12 Bold Red Box Braids You Have to See

Seeing red when you think of your next box braids hairstyle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we reveal gorgeous red styles of all sizes and lengths to suit the perfect vision of your brightly hued box braids hairstyle.


Red Box Braids

Red box braid styles look great in thick, thin, or jumbo variations. We love them on lusciously long locks as much as on cropped bob styles. As for feed in and knotless styles, we have those too. Now let’s take a look at the 12 best red box braids styles out there and you can see for yourself!

1. Red and Black Box Braids

red and black box braids

Red and black together on a hairstyle looks stunning, but the way the black color feeds into the red is subtle yet eye-catching. Regardless of the length of your braids, this color blend will be a winner.


2. Red and Blonde Box Braids

red and blonde box braids

Give your red box braids some dimension by adding in blonde braid extensions. Red should still make up the majority of your look, but a few honey-hued braids underneath make this style extra cool.


3. Red Jumbo Box Braids

red jumbo box braids

Bring out your inner Little Mermaid with these luxurious red jumbo box braids. Bigger braids will make your hair appear thicker, but bear in mind the weight of heavier braids on the scalp. The style is undeniably pretty, though.

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4. Small Red Box Braids

small red box braids

Smaller braids usually mean more versatility in terms of styling options. Small red box braids are pretty when worn down, but are also fun when worn in a high ponytail or even a classy low chignon.


5. Medium Red Box Braids

medium red box braids

Medium-sized red box braids are nearly as versatile as their thin counterparts. Wear your gorgeous braids down or pull it half up into a playful top knot style.


6. Red Box Braids on Dark Skin

red box braids on dark skin

Bright red hair provides gorgeous contrast against dark skin. Whether you wear your red braids cropped or extra long, this look is sure to make you stand out in the best way.


7. Red Box Braided Bob

red box braided bob

Embrace your sassy red braids by shaping them into a sassy red bob! This cut is trendy, modern, and can truly suit any babe. Add gold hair charms or tassels to the ends of your bob for something extra.


8. Long Red Box Braids

long red box braids

Why not rock ultra-long red box braids? More braids means more pressure on the scalp, so you can choose smaller braids and even taper their width.


9. Red Box Braids on White Girl

red box braids on white girl

Red box braids are still beautiful, even if your skin isn’t dark. As long as you can secure your red braids so they don’t damage your natural hair, then you can embrace this bold, exciting look.


10. Red Knotless Box Braids

red knotless box braids

If you’re worried about the pain that often comes with box braids, try a knotless version. You’ll have to dye your natural hair with the same red color of your box braids if you want a seamless look.

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11. Red Box Braids with Curls

red box braids with curls

Your red braids don’t have to stay wound down to the end of each strand. Lately, lots of babes pull out their braids halfway down the hairstyle to reveal luscious, curly locks.


12. Red Ombre Box Braids

red ombre box braids

Ombre is a great way to maintain your original hair color while finishing off your look with the bold red color you’ve always desired.

Even though all of the styles are red, they clearly have a lot of versatility. Go for all-over red on braids both short and long, or try a faded ombre style to suit your needs. Bold red is definitely a unique color, so if the look appeals to you, it’s worth taking the plunge to stand out!

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