30 Dope Purple Box Braids to Inspire Your Next Appointment

Purple box braids can be a lot of fun and flamboyant. The rich color tone along with the eye-catching, intricate plaits not only makes for a fashion-forward look but also ensures comfort and convenience for the wearer. With their signature features, these mix of color and “stand out” braids would never miss adding just the right amount of glamour and chicness to your look.

They are versatile and fabulous, definitely not for the faint-hearted!

So, if you are in the mood to make some bold statements and show off your fiery personality, try the box braids with purple hues on. It will keep you under the radar, ALWAYS!


Different Purple Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Box braids with rich purple dye have a whole lot of variations to sport on your hair. However, if you still need some inspiration, keep on reading below.


1. Purple Box Braids On Dark Skin

Purple Box Braids On Dark Skin

The contrast of purple braids with dark skin tones is stunning. The muted skin tone helps the bright color of your manes to pop out even more and makes you look like a true diva.

Make sure to wear light makeup to do your tresses all the talking.


2. Purple Box Braids On Light Skin

Purple Box Braids On Light Skin

Not only dark skin, but the mighty purple also goes seamlessly with light skin tone too. However, as there is a wide range of shades to choose from, make sure you pick the one that suits your complexion the best. When the hair dye matches the skin, it will create a look that only matches royalty!


3. Purple Braids With Beads

Purple Braids With Beads

Purple box braids are eye-catchy on their own. However, if you want them to attract more attention, you can always add unique accessories like beads to make the plaits more appealing and stunning.

Versatile beads would never fail to provide that touch of fun and flair to your appearance.


4. Purple Box Braids With Loose Ends

Purple Box Braids Hairstyles

Make your box braids soft and subtle by keeping the ends loose and flowy. While making the plaits make sure to stop in halfway and keep the ends unbind. It will reduce the severity of the braids and give your whole look a lot more relaxed vibe.


5. Box Braids Crochet

Box Braids Crochet

These crochet box braids with a hint of lime green are bright and bold and will get you noticed in no time. Opting for such an eye-catching color combo can be an obscene move to make, but it is a great way to express your playful side to the world. Wear it with a dark lip to elevate the look perfectly!


6. Black And Purple

Black And Purple

Create a black and purple balayage effect in your manes to make a style statement easily. Between the braids and the gorgeous dye, there is no way anyone else would steal the spotlight from you.


7. Dark Purple Micro Box Braids

Dark Purple

For some versatility and visual interest in your luscious purple hair, try micro braids in them. A whole lot of plaits all over your head look as gorgeous and appealing as ever. Add beads and rings to make the “do” look even more extravagant.


8. Pink And Purple Box Braids

Pink And Purple Box Braids

The combination of pink and subtle purple in your box braid shows off your feminine side perfectly. Use bright pink hues to dye the down portion of your manes to create a subtle ombre effect with the violet. The seamless transition of colors in your plaits will surely make it an exciting look.


9. Blue And Purple Box Braids

Blue And Purple Box Braids

When you are not afraid to show the bold and funny side of your character, the bright blue and purple box braids are the right “do” for you. They are expressive, fun, and stylish. Even wearing casual clothing, such a hairstyle will never fail to make you stand in the crowd.


10. Ombre Purple

Ombre Purple

These violet ombre box braids will surely add depth and dimension to your outlook. The modern coloring technique not only makes your hair stand out but also gives you the freedom to try out different hues for a more personalized appearance.

From softer shades to bright, bold ones, you can try anything to lift your manes!


11. Light Purple

Light Purple

The light purple is one of the most striking shades out there. And when you pair it with the fantastic box braids, the style will instantly draw all the attention you seek. The color not only gives you a vibrant look but also adds a much-needed aesthetic to your appearance.


12. Long Purple Box Braids

Long Purple Box Braids

Show off your long purple hair with some intricately-crafted box braids in it. The perfectly-done plaits will help you to manage the long, flowy manes while also giving them a very versatile look. What’s more, you can make these braids on any hair type and texture to achieve the appearance you want.


13. Blonde And Purple Box Braids

blonde and purple box braids

When you add a hint of blonde to your usual purple box braids, the combination it creates in your tresses is “oh so chic.” Even though they are not the most common hues to pair together, they surely pay off if you dare to do the experiment in your manes.


14. Red And Purple

Red And Purple

Purple and red box braids are bold and beautiful. These hues are for those girls who are adventurous and fun. If you want to change up your style without being too over the top or too dreadful, this is the color combination you should try, without a doubt.


15. Short Purple Box Braids

Short Purple Box Braids

Keep your short natural tresses simple and fabulous with the box braids! These plaits not only show off your fantastic hair but also helps them to keep them manageable. Add jewelry, pins, and rings to enhance their beauty even better.


16. Pink And Purple Locs

Pink And Purple Locs

Pink and purple are two hues that go hand in hand with one another. Because they complement each other perfectly, they will create an amazing combination in your box braids and give you an amusing appearance. If you have serious confidence and expressive nature, don’t delay trying this “do,” babe!


