Can I Bleach My Hair Again After 24 Hours

No, you absolutely cannot bleach your hair again after 24 hours. It will take a toll on your delicate strands and damage them in no time. You should wait at least 4 weeks before bleaching your hair again.

Bleaching is a popular hair dyeing technique that gives a very vibrant blonde hue to your hair. However, often, the process might go wrong and you might end up with brassy, orange hair rather than bright blonde.

In such scenarios, the first thing that hits your mind is getting bleach again and fixing the hair color as quickly as possible.

But as bleaching involves strong, harsh chemicals, putting them on your strands in such a short span of time exposes them to severe burns and damage. Your pretty manes would never feel the same again!



How Bleach Works On Your Hair

Bleaching is an effective way to lighten and brighten your hair strands for a beautiful look. And to do so efficiently requires strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to put on your delicate strands. The mixture of these chemicals actively removes the melanin pigments from the hair and gives the tresses a light appearance.

However, while removing the melanin pigments, this chemical mixture breaks the keratin bond in the cortex and makes the strands extremely vulnerable. And the more time you keep the mix on, the more fragile and breakage-prone your hair becomes. This is for one-time bleaching.

If you repeat the treatment again within 24 hours, the keratin bond might break completely and cause breakage in your manes in no time. Also, as hydrogen peroxide is super strong, it will burn your manes if you apply it too often.


The Risks of Bleaching Hair Again After 24 Hours

Bleaching your hair again after 24 hours comes with its own set of disadvantages. Let’s discuss them in detail so that you understand why you shouldn’t do it, ever.

Extensive Hair Burn And Breakage

Bleaching twice in a day breaks excessive keratin bonds in your hair shaft and makes them extremely fragile and breakage-prone. A slight here and there in the hair can then cause extreme breakage and result in very unappealing and uneven tresses. Also, as your hair becomes super dry, it adds to the sensitivity even more.

Besides making the strands extremely breakage-prone, bleaching within 24 hours can also burn down your tresses in no time. The harsh chemicals in the bleach solution fry the hair and leave you with a head full of damaged manes.


Irritated Scalp

In addition to burning your hair, the bleaching agents can burn and irritate your scalp as well. The strong ingredients of this dyeing solution can trigger itching and inflammation in your scalp, which in no time can result in skin damage.

And when the skin in your head gets damaged, it affects the roots and follicles and triggers hair loss immediately.


Discolored Hair

While you bleach twice a day to fix any unwanted hue created during the first time, the second time around can change your hair color for the worse. Because the strands suffer from excessive dryness and burns during frequent bleaching, the color might not turn out as you expect.

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How Long Should I Wait In Between Bleaching My Hair?

Because bleaching takes a toll on your delicate hair, wait at least 4 weeks before you try it again in your manes. The strands will recover and gain strength in the meantime to endure another round of bleaching sessions. If you try it too soon, there are chances that you might damage your tresses significantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bleach and Tone the Same Day?

Yes, you can bleach and tone on the same day depending on the strength of the developer you are using. If the developer is too strong, refrain from toning immediately.

On the other hand, if the developer you are using isn’t too strong and harsh, toning on the same day won’t cause too much havoc.


Can A Professional Bleach My Hair Again After 24 Hours?

Yes, a professional can bleach your hair again after 24 hours. Because they have the right sets of skills, they can minimize the damage during the 2nd bleaching session.

However, it is still advised that you don’t try the 2nd round of bleaching until 4 weeks to maintain the health and luster of your precious manes.


Final Words

If you were planning to bleach your hair again after 24 hours, we hope you left the idea after reading this article completely. Even though the thought is tempting to fix your hair color, in reality, it is highly damaging. For the sake of your pretty manes, wait for at least 4 weeks in-between the bleaching sessions. It will not only correct any unwanted hues but also won’t cause irreparable damage to your strands.

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