Why Is My Hair Curly On The Bottom And Straight On Top?

As a curly-haired woman, you’ll definitely have some bad hair days. One of those days is when you need your curls to pop properly, but instead, your hair is curly at the bottom but straight on top.

Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your mood. If you know the reasons for your hair problem, you will be able to fix it. This article explains many reasons, so stay glued to find out why your curls refused to pop from the roots.


Reasons Your Hair Is Curly On The Bottom But Straight On Top

There is a barrage of reasons your hair rebels against you in such a manner. Some of these reasons are natural and some are a result of your actions. Find out more about them below.

  • Curl Pattern

Different curly pattern exists. Some curls are tight like telephone coils, while some others are wavy. Other girls may have a particular curly pattern that is unique to them. So, if you have curls at the bottom but straight hair at the top, this can be a result of the curl pattern that is unique to your hair.

These unique curl patterns may be a result of genetics. In this case, if one parent has curly hair and the other has straight hair, your hair could manifest as a combination of both. However, you can fix this temporarily by getting curly perms, so all your hair comes out as curly.



  • Consistently Wearing Your Hair in An Updo. 

Every lady likes to keep her hair away from her face. The easiest way to do this is to pack the hair in a bun or ponytail. The disadvantage for curly-haired women is that it can mess up their curl pattern. The result is often a curly bottom and a straight top.

To prevent this, you can wear your hair in other styles and try to limit an updo.


  • Excessive Use of Dye.

While it is not a bad idea to experiment with hair colors, there are consequences. Women with curly hair tend to have drier hair than the rest of the other hair types. Hence, your hair is prone to damage from applying harsh chemicals.

And prolonged use of Dye can mess with your hair texture and change it.


  • Hair Treatment With Keratin.

Having curly hair at the bottom but straight hair on top could be caused by indiscriminate keratin use. Keratin is a chemical and can cause chemical damage to your hair.

So, if you use it to straighten your hair often, it could mess up your curl pattern, and the effect can last for quite a while.


  • Heat Styling

Excessive use of heat styling tools like hair driers, hair straighteners, e.t.c. are common causes of changing curl patterns. These styling products are used to either straighten, dry or curl hair.

Unchecked, they can cause the hair at the top to become straighter than the curly bottom. Sometimes, instead of using a dryer, air-dry. Also, limit hair straightening as much as possible and if you must heat style, use heat protective sprays or oils.


  • Hair Weight

Naturally, our hair tends to be more voluminous at the top than the bottom. This can play a role in making your hair curly on the bottom but straight at the top. Because of the heavier weight on top, that part can stretch out while the lighter bottom retains its bounciness. But you can fix this problem by wearing scarves or bonnets. Doing that will keep your hair together and preserves its curliness.


  • Combing Method

When you comb your hair, it is only natural for most women to focus on the top. This is a common occurrence, but it could affect your curl pattern. Even when hair products and heat treatment are applied to the hair, most people concentrate on the roots.

Some of these products are designed to make your curls pop. So, if you do this, it’s possible for the top of your hair to stretch out while the bottom remains curly.



There is still hope for you if your hair is curly on the bottom and straight on top. You could fix it with curly perms and products designed specifically for curly women. Also, try to minimize heat styling, especially if it is heat damaged. And lastly, curly hair, as mentioned earlier, is mostly dry, so moisturize frequently. This would go a long way in curl definition and frizziness prevention.

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