26 Braided Hairstyles For Black Little Girls

Braided hairstyles can take any hair from unflattering to wow, in girls and adults. They also give that neat and exquisite look. Black kids have had their locs braided into everything from cornrows to twists with barrettes at the ends.

Because braids are so integral to society, it is only fitting that children wear them as a form of cultural pride. As such, I’ve included a variety of braided hairstyles for black little girls below. 

These braided hairdos offer a fresh and modern take on a classic hairstyle. Braids are protective. Although some of these designs are clearly designed for kids, adults can explore them too. You may want to read this post if your baby girl is interested in “mature” braiding techniques. 

Easy braided hairstyles for black little girls

Thick curly hair sets black girls apart. Although it may be hard to handle, braids make it easier to work them into stylish hairstyles. Here are 26 braided hairstyles for black little girls ideas if you want to avoid monotony. 

1. Little Black Girl Box Braids

Little Black Girl Box Braids

Braided hairstyles for black little girls don’t always have to be short. They can be long, colorful, and intricate. This picture will remind you of how fun hairstyling is for little girls. While it is relatively low maintenance, this style can last a couple of weeks. 

2. Short Braided Hair

Short Braided Hair

Here’s a short version of a Fulani braid with a funky vibe. The Fulani braid is a particularly hip and colorful hairdo among the Fulani people of West Africa. The hair is braided into a series of plaits, forming an updo. Add hair jewelry like rings, hair cuffs, and beads to the middle braid to make a stylish bun.

3. Long-Braided Hair

Long Braided Hair

A wide variety of alternatives are available to you while considering this hairdo. Create regular braids and wear them in a bun. Alternatively,  consider sectioning the hair into two, with braided plaits in front and braids at the back. 

4. Simple Cornrows On Little Black Girl

Simple Cornrows On Little Black Girl

Simple cornrow braided hairstyles for black little girls use the underhand technique to produce elevated plaits. It’s one of the adults’ chicest and most popular styles right now.

However, the same is achieved in kids with tidy rows.  Cornrows can be as thick or thin as you choose. In addition to being a protective style that may endure for weeks with no effort, it is low maintenance.

5. Natural Braided Hair

Natural Braided Hair

The natural blend combines your baby’s natural hair and hair extensions (if you like). Although it starts with multiple plaits, the ends are held in a twist(s). This style may be nicely paired with colorful beads. Consider keeping it at shoulder length for comfort and ease. 

6. Braided Ponytails

Braided Ponytails

Black little girl braided hairstyles should not be laborious. Because, let’s be honest, time is hardly enough when you’re caring for a bubbly black girl. Get this terrific kid-friendly ‘do without any hassle. The side pony with a cute shiny ribbon is perfect for the style. 

7. Updos For Little Black Girl

Updos For Little Black Girl

Braided hairstyles are not limited to the classics like pigtails, ponytails, or fishtails only. Play around and try something new. For instance, this little woven cornrow follows the hairline to form a tiny bun. Your kid will stand out from the crowd with this simple style. 

8. Braided Hairstyles With Weave

Braided Hairstyles With Weave

Braiding is an ageless and enjoyable way to show off African American hair, whether natural or artificial. For special occasions, give your little girl a braided hairstyle that is both age-appropriate and beautiful; she will enjoy it with pink accessories and stylish curls.

9. Mohawk Braided Bun For Little Girl

Mohawk Braided Bun For Little Girl

When it comes to their hair, black girls usually have firm preferences. Mothers who are up for the challenge may create a stunning and enjoyable braided look like this. The mohawk plaiting technique is so intricate that you’ll want to keep them in for weeks.

10. Braided Bun

Braided Bun

Kids can rock this style confidently with naturally thick hair or extensions. A protective style like box braids is a great option regardless of hair length or thickness. You may choose a smaller box braid style if her hair is naturally thin.

11. Little Girl Twist Braids

Crochet Hairstyle For Little Girl

If maintaining natural hairstyles isn’t something you’re interested in as a mother, it’s fine. Get expert help with their hair and have a little fun while at it.  Have the hairdresser give your little girl some twisted locks to make her a fashion icon in no time.

