27 Versatile Hippie Hairstyles for Women You Can Never Miss

Hippie hairstyles for women are fun and carefree yet impactful. The messy, crispy hairdos not only show off your unapologetic freedom but also make you the one in the crowd. And for such a be-free-don’t-care kind of attitude, the hippie “dos” actually never went out of fashion. Women of every era with every hair type and length tried these styles to channel their inner boho chic proudly.

If you also gravitate to these hairstyles and want to try a bohemian look, don’t hesitate to keep on reading. We have all the inspiration you need!


What Hairstyle Do Hippies Have?

In general, hippies have long waves, wild curls, top knots, or half-up buns in their hair. Because they pay less heed to their styles and also don’t go with the conventional hairdos, their styles are carefree, free-spirited, and bohemian. The hairstyles of hippies are undone at their best.


Elegant Hippie Hairstyles To Try

Here are 27 trendy hippie hairstyles for women you can try on your hair. Comprising dreads, buns, braids, and others, these “dos” will never fail to provide you with the inspiration you need. Surf through them to find a style that pleases you.


1. Short Hippie Hairstyles

Short hippie hairstyles

Short hair? Don’t worry, girl!

You can even make the most amazing hippie hairstyle in your short manes for a fun, trendy outlook. Just create a lot of texture in your hair to give them a fuller, bouncier look. Then, add a colorful head wrap to it, and voila! You are ready to rock the world.


2. 70s Hippie

70s hippie hairstyles

The 70s bohemian hairstyle was all about loose, wavy manes adorned with a headband on the forehead, instead of on the crown. Make a few beach waves in the strands and finish it off with a fabric band of your choice. No one would look as 70s hipster as you.


3. Hippie Hairstyle of 1960s

Hippie hairstyles 1960s

If you are not a fan of voluminous, “over-the-top” hippie hairdos, this 60s style would be a perfect choice for you. The sleek, straight tresses are simple and chic, making the proper hippie look. Just add a headband to it and you are good to go, girl!


4. 60s Hippie Hairstyles

60s hippie hairstyles

When you want to look like a poser from an editorial, don’t shy away from trying out this hippie hairstyle from the 60s era. Featuring a headband with extra large flowers, this hairdo is sophisticated and feminine. The bright, colorful flowers would never fail to make you look fresh and vibrant.


5. Hippie Braided Hairstyles

Hippie braided hairstyles

A hippie hairdo with a braid is a fun, chic, and fashionable way to show off your great sense of style. The precise plait wrapped around your forehead gives your overall look a very feminine vibe and makes you look as graceful as ever,

Also, as you use your braid as a headband, keep other things simple. It will help the style to stand out better.


6. Hippie Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hippie hairstyles for long hair

Even though with the crispy long hair, middle part, and decorated braids, a whole lot is going on in this hairstyle, it doesn’t feel clumsy or messy at all. The face-framing long strands and the plaits draw attention to your facial features while also ensuring great style. With this hairdo, you would never go unnoticed, trust us, lady!


7. Medium Hippie Hairstyles

Medium hippie hairstyles

This is one of the easiest and most beautiful Boho hairstyles for your medium hair. Even though the slightly texturized tresses and the elegant headband don’t make a truly “carefree” look, it is beautiful and bohemian in its own right.


8. Hippie with Headbands

Hippie hairstyles with headbands

For fun, edgy, at the same time comfortable look, try a messy updo in your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair; this amazing hairstyle will always stun the onlookers.

To make it more boho and eye-ball grabbing, surround the bun with a printed silk wrap. The abstract print of the wrap will give the style a chic, dramatic outlook.


9. Hippie Hairstyles with Bandana

Hippie hairstyles with bandana

Hippies and bandanas are a match made in heaven. It doesn’t matter what hairstyle you try, wrap a bandana around your hair, and voila! You are the new boho chi in the town!

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10. Boho Hippie Hairstyles

Boho hippie hairstyles

Get creative and make this hairstyle where boho chic meets wonder woman. It is creative, fun, and simple too. You can add hair jewelry just on the center part to give it an elegant, timeless charm.


11. Curly Hippie Hairstyles

Curly hippie hairstyles

Adorn your curly manes with the most interesting hippie hairstyle of the season. Even though the curly hair is thicker and fuller, spritz on some texturizing spray to create additional texture. It will give the strands an undone vibe. Finish off by adding a few colorful hairbands here and there for a messy yet beautiful outlook.


12. Hippie bangs

Hippie bangs

If you have long dreads, tie them up in a top knot. And then wrap them with your favorite bandana to give the “do” a very hippie vibe.

However, if you want to soften it down a bit, add bangs to your hairdo. The perfectly trimmed bangs will draw all the attention to your face rather than putting the spotlight on the dreads.


13. Hippie bob

Hippie bob

Even when you have a short bob in your hair, you can still try the boho chic look without any hesitation. Tousle your manes a bit for texture and crispness and add a headband. You can also wrap around a bandana for an even standout look.


14. Bohemian+ Hippie

Bohemian+ Hippie

For a boho chic look, nothing could be better than a half updo with curls and dreadlocks. This incredibly carefree style takes up a lot of body from the manes and creates a perfect balance. If you want, you can also make 2 buns for some versatility in the “do”.


