28 Cornrow Ponytails for Women To Adorn in 2024

Modern, chic, and trendy- cornrow ponytails for women are gaining popularity with each passing day because of the impression and appeal they offer to your overall outlook.

As this stunning hairdo is protective, stylish, and charming all at the same time, it took the fashion world by storm in no time. Anyone and everyone, even white girls, have tried or wished to try this “do” sooner than later.

So, if you too are in mood for some fun, gorgeous hairstyles in your manes, look no further. The cornrow braids are for you, girl!


How To Turn Cornrows Into Ponytail? A Step-by-Step Guide

A cornrow ponytail is one of the most common yet appealing hairstyles because of its versatility and impact. It’s protective, stylish, and comfortable. Not only black women with natural hair but white girls with straight tresses gravitate to try this “do” to change things up.

However, as interesting and attractive as this hairstyle, making a cornrow pony in your manes can be a different story. Let’s learn how to create it for better understanding.

Step 1: Determine The Style You Want To Get

As you go further, you will find that there are more than a few types of cornrow braids you can try on your manes. Before making a braided pony, decide which style you want to try and what would go with your personality. Picking up the type of style would make the rest much easier.

Step 2: Get The Cornrows

Once you have the type of cornrow ponytail you want to get in mind, it’s time to make the cornrows. Because these braids are time-consuming and require expertise, it’s better to leave it in the hand of experts rather than trying them at home.

Step 3: Make The Ponytail

After you are done getting the cornrows of your choice, you are ready to make the ponytail. According to your chosen style, tie the cornrow braids in a ponytail and secure them with a rubber band.

And voila! You can have a gorgeous hairstyle to flaunt!


28 Glam Cornrow Ponytails for Women To Try This Season

Women’s cornrow ponytails can be edgy, dramatic, and subtle, depending on the style you are trying. Here are the top 28 most gorgeous cornrow ponytails for women just for you so that you get all the ideas you need for a glamorous “do”.

1. Cornrow Braided Ponytail

Cornrow Braided Ponytail

Tying up your cornrows into a high ponytail is not only practical but fashionable too. The upward direction of the braids gives a sharper appearance to your face and makes it look much slimmer than before. If you have a chubby structure, this high pony would be most flattering on you, girl.


2. Updo+ Cornrow Ponytail

Updo Cornrow Ponytail

Tuck your cornrow braids in an updo ponytail to create versatility in your tresses.

The combination of the updo with a long braid makes an interesting contrast and lets you stand up in the crowd. If you have time and willingness, you can also make several braids for added drama in your hairdo.


3. Cornrow Ponytail With Weave

Cornrow Ponytail With Beads

For an “over the top” bouncy cornrow pony, try on weaves. Weaves add natural volume to your manes seamlessly for a more voluminous look. And if you gravitate toward such an “over the top”, bootylicious pony, weaves are a must.


4. Cornrows With Curly Ponytail

Cornrows With Curly Ponytail

A long curly ponytail gives a whole lot of movement to your black hair and makes an impact without trying too hard. It is gorgeous, versatile, and eye-catching.

However, if you want more drama and dimension in such a pony, pair it with some equally edgy cornrows. The combination is “oh so worthy,” babe!


5. Feed In Cornrow Ponytail

Feed In Cornrow Ponytail

You don’t always have to have long hair to flaunt a cornrow ponytail like the others. Even when you have shorter or fewer strands, you can still create this hairdo with feed-in braids.

These hair extensions give you the desired thickness and length so that you make a stunning braided pony effortlessly.

For feed-ins, it’s better that you visit a salon rather than try at home for a seamless finish.


6. Low Cornrow Ponytail

Low Cornrow Ponytail

The low pony is one of the most versatile and stylish “do” you can try on your manes with your cornrows. It is romantic, subtle, and feminine. This fabulous hairdo creates a laid-back aesthetic that attracts attention without being too OTT.

Moreover, as you do not need super long or thick tresses to pull it off, anyone and everyone with any hair type can try it without any difficulties.


7. Cornrow + High Ponytail

Cornrow High Ponytail

There are few styles as glamorous and happening as the high ponytail with cornrows.

However, even though it is high-impact, this hairdo is relatively easy to create. Just gather all your cornrows up on the crown and tie them securely with a rubber band. And voila! You are good to rock the world.

Put on a few beads and rings on the braids for a more fun finish!


8. Big Cornrows

Big Cornrows

The big, thick cornrows are beautiful, feminine, and incredibly versatile. Because of their thickness, these braids give a very fuller and more packed finish on your scalp while still not hampering your style and comfort. Wear them in a high pony or a lower one; you would always look dramatic, babe!


9. Cornrow Ponytail With Bangs

Cornrow Ponytail With Bangs

If you don’t mind a whole lot of eyeballs and attention toward you, the cornrow bangs with a ponytail are just the right hairstyle for you. It’s dramatic, edgy, yet incredibly beautiful in its own right.

While it enhances your complete style, this hairdo highlights your facial features too. There will be more focus on your eyes and face than anywhere else.

To make the bangs even more dazzling, put a lot of beads on them!


10. Jumbo Cornrow

Jumbo Cornrow

The appeal of jumbo cornrow braids is “oh so amazing”. To make them even more standout yet comfortable, tie them up into a lower ponytail. This style will not only give the tresses more manageability but will also create an exceptional “do”.

Include different accessories, beads, and flowers to this lower pony to own every bit of the style.


11. Small Cornrows In A Ponytail

Small Cornrows In A Ponytail

If you like some attention, create a whole lot of micro cornrows in your manes and tie them up in a stunning ponytail. The closely knitted braids create an interesting pattern on the hairs and grab eyeballs in no time.

For an effortlessly chic yet practical black hairstyle, this small braided ponytail is a must, girl!


