21 Curly Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have an oval face and curly tresses, we know that, more often than not, you worry about how to style them perfectly so that you look as stunning as ever. Because it might be quite tricky to style this hair type with such a face shape, the struggle is real, and we feel that.

However, as challenging as it might seem to find a curly “do” for your oval-shaped face, we have the right solution for you.

We have listed several curly hairstyles for the oval face so that you never have to worry about your look again!


17 Stunning Curly Hairstyles For Oval Face You Should Try In 2023

From edgy, dramatic hairdos to soft feminine styles, the ideas and options are endless when it comes to curly hairstyles for your oval-shaped face. Get the right inspirations from below and flaunt your manes like never before!

1. Long Curly For Oval Face

Long Hair


If you want to give your oval face a sharper, slimmer outlook, keep your curly tresses long and cascading. The loose curls on both sides shape the face perfectly and make it appear longer rather than oval.

With such a haircut, you can achieve a slimmer outlook without even any drastic tricks and difficulties.


2. Curly Bangs For Oval Face

Curly Bangs For Oval Faces


For a more versatile look, try curly bangs on your oval face.

The perfectly trimmed fringes not only remove a whole lot of hair weight but also give a softer, more feminine vibe to your appearance. The way they fall around your face draws all the attention to your beautiful eyes and makes them pop up in no time.


3. Short Curly Hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles


Chop off your long manes to a short, suitable length for a modern yet comfortable outlook. Short hair with curtain bangs or regular ones looks great on your oval face shape and gives it a carefree appearance.

However, if you feel that the curls are way too voluminous, get a layered haircut. It will take off the volume without making the manes look unappealing.


4. Oval Face with Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally Curly


This hairstyle is incredibly chic for your beautiful oval-shaped face. To achieve this stunning look, comb all your natural manes and keep them loose, especially around the face. The thick afro curls frame your face perfectly and highlight your facial features for a more flattering outlook.

If you want to make a style statement without being too “over the top” try this “do” now!


5. Shoulder Length Curl

Shoulder Length


Don’t have time to care for your curly manes? Well, cut them off immediately.

If you are not a fan of shorty short manes or think that shorter tresses won’t go with your unique face shape, try chopping them off into a shoulder length. It will ensure comfort and convenience while not being too tiny or unappealing at all.


6. Curly Bob For Oval Face

Curly Bob Hairstyles For Oval Face


If you want to give your hair more depth and dimension while ensuring comfort, try a bob in your curly manes. The relatively shorter hair not only shapes the oval face perfectly and highlights your facial features but it also provides a more natural-looking appearance.

Try this “do” if you are a fan of shorter tresses.


7. Wavy Curls Hair on Oval Face

Wavy Curls Hair Oval Face


This simple, sophisticated hairstyle is perfect for any occasion you want to attend. With a 1-inch curling wand, create loose waves in sections of your tresses and let them loose on both sides of your face. The spiral waves along with the appropriate makeup will never fail to enhance your overall appearance instantly.


8. Curly Layered Hair

Curly Layered Hair


A layer is one of the best haircuts for your curly tresses. It takes a whole lot of hair weight from your manes without making them flat or unappealing. The volume of your ringlets will remain intact while ensuring greater style and incredible comfort.


9. Curly Hairstyles For Oval Face Over 50

Curly Hairstyles For Oval Faces Over 50


As you start to age, your hair starts thinning and losing volume, even when you have curly tresses. However, with the right haircut and styling, the ringlets won’t look as unappealing or bad. Try getting a relatively shorter haircut and putting on a curl enhancer cream to make your curls look beautiful and bouncy, even after 50.


10. Cornrows with Curly Hair

Cornrows On Curly Hair


What can be a more fun and easy hairstyle for your curly manes than the classic cornrows?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you have an oval face or not, the “oh-so-popular” cornrows will always add the required amount of edge and depth to your tresses. Adorn the braids with beads and pins for additional drama.


11. Curly Pixie for Oval Face

Curly Pixie


Style your sexy pixie with a side-swept style. The asymmetrical side bangs balance the proportion of your oval face perfectly giving it an elongated, sharper appearance. It doesn’t matter how short or long the pixie is, this haircut always adds just the right bit of glamour to your total outlook.


12. Curly Shaggy For Oval Face

Curly Shaggy For Oval Faces


The layers of this curly haircut will never fail to suit your face type and make you look as stunning as ever. It not only gives a gorgeous shape to your face but also shows off your natural hair texture without any extra weight.

