35 Trending Quinceanera Hairstyle Ideas To Try In 2024

A Quinceanera is a very traditional ceremony for young girls. However, when it comes to quinceanera hairstyles, remember that it doesn’t always have to be too traditional, stuffing, or boring. You can always play with the styles with different braids, buns, twists, and hair accessories to make them trendy, chic, and elegant!

It doesn’t matter what type of “do” you choose; make sure that you look like an actual princess on your big ceremony day.


What is Quinceanera Hairstyle?

A quinceanera hairstyle is a particular type of hairdo that is worn during a girl’s 15th birthday celebration. This is a popular tradition in Spanish and Latin American countries, where becoming 15 is a significant milestone for a little girl. On this day, a baby girl becomes a lady, and hence, the hairstyle is as unique as the occasion itself.


Chic And Beautiful Quinceanera Hairstyles For Your Birthday

From long, loose braids to puffy updos, pulled-back twists and elaborated curls, the styling options are endless when it comes to quinceanera hairstyles. Below are 35 most chic and gorgeous hairdo ideas that you can try at your 15th birthday party and step towards womanhood with style and grace.

Let’s dig in!


1. Get Glam With A Tiara

Crown quinceanera hairstyles

Look like royalty on your birthday with curls and crowns on your head. The long, flowy curls topped with a crown and a ballroom dress make you just like a princess out of a fairytale. If you have long, straight tresses, this quinceanera hairstyle is a must-try!


2. Mexican Quinceanera Hairstyles

Mexican quinceanera hairstyles

Featuring ringlets all over the head, this hairstyle is “not over the top” yet looks absolutely ravishing on any woman or girl. Even when you are not a Mexican or Latina, you can still try this hairdo to add flair and class to your look.


3. Crown On Curls

Quinceanera hairstyles down with crown

Shine on your Quinceanera with this simple yet fabulous curly hairstyle. With its dimensional curls, this hairdo is timeless and trendy. Create a slight bump on the top to hold the beautiful crown in place.


4. Romantic Curls For Long Hair

Long hair quinceanera

Show off your gorgeous long tresses with a chic and trendy curly hairstyle. The soft curls cascading down the waist will attract the crowd’s attention and make you an instant favorite. You can also add a weave braid to circle your head for added flair to your look.


5. Short Hair, Don’t Care

Quinceanera hairstyles for short hair

Create a whole lot of volume and bounce in your short manes to make it look fuller and bouncier. Because you don’t have a lot of lengths to play with, voluminous strands will make up for it. Add a statement headpiece, like a hairband or tiara, for a classic touch to the whole outlook.


6. Quinceanera Curly Bun

Quinceanera buns

The curly low bun with a polished front will make you nothing less than a regal princess. This amazing hairstyle is just the right one for girls with medium hair who love to make an impact without being over the top. You can either tuck in pearl clips or wear a tiara for added sophistication to the look.


7. Beautiful Soft Wave In Long Hair

Quinceanera with soft weavy

There is nothing wrong if you let your hair loose for your 15th birthday party. In fact, the giant waves in your long manes create a flawlessly stunning look and make you a “sight to the sore eyes.” Ensure to spray some holding spray to keep the waves beautiful and bouncy throughout the night.


8. Pinned Back Hairstyle

half up half down

Ditch elaborate hairstyles and opt for a soft yet impactful “do” for your quinceanera ceremony. Featuring loose waves and a few pinned-back twists, this hairstyle is just the right one to make a style statement. Add some gorgeous flowers or flower-inspired clips to make it appear even more stunning and event-appropriate.

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9. A Princess-y Fishtail Braid

long hair with crown

This long fishtail braid gives a very softer, more feminine vibe to your look that you will fall in love with. Top it off with a crown or decorate it with pins and clips, the appeal of this hairdo is everlasting. If you have gorgeous long manes, try it even if it’s not your Quinceanera!


10. Quinceanera Hairstyles with Bangs

quinceanera hairstyles with bangs

Soften your elaborated quinceanera hairstyle with some perfectly-trimmed fringe at the front. These bangs give you a very feminine and youthful finish while drawing all the attention to your beautiful facial features. If you have a bigger forehead, don’t delay trying this exciting style!