12. Lemonade Braids

Heart-Shaped Braids

Instead of straight-back braiding hair, the lemonade braid hairstyle calls for crisp, close, and even cornrows to be made from left to right.

This cut transforms your baby’s look in various ways, regardless of the thickness or length. Hair jewelry like beads and rings can be added for a personalized look. 

13. Braided With Beads

Braided With Beads

These braids are perfect for little girls in grade school. Avoid yanking on her baby hairs if you care about her comfort or her edges, and leave them out instead. You may avoid installing extensions if her hair is long by just twisting the tips with colorful beads.

14. Little Girl Tribal Braids

Little Girl Tribal Braids

Another way to help your baby express her inner goddess is to try the tribal braids. These are appropriate for cultural exhibitions and special occasions. However, if you can do it yourself, it will be fun to do it from time to time. 

15. Double Ponytail

Double Ponytail

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’d be the first to tell you. Your girl loves good hair accessories as much as you do. She probably wants to beautify her hair more often than you want to do yours. Indulge her in two braided ponytails with bright accessories. She’d love you the more. 

16. Half-up Half-down

Half-up Half-down

Braided hairstyles for black little girls are generally low maintenance, and half-up, half-down will make an effort totally worth it. If comfort is a priority, this is one of the styles to consider. It is also an easy DIY style. 

17. Crochet Hairstyle For Little Girl

Crochet Hairstyle For Little Girl

Your girl is not too small to embrace big hair. If you consider it carefully, styling is what matters in this context. Again this is a style you can throw together in a few minutes if you have the right tools. This style is perfect for school and other fancy events. 

18. Side Sweep Braids

Side Sweep Braids

Similar to the lemonade braid, these side-swept braids are perfect for kinky black hair. Honestly, this takes expertise and quality hair products to achieve, especially if her hair is curly. Start the cornrows from one side of the end and finish it off on the other side. 

19. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is an example of a lovely and enjoyable hairstyle that works well with any hair type. This is not your typical hairdo. Since it requires a special three-strand method, a

Dutch braid is also known as the reverse French braid. Create a double braid with a design for a formal event hair or a daily style. 

20. Toddler Individual Braids

Toddler Individual Braids

In this list of braided hairstyles for black little girls, this is one of the feminine styles. It is a great option for mothers with some time on their hands. Aside from giving you an opportunity to bond more with your kid, you’d be done in a few minutes. 

21. Little Black Girl With Dreads Starter Locs

Little Black Girl With Dreads Starter Locs

A standard dreadlock style may be transformed into anything that sparks your imagination. You may even go as far as you want. Swept to one side, your little girl’s hair may be held in place by a brightly colored bobby pin. It’s a stunning style with a special feel.

22. Halo Braids For Little Girl

Halo Braids For Little Girl

Halo braids adorn the crown of the hair in a single braid. It is trendy and has been worn by celebrities and women of all backgrounds. It is also a great hairstyle for black girls. Accessorize with a bright-colored bow and a beautiful smile. 

23. Goddess Braids With Curls

Goddess Braids With Curls

Goddess braids are stylish and may be worn in various ways. Like cornrows, the underhand braiding technique is used to achieve this look, and the finished braids can be styled into an updo, ponytail, or left loose. This hairstyle will make the wearer stand out. 

24. Two Bun Braids For Little Girl

Two Bun Braids For Little Girl

One of the best parts of being a kid is the different hairstyles. So, let kids be kids. Simple braided hairstyles for black little girls can pair updos with a fun look. Add some bold and bright accessories for the same effect. 

25. Heart-Shaped Braids

Heart-Shaped Braids

You cannot talk about little black girl braided hairstyles and not talk about trendy heart-shaped braids. Black girls create a statement look with heart-shaped braids. The style is playful and friendly, an exact match for a girl’s energy. 

26. Multiple Micro Braided Bun

Multiple Micro Braided Bun

Black girls can inspire adults to get creative with their hair; this hairdo is the perfect example. Combining Bantu knots with a few braids is a great way to manage the hot weather. This look is adorable and suitable for short hair. 


Some of the most attractive braided hairstyles for black little girls are described above. Even though braids have been around for a long time, they are an effective way to keep natural hair healthy. Braiding promotes hair growth and encourages girls with black hair to add a glamorous touch to their appearance. 


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