How to Crimp Hair Without A Crimper- 3 Effective Ways

Flaunting big, voluminous hair like runway models is a never-ending quest for girls. It gives them confidence while making them look and feel good. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve such hair is by crimping them with a hair crimper. This hair tool creates texture in the strands and subsequently gives the manes a voluminous look in no time.

However, if you don’t have a crimper yet you still want to rock such gorgeous hair, what can you do? Is it possible to crimp your tresses without a crimping iron?

Well, fortunately, there are a whole lot of ways to crimp your hair without a hair crimper. And we have discussed them below so that you can add volume and bounce in your manes without spending money on a hair crimping tool.


How To Prepare Hair Before You Crimp Hair Without A Crimper?

It doesn’t matter if you are crimping your tresses with or without a crimper, never forget to prepare them before the styling for better and long-lasting results.

To make your manes ready for crimper-less crimping, first, wash and dry them completely. Make sure that the strands are not wet as wetness can cause severe damage to your hair.

Apply a handsome amount of volumizing mousse to the dried tresses to create a body and make an excellent base. Remember to comb your hair to remove any knots and tangles before you start styling them.

Now that your tresses are fully prepared, it’s time to start crimping them without a hair crimper.


3 Effective Ways to Crimp Hair Without A Crimper; Learn And Try

After you have prepared your hair for the styling session, you can choose any of these discussed methods to style your manes to a T.

Crimp With Braids And Heat

If you have a hair straightener, then crimping your tresses without a crimper can still be an easy task for you. Just create some small braids and press them with the straightener to get those beautiful, zig-zag manes of your dreams.
However, even though it is a bit time-consuming process compared to a crimping iron, the teeny-tiny braids can actually create a nearly–perfect crimped hairstyle in your manes.

How To Crimp Hair With Braids And Heat

  • Using a rattail comb, section off all your hair into several smaller parts and make tight braids in them.
  • Secure the end of each braid with rubber bands so that they don’t get loose and create a mess.
  • Spritz on a liberal amount of your favorite heat protectant on the braids to protect your precious manes from burning down due to the heat you are going to apply.
  • With your favorite flat iron, press each of the braids to create the zig-zag pattern effortlessly. Make sure to hold the straighter for a few seconds in place for long-lasting style.
  • Slowly glide the flat iron in the same manner to crimp the length of the braid.
  • Repeat this process for the rest of the braids or how you want to style the manes.
  • Once you are done, let the braids cool down. Opening the hot braids might mess up your freshly-done crimps.
  • Open the cooled braids to reveal the most amazing crimps in your manes!


Braids Without Heat Also Works

If you are looking for a “no-heat” crimping method for your delicate tresses, then this braiding one would be just the right one for you. Although it would take a whole lot of time to style your hair, the wait is worth it as it won’t burn or damage the manes in any way.

How To Crimp Hair With Braids And Without Heat

  • Start off by creating a whole lot of tiny braids in all your manes. Make sure to create the braids as thin and as tight as possible. It will create perfect and precise crinkles in your manes.
  • Tie the end of each braid with an elastic band to keep them in place during the styling. Otherwise, the waves might not come out as you expect.
  • Also, don’t forget to tuck the ends around the band. This help to keep the ends crimped too.
  • After you are done braiding and securing all your manes, spritz on some hair mist all over to ensure a better hold of the style.
  • Let the mist dry completely on your hair before you wrap them with a silk scarf to create crimps overnight. Her silk scarf is important because it ensures your tresses will remain frizz-free during the styling session.
  • Remove the scarf in the morning and undo the braids one after the other. Remember to be gentle with your precious manes while undoing the braids.
  • After you are done opening the braids, run your finger through your hair strands to create a sync between them. Don’t brush. It might mess up the crimps.


Crimp With U- Pins

If your tresses are too sensitive and you think braids can cause breakage in them, then crimping with plaits is not an option for you. Instead, you can try using U-clips to make extraordinary tiny waves in your manes without the help of a crimping iron.

How To Crimp Hair With U- Pins

  • Part your tresses horizontally just below the crown to make an upper section and a lower section of hair.
  • Make a bun with the upper section and let the lower part lose to work with it.
  • From the lower section of hair, take a few strands [about ½ to ¾ inches] from one side and place them inside the open space of the U-clip. Make sure to place the pin closer to the roots because the closer the pin to the scalp, the more volume and bounce it will create in your manes.
  • Wrap the length of the hair around the prongs of your U-clip and secure it with an elastic band. This band would not only hold the wrapped hair in place but would also help to crimp the manes precisely.
  • Continue tying all your hair into the U-pins until you have no strands left.
  • After all your tresses are secured in the pins, spritz on a liberal amount of heat protectant spray to assure that your manes don’t get burned while you apply heat for the styling purpose.
  • Then, with a flat iron, press each of the hair-wrapped pins to create crimps and crinkles in them in no time. Remember to hold the straightener for a few seconds on each pin so that each strand gets enough heat for flawless styling.
  • Repeat this step for the rest of the pins for uniform results.
  • Once you are done pressing and heating all your pin-wrapped hair, let them cool down for a bit before you undo them. The “cool down” period will let the crimps set perfectly on the tresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Crimped Hair Last?

Depending on your hair texture, the styling method you adopt, and the holding products you use, crimped hair can last up to days, and even for weeks. However, it might also lose shape and get messy if you don’t style the manes as carefully as you should.


Does Crimping Damage Your Hair?

Crimping doesn’t usually damage your manes. If you use the right kind of products and use the styling method correctly, there are zero chances that your tresses will suffer from damage.


Final Words

Crimping hair with an appropriate hair crimper is extremely easy. However, when you don’t have a crimping iron, the above-discussed hair crimping methods would come to your aid, there is no doubt about that. With the ways we have discussed above, you can now create versatile zig-zag patterns in your manes without using a crimper. Try any of these techniques and let us know about the wonderful results you have achieved!

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