12. Tribal Cornrow Ponytail

Tribal Cornrow Ponytail

When you want to show off your tribal cornrows in the most stylish way, tie them up in a half-updo! While the updo ties a lot of volume, the cascading braids perfectly display their intricate design.

This stunning hairstyle will never fail to make a style statement.


13. African Cornrows In A Ponytail

African Cornrows In A Ponytail

The African braids create an interesting pattern on your scalp and give you a very unconventional outlook. However, if you gravitate toward a more personalized appearance, tie them up in a high ponytail to better show off the intricate pattern.

Add accessories like beads and rings to make the “do” even more symbolic and beautiful.


14. Cornrow Ponytail With Beads

Cornrow Ponytail With Beads

Beads and cornrows can never go wrong! A few or more beads in your cornrow ponytail can give it a very personalized outlook and help you own the style completely. Put them anywhere you want on your braids. The is no “NO” when it comes to beads!


15. Ponytail For Medium Cornrow

Ponytail For Medium Cornrow

Because you can create cornrows of different thicknesses, you can try making a ponytail with medium braids to change things up for good.

They look as versatile and chic as the other types of cornrows and add just the right bit of dimension and depth to your overall appearance.


16. Kids Cornrow

Kids Cornrow

If you want your kid to have an impeccable hairstyle with excellent taste, a cornrow ponytail might be the one for her. This fun, flexible hairdo not only protects her natural tresses precisely but also ensures superior comfort.

It doesn’t matter if your little one has long tresses or shorter ones, this amazing style will always make her look super adorable!


17. Cornrows With Two Ponytails

Cornrows Two Ponytails

When bored with your same old hairstyle, try the two-braided ponytail hairdo for a fun and youthful appearance. While the middle-parted cornrows create an impressive symmetry on the scalp, the two ponytails make the look stand out.

For a more sophisticated and versatile approach, tie the braids in lower pigtails rather than the higher ones.


19. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Wear your cornrows into a half-updo to make them more appealing and versatile. While this gorgeous hairdo ensures impeccable style, it also shows the intricate cornrows and ensures comfort.

When in confusion, you always have the braided half-updo, girl!


20. Middle Part Cornrows

Middle Part Cornrows

There are few hairstyles as eye-catching and interesting as the middle-parted cornrow pony. The “palm-tree” pattern on the scalp is effortlessly chic and charming and enhances your fashion game greatly.

Wear your middle-parted braids in a pony, half-updo, or half-ponytail, they are always flattering.


21. Blonde Cornrows With Ponytail

Blonde Cornrows With Ponytail

A cornrow pony is eye-catching in its own right. However, if you want to make the style even more noticeable, try dyeing your manes blonde first. A bright blonde color would highlight the “do” even better and make sure it looks edgy and effortlessly cool.


22. Ponytail With Highlighted Cornrows

Ponytail With Highlighted Cornrows

This “half-up ponytail with highlighted cornrow braids” is a gorgeous yet simple hairstyle perfect for any everyday event. Featuring just a few rows of braids on the top and voluminous straight hair at the back, this “do” ensures a pretty, youthful appearance.

The highlights on the braids also add the right bit of visual interest to your already stunning hairdo.


23. Side Swept Cornrow Ponytail

Cornrow Ponytails

You don’t always have to pull back all your cornrow braids when making a pony.

To spice things up, you can also let loose a few plaits at the front and style them in a side-swept manner. It not only draws attention to your face but also accentuates your features beautifully.

Even though this hairdo is already chic and trendy, you can make it even edgier by twisting the ends of the side-swept.


24. Curly Ponytail With Cornrows

Cornrow Ponytails

One excellent way to show off your natural hair texture while also sporting cornrows is by creating a braided half-up hairdo. While the 3 braids at the front ensure enough visual interest, the un-braided half pony at the back creates a brilliant balance.

Regardless of your hair length and face shape, this curly ponytail hairstyle will never fail to flatter your overall personality. Trust us, babe!


25. Cornrow Ponytail For White Girl

Cornrow Ponytails

Even when you don’t have natural hair, you still can try the cornrow braided ponytail in your manes for an exceptional and expressive hairstyle. Try creating different shapes with the cornrows to add more fun and flair to the look.


26. Cornrow Ponytail With Hair Design

Cornrow Ponytails

Your cornrows don’t always have to be in straight lines. You can create a whole lot of different hair designs with these braids to bring versatility to your overlook look.

The creative plait patterns on the manes are eye-catching and exquisite. They also promise to make your braided ponytail genuinely into a work of art!


27. Cornrow Ponytail With Curly Ends

Cornrow Ponytails

Spice up your regular cornrow ponytail into something sassy and sexy.

Leave the ends of the braids open and then curl them with smaller ringlets. This will give the right kind of volume and movement to your pony for an ultra-glamorous finish.


28. Crochet Cornrow Ponytail

Cornrow Ponytails

If you want to give your cornrow pony more movement and depth, don’t hesitate to try on some crochet braids. These braids add the required thickness and volume to your already amazing plaits and make them appear even more stunning.

Add colorful crochets to make the style even more fun and happening!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cornrow Ponytails Bad For Your Hair?

No, cornrow ponytails are not bad for your hair.

In fact, as these braids are considered a protective hairstyle for black people, it is actually not damaging to your strands. Even if you don’t have black hair, this “do” won’t cause any damage to your precious manes.

So, if you are in the mood for some sexy, sassy cornrow ponytails, it’s time to get them now!


Wrapping Up

Even though cornrows are one of the most common and tried hairstyles for natural hair, you can always mix things up for versatility. All the cornrow braided ponytail styles we have listed above would help you achieve that exceptional look in your manes quickly. Try any of these now and see how your style elevates in no time.

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