Moreover, as this haircut is highly adaptive, you can customize its length for a more personalized style.


13. Medium Curly Haircut

Medium Curly Haircut


This medium-length bob haircut is chic and classy, especially when you do it with an oval-shaped face. As it features a chin crop, the curly strands shape your jawline perfectly and give a super sharp appearance. Try to style this haircut with some curl-enhancing cream for a more standout outlook.


14. Ringlet Afro For Oval-Shaped Face

Brown Curly Hairstyle For Oval Face


Don’t have the misconception that voluminous Afro ringlets will make your oval face look bigger and chubbier. Let your natural ringlets fall on both sides of your face to give it some dimension and depth. Although the voluminous curls give a whole lot of bounce and movements in your manes, it will never look over the top, even with your face shape.


15. Oval Face With Middle-Parted Curls

Highlighted Curly Hair


This curly hairstyle with a middle part is just the right pick for an oval-shaped face. It is simple, and sophisticated yet makes you look so pretty. The curls on both sides of your face give it a sharper, edgier outlook and make your face appear a lot slimmer.

When you have no time in hand, this hairstyle could be your savior!


16. Voluminous Curly Ringlets for Oval Face

Burgundy Highlights Curly Hair


If you are not afraid to show off the fluffy, natural texture of your manes, try this amazing short haircut with your oval-shaped face. The natural curls give beautiful volume and bounce in your head and draw the much-required attention towards you.

However, remember that as this hair type is extremely sensitive, maintaining it properly is a “must”.


17. Bright Yellow Curls For Oval Face

Yellow Color On Curly Hair


Get the colors of the sunshine in your curly tresses with a bright yellow hair dye!

Between the bright, vibrant hue and the springy ringlets, this hairdo is eye-catching and incredibly attractive. If you are not afraid of a whole lot of attention, this fun and funky hairdo is just the right pick for you. Try it and thank us later, girl!


18. Side Parted Long Curly Hair On Oval Face

Copper Curly Hair For Oval Faces


Long curly hair is super gorgeous. The bouncy ringlets, the volume, and the movement of this hair have been quite extraordinary. Create a side part on the manes or style them with a middle part, either way, the appeal of this “do” is massive.

Even though it is incredibly simple to create, this hairstyle displays your luscious curls the right way.


19. Face-Framing Highlights On Oval-Shaped Face

Red Highlights Curly Hair


Make your beautiful face stand out with face-framing highlights! The highlighted strands on either side of your face give it a sharper look and a slimmer vibe.

Choose the shade of the highlight that goes with your vibe seamlessly.


20. Bright Pink Curls On Oval Face

Pink And Black


Dyeing your manes with a bright pink color will add a whole lot of fun factor in your appearance. Regardless of your skin tone and face shape, such a bright, vibrant color would never fail to flaunt your beautiful hair.

Try to pick a hue that goes with your personality for an even better appearance.


21. Curly Hair With Hair Extensions For Oval Face

Curly Highlight For Oval Face


When you don’t have enough curls to flaunt proudly, try hair extensions, babe!

Attaching the right extensions to your curly hair would not only give the much-needed length, volume, and body to your manes but also enhances texture like none other. So, if you feel like your manes are missing something, get extensions immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Curly Hair Good for Oval Face?

Yes, curly hair is good for your oval face. It doesn’t matter what your hair length is or what type of curls you have, the curly strands frame an oval-shaped face and give it a very gorgeous appearance. 

Which Curly Hair Length Is Most Attractive for Oval Face?

Long bobs are considered the most attractive curly hair length for oval faces.

Even though curly hair of all lengths looks incredibly good on this face shape, the lob suits it better than the others. Style it with a side or middle part to create a lovely symmetrical outlook.

Do Curly Bangs Look Good on Oval Face?

Yes, curly hair with bangs looks incredibly chic on an oval face. There is no doubt about it. The perfectly trimmed fringes on the forehead shape your face gorgeously so that you have a whole new look instantly. 


Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that curly hair looks incredible on oval faces, regardless of their length and ethnicity. And with the hairstyles for oval faces that we have listed above, you can find inspiration to adorn your manes with versatile “dos” now and then.

Try the styles that you think would suit you best and share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear how you have your curly manes for your oval-shaped face.

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