35 Perfect Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses To Complete THE LOOK

Of course, like jewelry, some hairstyles go better with certain outfits. This is particularly true for one-shoulder dress hairstyles. Although everyone has the freedom to style hair creatively, outfits like one-shoulder dresses need hairstyles and jewelry that will accentuate the beauty of the dress. When you’re wearing this outfit, you definitely want to show off some skin and your hair covering the mono sleeve won’t do that.

Hair styling is a world of endless creativity and class. Some extra curls or accessorizing could move your looks from a miss to a classic hit. And perhaps you have a party to attend and need the perfect hair for that event. Here are 35 hits for your one-shoulder dresses.


Best Hairstyles to Compliment One Shoulder Dresses

Single strap dresses are designed to show off your neckline and shoulder. So, it’s crucial to choose a style that doesn’t take away from that whilst giving you a stunning facelift. Here are the top picks of tried and true hairstyles for dresses with one shoulder.

1. Bangs for One Shoulder Prom Dress

Hairstyle for one shoulder prom dress

Think of long flowing tresses, golden brown curls, and a cropped fringe. This beautiful vision is ideal for a one-shoulder prom dress. You can have some curls sweeping down your bare shoulder, leaving room to show off the other sleeve. The fringe is some icing to complete your fit.


2. Bridal Ponytail

Bridal ponytail

A bridal ponytail keeps your hair nicely tied up, revealing an elegant neckline and beautiful shoulders. Whether curly or straight, this hairstyle will show off the length or volume of your hair while leaving your dress to do the rest of the talking.


3. Short Ponytail for One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

One shoulder bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids are not left out of these hairstyles for one-shoulder dresses. For this look, you’ll need lots of curls. Leave out some ringlets on either side of your face and up the rest in a loose ponytail. Be sure to keep your ringlets at chin-length so the design of your dress still shines through. If you have long hair, make the curls tighter. That way, they’ll look short enough.


4. Long curly Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Bridesmaid hairstyles for one shoulder dress

Sometimes, the elegance of a one-shoulder dress is in the bare shoulder, not the sewn-in sleeve. So, feel free to sweep your ponytailed curls over the sleeved shoulder. For an extra touch, leave out a section of your middle front hair, and let the curls frame your face.


5. Loosely wrapped bun for One Shoulder Wedding Dress

Wedding hairstyles for one shoulder dress

One never goes wrong with a messy bun and dazzling accessories. You can style this look very quickly without having to do too much. And you will look pretty good! Leave out some curls near your edges for an excellent finish, and there you have it, a complete bridal look.


6. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are not French braids, although they are pretty similar. Instead of weaving your hair out, you tuck the hair in as you braid along. You can part your hair into two rows and braid it down the middle. Then secure the rest with a nice hairpin.


7. Fishtail Braided Updo

Fishtail Braided Updo

Fishtail braids add a whimsical allure to red hair. So, if you are a redhead, this is one you should try. Sweep your hair to the side, preferably your bare shoulder, and braid it into a big fishtail. The result is never less than stunning.


8. Low Set Updo

Low set updo

Low-set updos always go nicely with sleeveless clothing. Whether your dress has a single sleeve or none, you can always bank on this hairstyle to work its magic. It helps to add hair accessories like beaded clips or flowered pins to hold the low bun.


9. Centre Part Curly Hairstyles

Formal hairstyles

Formal dresses require befitting hairstyles to match. And full-blown curls are a perfect fit. This gorgeous brown-blonde mix is a great fit for formal black dresses. You may want to show off the detail of your sleeve, so even though you’re wearing a centre part, keep your curls on the bare shoulder.


10. One-shoulder Dress Hairstyles for Long Hair

One shoulder dress hairstyles for long hair

Here is a simple yet classy one-shoulder dress hairstyle for long hair. Add a middle part, and casually sweep your hair over your covered shoulders. What you’ll have is your hair on one side and a pop of skin on the other.


11. Short Hairstyle for One Shoulder Dress

Hairstyles for short hair

This is the definition of short hair, don’t care. You can style a one shoulder dress without straightening it or adding curls. Simply brush out your hair, and put up a little ponytail. If you want to look casual but chic, try this option. It gives happy, carefree summery vibes and timeless beauty.


12. Black Girl Tight Curls

Curly hairstyles

Curly hair is beautiful, whether styled in a bun or braids. However, letting your curls out without extra styling has an allure of its own. It gives a picture of a blossoming flower, delicate but breathtaking. So, while showing off your beautiful shoulders, let down your curls too.


13. Relaxed Loose Hair

Relaxed loose hair

Relaxed loose hair can also be beautifully styled with one shoulder outfits. If you’ve added some color to your hair or bleached it out, here’s something for you. Brush out your hair, and make a messy side part. The larger side will have layers of different hair lengths, complimenting your one-shoulder outfit nicely.


14. Twisted Low Bun

Twisted Updo

Heading to a wedding party, birthday, lunch or dinner with friends? This twisted low bun can move your looks from primary to classy. It’s a highly recommended hairstyle for dresses with one shoulder. And that’s because of how much of a difference it would make to your appearance.


15. One Shoulder Dress Hairstyle with Headband

One shoulder dress hair with headband

You can also style your one-shoulder dress with a headband. Any vintage scarf, headband or head tie would work nicely. It’s best for medium to short-length hair, although long-haired women can also pull it off. It’s a great way to add color to your looks without dying your hair.