15. Hippie Wedding Hairstyle

Hippie wedding hairstyle

This bohemian hairstyle is a beautiful option for any hippie bride. The long cascading strands give a softer, gentler vibe while the elaborate feathered headband greatly elevates the look. Wear it with your white beach wedding dress; all the eyes will be on you, for sure!

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16. Hippie Dreadlock Hairstyle

Hippie dreadlock hairstyle

Dreadlocks already ooze the boho feel like none other. Style them in any way; they will make you look carefree and bohemian at their best. However, for a standout look, style the dreads with a colorful bandana. It will never fail to make the outlook “pop up”.


17. Vintage + Red Head Hippie

Vintage + Red head hippie

Even though the red hair might seem muted for the vibrant hippie hairstyles, you can spice it up by adding the right accessories. Create a few different braids, add strings and chains, or put on some beads and rings to give your manes a carefree appearance.


18. Simple and Sleek Hippie Hairstyle

Simple and Sleek hippie hairstyle

Hippie hair doesn’t always have to be elaborated and over the top. You can do it in the simplest ways and still look as amazing as ever. Just wear your favorite headband on your forehead and let the sleek tresses cascade over the shoulder for a fuss-free and gorgeous hairstyle.


19. Hippie Bubble Braids

Hippie Bubble braids

Braids never go out of trend. Make a whole lot of regular plaits on the top of your head and tie the rest of the manes in a bubble braid to spice things up a bit. Deck up the hairstyle with hair chains, rings, and beads to provide a touch of bohemian vibe to it.

If you are attending a day event, you can also add flowers instead of chains to soften up the look.

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20. Flowery ‘Do’ Hippie Hairstyle

Flowery 'do' hippie hairstyle

There is no rule that a hairstyle for a hippie girl always needs to be rugged and messy. You can try out this soft, gentle “do” in your manes and still be hippie chic. While the wavy hair brings out the bohemian in you, the easy breezy flower band adds an essence of elegance to your appearance.


21. Hippie Hairstyle With Dutch Braid

Hippie hairstyle with dutchbraid

Add many colors to your manes with some blue and dirty blonde dutch braids. The vibrant strands tied up in braids not only keep all your manes securely in place but also ensure a very eye-catching style. If you like, you can also pin in a few chains, rings, and feathers in your braids to make them look even more free-spirited.


22. Hippie Butterfly Braids

Hippie butterfly braids

Going to attend a brunch or a beach wedding? Don’t shy away from trying these unique butterfly braids in your long, flowy hair. Even though there are a whole lot of plaits and shapes going around in your tresses, surprisingly they don’t look “extreme” at all. Instead, these plaits make you look classy and gorgeous, girl!


23. Feather Headpiece Hippie

Feather headpiece hippie

Give yourself a BOHO tribal outlook by just wearing a feathered headpiece on your hair. The appeal of such an elaborate headband is so vast, you would have to style your manes much. However, if you create some messy ringlets and texture, the “do” would look incredibly stunning!


24. Hippie Hairstyle With High Headband

Hippie hairstyle with high headband

When you don’t have much time for a fancy hippie “do”, take your fabric headband and tie it up on your forehead. This simple technique would give your appearance a perfect cool vibe without even trying too hard.

Try to make a flower or any other shape with the cloth band to give your style some flair and fun.


25. Hippie Hairstyle With Flowery Headpiece

Hippie hairstyle with flowery headpiece

Keep things simple, fun, and chic with just a floral band on your forehead. The stunning flowers on your manes make you look fresh and bright while not being too jarring. You can try it on your curly tresses or straighter ones; the appeal will always be the same.


26. Plaited Hippie Hairdo

Plaited hippie hairdo

Lots of hippie hairstyles revolve around braids and plaits. And this particular hairdo is no different. Even though it is super simple and quick to create, the impact of this “do” is huge. It provides just the right amount of visual interest to your manes without drawing too much attention.


27. Hippie Hairstyle With Wavy Hair

Hippie hairstyle with wavy

This easy breezy, wavy hairstyle is relaxed, comfortable, yet quirky. The beautiful wavy hair paired with a colorful head wrap adds the right bit of hippie-ness to your appearance and grabs all your attention towards you. This “do” is so versatile that it can be worn nicely with your casual and formal dress.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Hippie Hair Popular?

Hippie hair was extremely popular during the 60s.

Men and women alike gravitated towards this hairstyle during that era and it was one of the most fashionable hairstyles to rock at any event.

However, as time passed and the style evolved, hippie hairdos are now associated with music festivals and magazine covers rather than every outlook.


How Did Hippies Wear Their Hair in the 70s?

Even though the hippie hairstyle was made popular during the 60s, the 70s was no different. During this era, they let their hair open and adorned them with waves, bands, ribbons, and surprisingly dreadlocks too. Women made sure that they kept the idea of the hippie hairstyle intact while trying different things on it for versatility. During the 70s, they experimented with the “do” like never before.


Final Words

Now that you have all the inspiration and ideas you need to adorn your tresses with hippie hairstyles, we are sure you will make them more often. Although these hairdos were extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, they actually didn’t ever lose their charm and demand. Even in the modern era, these styles are relatable!

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