11. Show Stopper

quinceanera hairstyles for medium hair

When you are hosting your Quinceanera during the daytime, create a softer, more toned-down look with flowers in your hair. Flower crowns, flower clips, or even flower pins look beautiful on your hair and provide just the right amount of freshness to your overall appearance. Pair this hairdo with a summer dress for maximum appeal.


12. Half Updo With Retro Curls

half up quinceanera

Get some old-world charm in your hair with the most appealing retro curls. You can either pin them up for a half updo or let them cascade over your shoulders. These tight curls will make for an exciting look for your quinceanera party.


13. Flower Braid With Pearls

Quinceanera braid with accessories

It’s your time to shine in your Quinceanera with a lovely hairdo. The intricate flower braid in your long hair creates an extremely excellent visual appeal making you the center of attention. Add some pearls to the flower for added elegance to the braid.


14. A Simple, Sophisticated Quinceanera Hairstyle

quinceanera hairstyles for damas

When you want to show off your child-like innocence with a touch of grown-up femininity, let your hair loose in soft, barely-there curls and waves. You can also wear a crown or tiara on the top to glam up the look a bit.


15. A Braided Brust

updo with gorgeous braids

This braided bun will bring out the beauty queen in you in no time. If you have long tresses, create a long braid and wrap it up to make a chic bun. Secure the bun with lots of clips and pins so that it doesn’t come off anytime soon.


16. Sleek And Straight

Straight Quinceanera Hairstyle for Long Hair

Take the modern route and adorn your hair with a sleek and simple “do” for your big event. The ironed-down long hair paired with your favorite tiara is easy to create and looks elegant and classy. Wear this sophisticated “do” with a simple ballgown for maximum appeal.


17. Barbie Hair

Front braid hairstyle for quinceanera

Even though it might take a while to create the braid and the curls, this quinceanera hairstyle is worth the effort. While the curls make the manes fuller and voluminous, the braid at the front draws attention to your face and attenuates your facial features perfectly.

This hairdo looks amazing on hair with high and low lights.


18. Highlights on Flowy hair

Highlights on Flowy hair

Show off your lustrous highlights in a simple yet stylish hairstyle. The curls in the ponytail accentuate your hair color and help it to do all the talking. Pair the “do” with matte, and understated makes to attract all the attention on you.


19. A Beehive With A Tiara

A raised puff and a tiara

For a “retro meets modern” vibe, try this fabulous beehive hairstyle for your quinceanera ceremony. Make an enormous and puffy beehive on your head with equally voluminous curls at the back to draw all the eyes towards you. Let some curls loose here and there for extra depth and dimension.


20. Down And Dreamy

Down Quinceanera with Purple

Look ravishingly glamorous with this soft, feminine curly “do” for your big event. The loose, barely-there curls paired with a wide headpiece compliment your gorgeous dress perfectly and makes you look as dreamy as ever.


21. Classic Elegant Chignon For Your Quinceanera

Elegant Chignon

Sleek and chic- the classic chignon bun is a no-fuss hairstyle that oozes elegance without being too flashy. Add an elaborate tiara or tuck in some pear pins to make the “do” more glamorous and eye-catchy.


22. Waterfall Twists

Half-up hairstyle with Soft curls and twists

Waterfall twists are a gorgeous option for your quinceanera ceremony. It shows off your beautiful hair texture perfectly while making a style statement. The pretty curls paired with the soft twists make a pretty and romantic half-up, a half-down hairdo that works with all textures and lengths of hair.


23. Flawless Fishbone Braid

Fishbone Braid For Quinceanera Hairstyle

Braids are always the best choice for a special occasion. And for your 15th birthday party, try a fishbone braid in your long straight hair for a subtle but sure feminine vibe. Accessorize it with a few sparkling decorative pins to be the star of the crowd.


24. Ponytail with Curls and Braid

Ponytail with Curls and Braid

Jazz up your plain ponytail with lots of curls and braids in it. The tight curls and ringlets will not only make the tresses fuller and more voluminous but also add depth and dimension to the look.

Also, you can create different braids at the front to instantly switch up the look.


25. Braid And Bun

Low braids and in a bun for quinceanera hairstyle

This intricate bun is the valid symbol of subtle elegance! The front braid, pulled back in a simple bun not only creates a pretty appearance but is also super easy to create. Even if you don’t adorn it with hair accessories, this “do” will shine in its own right!


