have to keep wearing your hair the same way. However, please pay attention to your blonde shade before adding any highlight. Some blonde shades require less or subtle pink highlights while others will look great even if you combine them with more than one color. If you’re unsure, just use these suggestions here as your guide and you will be good to go.

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