Rarest Hair Colors: Most Common Hair Colors That Are Not So Common

The rarest hair colors in the world have the least percentage of people who are naturally born with them. However, these hair colors are not exactly rare anymore. Thanks to dyes, a lot of women wear these colors already.  So, you could find women with hair colors on social media or in magazines featuring them.

Nevertheless, it would be a pleasure to take you inside the world of rare hair colors. This post contains 4 of these hair colors.

Rarest Hair Colors


Which Natural Hair Color Is The Rarest On Earth?

As common as red dyes are, red is recorded as the world’s rarest hair color. Apparently, the beauty industry and social media have made a huge fuss about red hair. That’s because a mane of red locks is undoubtedly beautiful. But as desirable as this color is, your chances of meeting a natural red-haired individual are between 1-2%. Red hair is the rarest hair in the world.

Red hair is seen mostly amongst Caucasians. Western and Northern Europeans also inherit this trait. However, it is commoner amongst the Scottish and Irish. Other less common areas you can find redheads are Asia and Africa.

rarest hair color


Why Do People Have Red Hair?

You might be wondering: Why are some born as natural redheads and others aren’t? Well, the thing is, there are two types of melanin pigments responsible for giving our hair colors. Natural redheads have the abundant release of pheomelanin in their hair cells. This is due to a mutation in the MC1R gene, and both parents of redheads are likely to have the mutated genes.

The interesting thing about red-haired individuals is that they often have less hair strands compared to other hair colors; however, their hair is often thicker. Another great fact about this unique hair is that it does not quickly go grey.


What Is The Second Rarest Hair Color On Earth?

On the list of the rarest hair colors, blonde hair comes right after red hair; it is possessed by about 3-4% of the world population. Most of these individuals are native to the Northern parts of Europe. However, they are also domiciled in some parts of Africa and Asia.

Compared to other hair colors, you will find that blondes have fine wispy hair which sheds faster. If you are blonde, it means you produce Melanin pigments in your hair cells in little quantities. Melanin gives color to your skin and hair, making it dark colored. Because of the little pigments produced, your hair color comes out as blonde.

Note that this is different from albinism, which is the complete absence of melanin. If you have blonde hair, do not be surprised if you a lot of attention from men. Statistics have shown that blonde-haired women are more appealing to men than their darker-haired counterparts.



Why Does My Blonde Hair Get Dark?

During winter, blondes get a darker hair shade due to reduced exposure to ultraviolet rays. The rays of the sun have a contributory bleaching effect to the sun rays. As blondes age, they tend to have darker hair due to the increase in the quantity of eumelanin.


What Other Natural Hair Colors Are Not So Common?

Hair colors and shades differ throughout the world and can be specific to regions or ethnicities of the world. Here are the top the other most exciting ones:

  •  Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blondes are between 0.5 to 5% of the entire world population. This color is a combination of red hair and blonde hair; a  unique and appealing color that is a result of both mixture. Like red and blonde-haired individuals, strawberry blondes are commonly found in the Western and Northern parts of Europe. They, however have thicker tresses than redheads and blondes.

Just like the genetics of red-haired individuals, both parents of these individuals also have a defect in MC1R to inherit the hair color.



  • Gray hair

While gray hair is peculiar to every culture and race, it’s surprisingly one of the rarest hair colors in the world. About 4% of the world population is gray-haired, including the elderly. There are natural gray heads and sometimes, people have the hair color as a result of premature aging like Progeria or simply due to natural aging.

Gray hair comes about from depigmentation. This is the loss of eumelanin or pheomelanin pigments from your hair. While this may be seen as unappealing or unbecoming, in recent times, it has become a choice hair color. Young and trendy people are seen to embrace this hair color and are rocking it beautifully.

Shades of gray hair range from white, silver, charcoal grey, e.t.c.



The rarest hair colors in the world are not exactly rare anymore. Several people have embraced dyeing their hair in these beautiful colors. They are wearing them beautifully, and their popularity has also increased.

Sadly, as beautiful as these hair colors are, there are misconceptions about them which have led to false beliefs and, on the extreme, their sexualization. Regardless of these misconceptions, they are absolutely stunning colors. You can wear your hair in these fun colors and while you do so, remember you’re wearing one of the rarest hair colors in the world.

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