26. Make It Visible

One-Sided Quinceanera Bun

Because it’s time for lots of photos, make your hair visible by tying it up in a low side-swept bun. You can play with the type of bun for more versatility in your look. Don’t forget to let loose a few strands of hair here and there to make the “do” more prominent.


27. Let It Down

Gorgeous Quince Hairstyle for Latinas

You always don’t have to tie your tresses in tight, elaborate hairstyles for your Quinceanera. Let your manes flow down your back and flaunt your beautiful locks proudly. You can add a hairband or wear a tiara to keep the hairstyle neat.


28. Elegant Chignon Bun

Chignon Braid Quince hairstyle

This simple chignon bun is classic and beautiful. Featuring a polished “do” with a few loose strands to frame the face, this amazing hairstyle makes you look uber stylish yet sophisticated with minimal effort. If you want to be a modern-day princess on your Quinceanera, don’t hesitate to try this timeless bun.


29. Lose Curl Bun With A Hint Of Color

Messy Color bun for Quinceanera

Loose curly buns are always appealing. And when you add a few brightly colored strands to it, the “do” looks even more interesting and chic. If you want to sport a “traditional meets funky” style in your Quinceanera, don’t hesitate to try this colorful bun.


30. Quinceanera Messy Bun

Low messy Bun for Quinceanera

When you don’t want to keep your hair open, a low messy bun could save your day. This bun with loose curls and intricate pinup ensures comfort and looks as glamorous as ever. Adorn it with a decorative comb clip or pearl pins to make it even more classy and event-appropriate.


31. Beautiful Butterfly Quince Hairstyle

Curly with Butterfly Quince hairstyle

The right accessory can turn any bland hairstyle into an impressive one in no time. Consider putting on beautiful butterfly hair clips and pins in your manes and make them look as special and unique as ever. Make sure that the clips and pins are not too heavy. Otherwise, they might feel uncomfortable.


32. Volume On The Top

Romantic updo Quince hairstyle

When you have super fine and thin hair, this voluminous hairstyle is just the right one for you. While the curls at the back create lots of body and bounce in your manes, the big top bump is what steals the limelight. It creates enough drama and edginess in your “do” and makes the tresses as appealing as ever.


33. Lift It Up

Medium bun for Quinceanera

Lift up your manes and tie them up in a beautiful bun if you seek both comfort and style during your happening party. This pulled-back bun hairdo would keep all the hair from your face and neck and ensure utmost convenience while you dance the night out.


34. Prom hairstyle for Quinceanera

Prom hairstyle for Quinceanera

A simple, pinned-back curly hairdo can instantly change from messy to mesmerizing when paired with a gorgeous headband or tiara. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short tresses; this amazing gorgeous “do” will look good on you without a doubt.


35. Stealer High Bun

Top Bouncy curls bun Quince hairstyle

A high bun with a few loose strands here and there accentuates your facial features and draws all the attention to your beautiful face. Wear it with a sweetheart neckline and minimal jewelry to make the “bun” do all the talking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Having Long Hair a Requirement For a Quinceanera?

Having long hair is a must for quinceanera hairstyles. As it is a traditional “do,” it’s essential that you maintain its form perfectly.

But then again, if your hair is short, don’t be disheartened. You can still create modern-day quinceanera hairstyles even in your shorter tresses.


What Type of Quinceanera Hairstyle Would Suit Me?

The type of quinceanera hairstyle that would suit you entirely depends on your preference, hair length, and the type of neckline you will wear. And all these things are variable; we just cannot suggest any hairstyles in particular.


Can I Try a Quinceanera Hairstyle Even When It’s Not My Quinceanera Party?

You sure can adorn your tresses with a quinceanera hairstyle even when it’s not your 15th birthday party. However, make sure you do not sport such a hairdo on someone else’s Quinceanera and steal her limelight in any way.


Wrapping Up

Turning 15 and stepping towards womanhood is a big deal for any young girl. And if you want to mark the day with a lavish party, then trying a traditional quinceanera hairstyle is a must. This special hairdo makes you look good and gives you a very grown-up, feminine vibe. Try any of the styles from the above list and step forward to be a woman with pride!

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