16. Pixie Cut Hairstyle for One Shoulder Dress

Pixie hair cut for one shoulder dress

There’s no reason to go looking for extensions or wigs. You can rock your pixie cut as is with your dresses! In fact, pixie cuts are fantastic one-shoulder dress hairstyles. You could put in a center or side part. Either way, you’ll look magnificent.


17. High Ponytail

Top ponytail

There’s nothing like a high ponytail to bring your fit together. A top ponytail is a great way to show off your edges, and cheekbones. It also keeps the hair away from your body, allowing your outfit to share the spotlight.


18. Half Updo with Side Braid for One Shoulder Dress

Half updo with side braid for one shoulder dress

Instead of pulling your hair in a full updo, add a little sparkle with this side cornrow. You should also include colorful accessories to enhance the braids. This is great for people who like Mohawks but don’t want to cut their hair. You can have both!


19. Blonde Pixie Cut

Blonde hair for one shoulder dress

The blonde pixie cut is a must-try hairstyle for dresses with one shoulder. Especially if you are wearing a statement dress, you need an equally outstanding hairdo to match. For the final touch, you can trim the sides of your pixie and add statement earrings.


20. Low Bun + Long Strands in front

One shoulder bun hairstyle

A low bun is a classic hairstyle for one shoulder dresses. When your hair is tied neatly at the nape of your neck, it gives a flat tree ring appearance to your neckline and your face.


21. Side Part on Medium Length Hair

Loose hair swept to one side

Never underestimate the power of loose side parts swept to one side. It’s a chance to show off not only the design of the upper part of your dress but your ear accessories too. So be sure to use complimenting earrings.


22. Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie cuts are a bold choice, albeit a stunning one. This hairstyle would definitely put some attention on you, and it will be well deserved! So, consider switching up your one shoulder dress with this hairstyle. Blonde does it every time!


23. Side-swept Curls

Side-Swept Curls

Remember that the goal is to flaunt great hair without taking from the beauty of your dress. These Side-Swept curls always look flattering on bare skin. So, keep the bulk of your hair over your bare shoulder. You could have some flowing down your back as well.


24. Lob with Bangs

Lob + Bangs

Looking to add something to your lob? How about some curls and a bang? This hairstyle works nicely on medium-length hair as well. You can curl up the tips to give your hair length a shorter appearance and trim your front hair into Bangs. Or you could use clip-ins.


25. Short Bob

Short Bob

If you have short hair, then this is for you. It’s a simple twist yet stylish twist on regular bobs. You can curl your hair and tousle them lightly. You’ll have a slightly messy but beautiful casual look.


26. Retro Hairstyle

Retro Hairstyle

Here’s a stunning retro Updo that will complete your one shoulder dress. Wearing an updo gives room for your accessories and clothing to be the star of the show. With this hairstyle, however, you get to stay elegant from head to toe.

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27. Short Blunt Cut for Blondes

One shoulder dress hairstyle for women over 50

Here’s something for women over 50. Whether it’s a dress, blouse, or jumpsuit, this blunt-cut blonde hairstyle fits nicely. So, if you are looking to change your looks or rock your blonde hair, feel free to try this out.


28. Blonde Curls

Red curpet looks

Gorgeous blonde curls and red carpets are a hit every time, and one-shoulder outfits are not an exception. So, feel free to let down your curls at your next red carpet event. Also, stick to colors that won’t clash with your hair.


29. Messy Raised Bun with Falling Strands

Messy bun with elegant one shoulder dress

Who says messy buns are only for lazy days? You can absolutely rock a messy bun with your single-sleeved dress. However, don’t forget to accessorize accordingly. Pairing it with a dainty headband or headrests can make all the difference too!


30. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail for one shoulder dress

Tired of the good old ponytail? Here’s something new for you. Bubble ponytails are a stylish variation of regular ponytails. Paired with a one-shoulder dress, your outfit can go from 4 to 10 very quickly! It’s great for events or parties even.


31. One shoulder Wavy Hairstyle 

One shoulder weavy hairstyle

Wavy hair is quite versatile, and here’s one of the ways you can incorporate into your outfits. Either a center or middle part works fine. You could on one side nicely behind your ears and let the other fall around your back.


32. Vintage Updo

Vintage hairstyle for one shoulder

Complete your vintage look with this vintage Updo. This works best on fully blown out hair because you need the extra volume. This beautiful blonde style is a head-turner, so prepare for the attention. Great for shows and costumes!


33. Simple Bob for Straight Hair

One shoulder angled bob hairOne shoulder angled bob hair

This straight bob is one you should try the next time you rock a one shoulder outfit. The idea is to style your bob to frame your chin. This way, you have an angled bob that leaves a classy view of a delicate jawline and shoulder.


34. Double Bun Hairstyle

Double bun hair for one shoulder dress

Looking for a fun girly look? Then this is just for you. Part your hair in two halves, and wrap them in two neat buns. You can leave a little section in front so it doesn’t look too plain. Then, curl up the two sections of hair in front.


35. Top Knot Bun for One Shoulder Dress 

Top knot bun for one shoulder dress

A top knit bun is another classic hairstyle for one-shoulder dresses. Putting your hair up draws all the attention to your face, neckline, and shoulders. It’s simple to do, yet so stylish. Any hair color can pull this off, although you may have to straighten your hair.



Whether your hair is long, medium-length, or short, there is a one shoulder dress hairstyle for everyone. However, it is vital to take colors into consideration when making a choice. If your dress has bright colors, then cool-toned hairstyles would fit better, and vice-versa. This helps to prevent color clashes or poorly-coordinated looks.

Feel free to try out any or all of these hairstyles. They are guaranteed to serve you premium looks.

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