17. Purple And Green Box Braids

purple and Green box braids

Adopt a half and half color to show off your box braids in the coolest manner. The combination of purple and green looks great together and creates a chic contrast that is sure to grab eyeballs. Even though it might be hard to pull off when the hues match seamlessly, this is a look you would cherish.


18. Half Up Half Down Box Braids

Purple, Pink And White Box Braids

Make a simple yet effective half ponytail in your braided manes for a chic and comfortable hairstyle. The pony not only keeps the hair away from your face but also flaunts your stunningly-dyed tresses to the world.

You can try out different shades of purple, blue, pink, white, or any other hues to make the “do” even more attractive and chic.


19. Butterfly Knotless Box Braids

Butterfly Knotless Box Braids

The butterflies in this box braid hairstyle are a great way to express your inner creativity and make yourself get noticed even in the crowd. And when you make them in colorful purple hair, the design looks even more stunning and gorgeous. The bright color and cute butterflies never fail to add fun and flair to your appearance.


20. Purple, Black, And Blue With Bun

Purple , Black And Blue With Bun

Make a messy half bun with your braids to show off your precious hair color to the world. Leave the rest of the tresses cascading over your shoulders to create an aesthetical view.

You can add a few matching beads and pins to the bun to give it a bohemian vibe.


21. Purple Knotless Box Braids

Purple Knotless Box Braids

These knotless braids are incredibly fun and sporty for your bright, colorful hair. They are not only effortlessly cool but also don’t damage your manes like the others. If you aim for protective braided hairstyles, these should be your “go-to”, girl!


22. Purple Blue And Black Box Braids

Purple Blue And Black Box Braids

You can use bright colors in your otherwise ordinary box braids to add edge and dimension to your style. The contrast of purple, blue, and black hues highlights the plaits and lifts the “do” in no time. This multi-dimensional finish would shed all the spotlight on you, there’s no doubt about that!


23. Purple And White

Purple And White

Even though the combination of purple and white is too jarring and eye-catching for your hair, when you use them in your box braids, the “sight is to behold.” These two hues go so seamlessly together that women are trying them more often than not.

However, remember that it might be quite a chore to maintain the sparkle of white through and through.


24. Colorful Box Braids

Colorful Box Braids

If you are looking for a chic hairstyle that is as fun and happening as you are, the colorful box braids are just the ones for you! These rainbow colors indeed make a style statement and show off your bubbly side effortlessly.

Try playing with the color palettes to own the look altogether.


25. Purple Pink And Black Box Braids

Purple Pink And Black Box Braids

If you don’t mind some extra attention, look no further than these colorful box braids in your precious tresses. Even though these bright and vibrant hues are not for faint-hearted girls, they will surely grab your eyeballs and put all the attention on you.

Make sure to adopt similar shades for a seamless transition.


26. Purple And Sky Box Braids

Purple And Sky Box Braids

The mix of pastel hues like violet and blue is super cool and extremely easy to pull off. It doesn’t matter you have dark or fair skin, these blends of colors look good on anyone and everyone. To show off these fantastic tresses, make chunky braids in them!


27. Medium Box Braids

Medium Box Braids

Medium box braids in your dyed hair will provide you with the best of both worlds, versatility, and style. As these plaits are of medium thickness, they don’t look too over the top or too intricate. They offer just the right visual impact and highlight your hairdo flawlessly.


28. Unicorn Box Braids

Unicorn Box Braids

Unicorn pastel colors are a cult favorite. Because you get to try out a whole lot of hair colors in your braids without being too bold, it helps you express yourself subtly. Ask your stylist to blend the hues of your choice in your plaits for a soft yet stunning outlook.


29. Jumbo Box Braid

Jumbo Box Braid

Try out these violet jumbo box braids in your long manes for versatility. They are super fun, stylish, and the perfect option for showing off your gorgeous hair color. If you are looking for a statement style in your tresses, this is the way to go, girl.


30. White, Orange, And Purple

White, Orange And Purple

Orange is a super rich color. It makes any hairdo noticeable. And when you combine orange, white, and purple in your box braids, it screams passion, courage, and power. Try this amazing color combination in any hair length and skin tone, it would look as stunning and bold as ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Wear Purple Box Braids?

Purple box braids are super adaptive. This means anyone and everyone, who has confidence, can wear these braids easily. It doesn’t matter if you are light or dark, have long or short manes, purple box braids would always look good on you.


Does Purple Box Braids Mean Anything special?

Purple box braids don’t have any hidden meaning in particular. However, the bright hues channel your expressive nature and your creative side. Women who are bold with great style love to try this colorful style in their manes more often than not.


Final Words

Even though purple is a risque color to pull off, you can never go wrong when you pair box braids with it. The perfect blend of the dye and the flawless plaits can elevate your style significantly. Try the “dos” discussed above in your tresses and don’t delay to enjoy the best fashion moments of your life!

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